7 Tips on How To Ask Someone Out On A Date

7 Tips on How To Ask Someone Out On A Date

Everyone deserves to find love in their life. But before you can do it, you have to gather the strength to make the first move. The person you have a crush on might not know that you are even interested in them. Your best chance of getting into a relationship with someone you are interested in is to ask them out. It can be a little bit scary, but you will not succeed if you never try.

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1. Find out if they are available

If the person you are interested in is in a relationship, they will most likely turn you down. You wouldn’t want to be together with someone who is already in a relationship. What you can do is to tell this person that you are interested. Perhaps they are in the process of breaking up with someone, and you are just in time.

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2. Prepare yourself for different outcomes

When you ask someone out there are two possible options; either this person is going to say yes or no. It might help you to figure out a strategy what to do in both occasions. If this person says yes, be ready to offer a possible date and time. But if they say no, don’t act like your life is suddenly over; remain confident and accept it with grace.

3. Find out things about them

It might make it easier for you to ask someone out if you know some of their interests. Also, knowing their likes and dislikes might be helpful when you are planning your first date.

4. Figure out a way to ask them out

There are many different options on how to ask someone out. One of the easiest ways to do it is via text. Remember, that it will also be easier for this person to reject you in this way. You can also write an email, call them or simply ask them out in person.

5. Make the person you know your date

We encounter many different people in our daily lives. You probably spend a lot of time at work or in various other social groups. If you are interested in someone you already kind of know, asking them out shouldn’t be a problem. Simply start a casual conversation and ask them if they want to do something together later. You don’t have to suggest that it is a date- perhaps at first, it is just a coffee shared by two co-workers. If things go well, you might start dating.

6. Ask them on an already planned evening

One way to ask someone out without having a fear of rejection is to ask someone to an event. You are not sure if your crush is into you too, and you don’t want to ruin the connection you have. Simply ask this person if they want to go to a concert, movie or party.

Tell them that your buddy can’t make it, so you have an extra ticket or invitation. This invitation will seem casual, and if the other person is into you, they will of course agree. If not, they can make excuses that will not interfere with your relationship.

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7. If you want it, try again

If you wanted to ask out a person you just met, don’t be afraid of rejection- you might never see them again. But if you want to date someone you know, don’t give up after they say no.

Maybe this person had some other plans and was not rejecting you at all. Or they just haven’t noticed you before and therefore are cautious about agreeing on a date. Before you ask this person out again, get to know them a little bit better. You might become just friends, but you might also develop feelings for each other.

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