6 Ways Money Affects Relationships

6 Ways Money Affects Relationships

I am always pinned in this adage that believes in money as a tangible thing but also as corrupt as Hitler. Don’t misquote me. I am just trying to get my point home. I know, we all love money to the core that we tend to neglect our partners. In fact, money comes first and relationship second. There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that money pressures us more than terrorism. It’s now crystal clear why tons of people define currency as the root of all problems. One of the major plights is that it has also affected how we relate with one another. In other words, it greases the wheels of unconditional love with a replacement of pride and egoistic trait.

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There is no doubt that material wealth is the number one cause of divorce. As a couple, you need to discuss your finances, or else hell will break loose. From student loan to a credit card, everything has to be brought to the table. Scroll further and find out how money affects your love life. And, take notes on how you can cope with money matters.

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*I can’t agree more that love makes the world to revolve, but fame and power can stop the most envied relationship.”

1. Affluence Affects Your Social Life

As stated above, money is the root of all evil, but also it depends on how you want to define it. If you want money to be part of your squabbles then so be it. Before adding anything else, just accept that affluence won’t bring that blissful effect in your love life. Yes, fame and power will rule you, but how about your life love? You will be engaged with other things hence forgetting about your partner. Wealth is destined to cause immense addiction in your life just like alcohol does. If you seem to have it all, remember that social life is also as important as your moola.

2. Is It Still For Richer, For Poorer or Should We Examine The Wedding Vows?

More money equals to more problems, so they say. But when it comes to a relationship, you both have to eat one cake. I am trying to imply that we should always remember where we’ve come from. I know, your wife earns more than you, so what’s left is here is understanding and agreement.

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First things first, you need to discuss your finances to avoid further misfortunes. If she’s earning more than you do, compromise is required more than anything else. As a couple, try to recall where you have come from and your end goals. At the end of it all, money is something that we toil for comfort and peace. Together as one, so they say. It will be a bad idea to split your money from one another.

*Let’s just face it, if we don’t agree on our incomes, then there’s nothing else to discuss rather than fighting on who’ll get the remote first.*

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3. Does Your Income Matter?

I wonder if the amount that you earn matters when it comes to a new or old relationship. Does your partner know how much you earn? Maybe it’s a yes or a no. To avoid further frustrations, you need to let your partner know how you spend your cash and how you’ll both like to save.

It doesn’t matter if you are on different pages, but understanding will give you a real front. If you are in a long-term relationship, you both need to understand your past and present spending. Not to mention your borrowing habits matters too. This way, you will get a chance to know what your partner wants.

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4. Don’t Be Nosy but Cautious

According to sources, 50% of wives and husbands have spent countless of money without each other’s consent. To avoid this, you have to be honest from the word go. It won’t hurt to allow your partner to know what you earn. Finding common ground is the best thing yet.

5. Women and Men Are Different

Men seem to take more than a thousand risks when it comes to money. It comes to a point where gambling is more important to them rather than saving for the rainy day. Emergencies don’t mean tons for them. But when they are broke, their self-esteem will go down to 0%.

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On the other side, women view money as security, so they won’t mind saving till the end of time. Fear and anxiety will seem to rule their world when they are facing financial problems. So I can briefly attest that men and women are entirely different when it comes to money relations. The reason behind this is that they tackle their problems and opportunities at various angles.

6. Lean to Work on Your Budget

When in a long-term relationship, don’t think about keeping your money to yourself. Don’t misuse the word “power” to squander your significant other. On the other hand, your free-spirited partner should be ready to vote in everything that you set aside. It doesn’t matter whether you have a meeting or not, be willing to give either negative or positive feedback. I simply mean that you should both learn to work on what you have. Try to employ kindness and patience and eventually everything will fall back into place. At first, don’t pressure her with tons of budget that she won’t be able to handle.

My End Point

My final thought is that if you are not yet ready to discuss your income, don’t let someone pressure you. Marriage isn’t a business but a loving and happy union. But if you want to grow old together, you have to come with a financial plan. By this, I mean that you don’t have to feel like your partner is pooling your money. As your money grows, you should also grow together. If you don’t want to share a joint account, worry less. After all, it’s all but your money, and you will all benefit from it as a family.

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