5 Signs He Is A Keeper

5 Signs He Is A Keeper

Here are five signs that your man is a keeper.

1. He Pays Attention

He wants to know more about your childhood. He wants to know what your dreams were when you were a child. He is curious to understand your childhood stories. He asks questions about where you went to school. He wonders what your insecurities were and what they are now. His concern is genuine and sincere. He wants to be clear about something you told him two days ago.

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Sometimes he just calls to see whether you got that discount that you wanted. He wants to know more about your job and what you do when you are not busy. He remembers things that normal people cannot remember. For example, he can remember when and where you celebrated your sixth birthday.

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He also knows why you prefer to brush your teeth before dinner. He likes to forward intelligent articles to you because he knows you like them. If he pays attention, he is a keeper.

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2. He Gets You

He understands you in ways that you are unable to imagine. He seems always to guess what you need at a specific time. He knows when you need tea and when you need coffee or when you just want chocolate. He has these power and capability to deal with you when you have mood swings. He is able to calm you down when you are feeling rattled.

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He knows to add extra fries, extra spice, and extra sauce to your take out. He also gets your odd habits like how you exercise in heels. He knows the kind of gifts that make you amazed. He seems to have figured out how to make you happy. He is not scared of your germs. He still wants to embrace you when you have a bad cold. If he gets you, then he’s a keeper.

3. He Goes Beyond Your Expectations

He extraordinarily does things in ways you cannot expect from an ordinary man. He brings you lunch in the office to make sure you are not too busy to eat. He buys you flowers just to make your day brighter. He always asks before he comes over to make sure you are comfortable.

When you expect advice from him, he just listens and asks you for more information. He then asks you for your opinion. You expect a little birthday present, but he gives you a surprise birthday party. When you expect to be introduced to use friends, he introduces you to his family. When he goes beyond expectations, then he is a keeper.

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4. He Lets The World Know

Everything he does leads to people seeing that you two are together. He likes public displays of affection. When you are going outside for a walk or to the store, he holds your hand so that everybody knows you two are together. He goes with you to events where his family and friends are. Just to make sure everybody understands exactly who you are to him. He likes to take you on dates in common places where people who know him will see you two together. If he lets the world know, then he is a keeper.

5. He Buys You Feminine Products

None of the guys you have ever met have offered to buy you things like tampons. This guy is different; he wants to buy you tampons and birth control medication. He even wants to go with you to the store so that he asks for the questions about how he can make you comfortable. He is not ashamed to walk with you into a store and buy underwear.

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