7 Ways On How To Regain Trust After Cheating On Your Partner

7 Ways On How To Regain Trust After Cheating On Your Partner

After exchanging few flirtatious looks and comments, you went out for dinner. Before you know it, you realize that you have made a terrible mistake; cheated on your spouse. Your partner found out, or you couldn’t bear the guilt and told them. Now that you have realized what you did, it is time to regain your partner’s trust.

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1. Admitting your mistake

To repair your relationship, you must admit your mistake. The first step towards regaining your partner’s trust is to end the relationship you had and ensure your partner that it is over. Your relationship can be rebuilt, and it can turn out to be better than ever, but it will take a lot of time. Be ready to work hard, if being together with your spouse is truly the thing you want.

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2. Hear your partner

When your partner found out that you have had an affair, their whole world fell apart. You have to accept that your spouse can react in many different ways and they are allowed to. It is also possible that your partner will never trust you again, but you will not know until you try to work things out. Listen to what they have to say and be honest. Answer their questions and don’t hide things. You will need to rebuild your credibility, and it takes time and complete honesty.

3. Accept your partner’s needs

When you have talked things through, and the initial shock has passed, give your partner some space. Maybe they will want to spend some time apart to process things. Your partner also has to move through an emotional process and understand if they can and if they want to forgive you. Don’t push them to be with you, but assure that you will do anything to get back together with them.

4. Keep your promises

To regain your partner’s trust, you will have to pay attention to your actions. If you said you are going to call; call, if you promised to be home at a certain time; be there. Although these things might seem small and unimportant, they play a big role in rebuilding the trust.

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From now on, every time you work late, your partner will start to think that you are having an affair. Start with small things and with time you will be able to rebuild your relationship.

5. Talk things through

There are many reasons why people cheat. You are probably not likely to cheat if you and your partner are deeply in love and can’t live without each other for even a day. But when you have been together for a while, there are probably some issues in the relationship. Perhaps you felt lonely or unappreciated. Or you don’t feel the love in your relationship anymore.

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You can’t blame your partner for what you did. However, you need to figure out why this happened. Talk to your partner about it, maybe there are some issues you need to work on. If you can’t deal with this on your own, perhaps it is time to look for a marriage counselor.

6. Show your love

When you are trying to fix your relationship, it is important to show your partner your love and appreciation. This is the time to be the perfect spouse. Your actions should come from your heart. Don’t do things just because you want to get back together.

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You need to accept your flaws and be willing to change them. When you and your partner talked about your relationship, they probably mentioned things that bothered them. Put all of your efforts into making yourself a better person, and your relationship will grow.

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7. Remember your goal

When you are trying to regain the trust of your partner, it can sometimes feel very hard. You put a lot of effort into making things work, but your relationship still feels like a struggle. If so, always remind yourself why you are doing this. If you share true love, you will be able to move past this. You should also prepare yourself that not all relationships are meant to last. All you can do is try your best and be patient.

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