7 Ways To Spot A Good Man

How To Spot A Good Man

It can take months and years to build a rewarding relationship with someone you love. The whole journey involves heartbreaks, frustrations, and happiness in between. More so, it is not easy to find the right partner, especially a man whom you can share tons of years with. With countless negativities, women now believe that good people are yet to be born.

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However, there are non-judgmental and great men out there. If you are a woman, don’t try to be a man-picker but a perfect chooser. You can simply do this by observing his traits and his relationship with people. I won’t lie, it takes a lot of time to find the ultimate rib, but in the end, you’ll blossom with a victory. If you have been looking for real love, I encourage you to take note of my advice.

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*Respect is ideally defined as a two-way thing, if he doesn’t seem to show it, it’s more likely that he won’t.*

7 Ways To Know He Is A Good Man

1. Ideal Decision Maker

When with a man of your dream, you can seemingly see her perfect judgmental skills in the way he behaves. If he is the kind of man who makes end decisions, keep him close. An excellent decision maker makes sure he has a balanced life in everything he does. As a woman, when you know the man can make decisions, you’ll be at ease. Subsequently, if he trusts you, then you are good to cope with him for a lifetime.

At his best, a good man runs his life evenly, and his life speaks tons about him. When it comes to his work, he is the crème de la crème. He hates to open doors for heart-rending employees hence taking care of his business is his motive. When it comes to paying his bills, the man is always on top. Not to mention he hates to spend just as much as he loves to save for the rainy day. He is the real definition of a perfect man, all thanks to his wise saying and endless attributes. The ideal man loves to sweet talk a woman but in moderation.

Responsible man

2. An Intelligent Man

To vouch for a good man, intelligence should be his best virtue. By this, I don’t mean his high ranked position, although that matters too. He can be a guru in academics but very low and unpredictable when it comes to real life. As discussed, an intelligent man should carry a good judgmental skill.

A woman wants a smart man who will be enough to handle her troubles. He should be sharp enough to handle all the cruelty of life and marriage. If you want this kind of man, it’s quite easy to spot him from afar. First, intelligent people are visibly seen by their actions. But it also vital to grasp that cleverness isn’t part of any man’s character. Decision making and end persona matters above anything else.

3. Very Reliable and Honest

At the end of the day, what a woman wants is nothing else than an honest man. A good man should be ready to keep his end promises. Love isn’t just a matter of playing with someone’s heart. I mean a woman should be willing to live with a man who shares his ins and out. A good man hates to do things behind his partners back not unless he’s planning a surprise party. Above anything else, he should be reliable, accountable and responsible. These will give him more strength to keep his early promises and marriage vows.


If he’s dependable, he will value his marriage like no one’s business. He will always be faithful to you from the beginning to eternity. Trust and honesty will rule your marriage. If there seems to be a stumbling block, he won’t mind sharing anything with you. Infidelity won’t be part of his norm, but he’ll cling to trustworthiness till the end of time.

It’s quite easy to spot this kind of man. If you keenly look at how he handles his business deals. If he’s ready to speak up when things turn sour, he’s perfect. But if he seems to be out of control and doesn’t mind about cheating on his taxes, please take another turn. But if he discusses an individual problem till he finds the ideal solution, please stick with him.

4. Affectionate

Women value loving and caring men, but it’s quite difficult to find them. If you are clueless, note that your man has to show intense affection for you. If he doesn’t, how will he show affection to his children? It isn’t a matter of choice. Being affectionate isn’t all about sex, and if he can’t show it another way, please be wary. Kindness and affection are some of the marriage lubricants. A man should be more than ready to express his natural feelings.

5. Responsible In All Ways

This is somewhat important. A stable man will solve every woman’s problem. By this, I mean that he takes good care of his money. If he likes to gamble or spends his money on drugs, then you are in big trouble. It is a short-lived relation that isn’t meant to work in the first place.

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A lifetime union is like a business that is well arranged to fathom to the latter. Men should be ready to teach their wives the importance of saving and vice versa. As two grown-ups both of you are expected to have a fruitful life together. I mean you should teach each other how to save for the betterment of your life and children.

If you want this kind of man, take a look at his life from afar. Not unless he is a student, he should at least have a stable job, a car, savings, and a house. You should also consider having the same measure as his. If you are both planning to have a long-term relationship, you need to come up with a financial plan.

6. He Treasures His Mother

A good man keeps his mom closer than any other woman in his life. In that tone, you should be in search for a man who loves his mother to the core. You just can’t go wrong with this one. To know about this, take notes if he likes to talk about his mother. But a healthy state is also welcomed.

Mother and son

7. A Good Listener

A perfect man for you should be there for you when need be. But first things first, you need to observe how he reacts when you speak to him. Try and share with him something that is haunting your life. There and then, take note of his first reactions. If he’s attentive and not wishy-washy, you are in good hands.

This means that he’s genuinely into you. When in arguments, an ideal man will not try to shut you down and take over. Instead, he will listen wholeheartedly on your end and conclude if he’s with you or takes another turn. He will make sure that he has crossed all borders to take a glimpse of your viewpoint.


In addition to the basics, a good man should treat you with the respect that you deserve. It doesn’t matter whether you are in public or not. If he loves you, he will show it to you both in actions and words.

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