6 Tips and Advice on How To Get a Guy you Dumped to Take you Back

6 Tips and Advice on How to Get a Guy you Dumped to Take you back

Many times relationships end because of certain reasons, events or general feeling you had. Maybe you were just starting to date, and something didn’t feel quite right. But now that you think about it, it seems like the guy you were dating was just the right for you.

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This situation couldn’t be more complicated since you were the one who ended it. Can it be solvable? Read further to find out how to get back with the guy you dumped.

1. Decide To Take Action

To start off, before you try to get back with your ex, you should start by thinking why you want to do it. Analyze your breakup and consider the reasons you had before. Maybe some current life circumstances seemed too hard to deal with at the time, but now they are gone.

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Furthermore, perhaps he was treating you unwell – it is likely that that will not change. Whatever the reason was back then, you have to think if you will be able to live with it again. Being lonely is not enough of a reason to get back with your ex.

2. Make Friends with Him

When you dumped the guy, he was probably agitated. Being dumped is not a great feeling. It can make a person very angry, insecure and miserable. Now that you want to get back together, you have to act slowly. Taking big steps straight away can only cause more pain and anger.

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Equally, if you want to get back together, you should find ways to be in contact with him again. See your familiar friends or go to a party he might be attending. Or simply write him a neutral text message asking how he has been. If he wants to be in contact with you, you might have a chance.

3. Take Your Time

If you have managed to get in touch with your ex and start a conversation, you are on track to get back together. Keep your communication simple and neutral. Remember not to push him too hard; you are now just friends. When the right time comes, you can suggest doing something together.

Similarly, be patient, because he might not have gotten over your breakup and still feels angry. You might also need to accept the fact that he has already moved on. Another thing to remember is not to have sex straight away. Having sex might bring you back together straight away, but it doesn’t mean that you will solve your relationship problems. If you want a long-lasting relationship with him, take your time.

4. Talk About the Break-Up

When you feel like you are both equally friendly with each other and have regained good communication and perhaps friendship, it might be time to talk about your break-up. Before you start the conversation, warn your ex. It is a serious topic, and perhaps he is not ready to talk about it. When you do, explain to him why you decided to break up with him and talk about other problems in your relationship.

Additionally, listen to what he has to say. It might turn out that there are things beyond repair between you two. Or it might also turn out that everything has changed since then and you are ready to start again. Apologizing for things you did wrong can also be a good way to get on his good side.

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5. Take Steps in Starting Your Relationship

If you feel like things might work out between you two, introduce romance into your relationship. The best way to do this is to tell him that you want to get back together. You have to ask for his opinion on this matter too- it will not happen if he doesn’t want it.

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Additionally, Show him that you have changed and that you are committed to being in a relationship with him. Also, if you feel like you have done everything right, but he is just not into it. It might turn out that he hasn’t changed at all.

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6. Start Dating Again

Now that you have gotten back together, it is time to start dating. Think about your relationship as if you are dating someone else. Don’t overthink about how things were before, but focus on the now. Before you make any serious commitments to each other, take your time to date.

In conclusion, maybe you need to get to know each other better before you jump into serious commitments. If you are arguing, never use the break-up memories from the past. Also, make sure that your partner has forgiven you and no longer has the right to hold the past over you. Forgive each other and start fresh.

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