7 Ways To Say Goodbye In Any Situation

7 Ways To Say Goodbye In Any Situation

Aloha is a popular Hawaiian term that means goodbye or hello. Auf Wiedersehen is also a German farewell word. It isn’t easy to say goodbye to any situation since most of us do it in the wrong way. If you have a close friendship with someone and you want to part ways, you know what I am talking about. Life is meant to give different thoughts and shifts, so you better know how to pen down that goodbye note.

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Besides, etiquette matters when it comes to your conversation. You can’t just say that you’ll be leaving when talking to your manager. I know, you are expecting a high-rank tomorrow, but your choice of words matter to the core. For a significant departure, you have to learn how to bid farewell appropriately. To get out of the slang and digitalized words, read on.

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*You are in the middle of a serious meeting, but you want nothing else than to excuse yourself. To leave politely, saying goodbye isn’t the way to go. While still in this state, finish off the meeting in a professional tone. It is kind to wish your colleagues a good evening or good day at work.*

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1. A Catching Up Dinner With Your Friend

I know you are tired but having a sumptuous dinner with your long lost ally won’t hurt a dime. But if you feel like today isn’t your day, it’s ideal to let her or him know that you won’t avail yourself. When enjoying each other company shares your social life to avoid boredom. At times, you seem to have somewhere else to go, or an emergency comes up in the middle of your dinner.

What to do? Keep calm but don’t stand and say that it’s time to leave, no. If you have no clue on what to do, finish your meal and wait for a few minutes. Of course, the waiter will pass by to ask if you might be interested in anything else, this would be an ideal time to leave. I don’t mean leaving without uttering a single word. “Oh! Sorry, something urgent just came up, I’d like to rush before it gets late if you don’t mind?” that would be a good gesture.

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2. Wrapping Up The Meeting Appropriately

“Jeez! He didn’t even have an agenda at hand,” I hope this isn’t you. At a glance, if you are leading a meeting, prepare your member with appropriate protocols. This includes time to meet as well as time to leave. Don’t even think about setting a 3 o’clock to 4 meeting; it doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s say you are about to close your part. Please avoid saying words such as “I have to leave” or “no overtime for me.” Employ professional etiquette skills and say “the meeting would officially end at 5 pm, but you are welcome to share your ideas as you enjoy the nourishment.”

3. Meeting With A New Friend At A Social Event

I don’t know why, but there will always be that one person who likes to make wriggling turns at a social event. It turns out that you’ve met with him or her and you want nothing else than leaving. The end secret is to act like everything is normal and gracefully express a send-off gesture. Try to glaze your eyes and pretend like you are in search of someone special. I’d suggest following a script like-I am pleased to meet up with you, I trust will bump into each other soon.

4. Chatty Colleague

Taking a short break is advised but not a long one since you also have some to do lists. If your workmate seems to have that endless conversation, it’s time to say goodbye. What to do? Say something like: “I’d want to hear more but I better work or else the boss (mention his/her name) will sit on my neck.” You can also opt to continue your weekend tales over a cup of coffee.

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5. How To End That Friendly Talk

Friends are here to stay, so you better learn how to handle them, or else you won’t have anything else to do. I know you like to share your ins and outs, but there will always be time for everything. If you feel like you are hurting your friend or ending your discussion in the middle, let him, or her understand first. Your ally won’t mind if you reconnect after a few days or hours. But leave them with a possible fact that you will always be there for them. You can end the conversation by reminding them how you appreciate when spending time together.

6. Dealing With First Date Mishaps

I know how it feels, right? You want to leave and forget that you even had a date. If you find yourself in this awkward scene, it’s your obligation to take a pause. Stick around till your meal and conversation is over. It is said first to wait for the woman to signal you if she wants to leave. But if this doesn’t happen, be ready to say that you have something to care for the next morning. No matter the ruined date don’t try to take her for granted. An imagined intimacy isn’t applicable; I mean kissing or hugging. I think a handshake would be the ideal goodbye.

7. Meeting With Your Ex Abruptly

At times crowded places aren’t recommended, and it is only this day that you prefer to change your favorite highway. You think that taking the high road would ease up your day. Alas! Here comes your forgone crush. What to do? Allow me to wear your shoes for once. Okay, I will heartily pass by him or her and say a simple hello and nothing else. Don’t even think about saying where he or she has been. You don’t owe each other any explanation. Having a lengthy talk isn’t advisable either. Be precise so that you won’t end up changing each other’s contacts. It isn’t a big deal anyway; you’ve just met in an awkward place.

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As seen above, there are wide arrays of ways to say goodbye. All you have to do is to find out what to say as well as how to react. Being in the right place at the right time is the ultimate key.

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