8 Dating Habits You Need To Ditch

Dating Habits You Need To Ditch

Dating is a timeless art. You may think that you have perfected the art of dating and no one in the world can turn you down. But, of late, something appears to be wrong with your dates as they end up being unsuccessful. What’s the reason behind it?

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It might not be anything more than a few bad and immature dating habits. A few dating follies are messing up your whole dating game. The irony is you may not even be aware of the mistakes you are committing to your dates. But you can surely avoid spoiling your good dates if you immediately ditch the following bad dating habits:

1. Being a Phubber

‘Phubbing’ is a term coined for people who are continuously glued to their cell phones and in the process; they ignore the people around them. The same thing happens on our dates as well. Knowingly or unknowingly, we keep checking our phones quite often. For example, when a meal arrives, instead of enjoying it with our date, the first thing that we do is click a picture of it so that we could share it on Instagram!

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When on a date, we must learn to enjoy the company of the person sitting across the table with us. Keeping your eyes glued to the cell phone will make the other person feel less important. It may appear that you are ignoring them and are not interested in the date at all. Phubbing can ruin your chances of having a good date.

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2. Looking Here and There

When you pay undivided attention to your date, the talk becomes more engaging, and you get the chance to leave a lasting impression too. But if you keep looking here and there while having conversations with your date, it appears that you don’t consider the other person worthy of your attention.

It gives the signal that ‘I’m not into you.’ Checking out other people while on a date is a strict no-no. If you can’t keep your eyes off the hot bartender across the room, you will surely kiss your date a goodbye!

3. Heart on Sleeves

You may have had a bitter break up in the past or may have been involved in a physically intimate relationship. But giving out all details right on your first date can portray you as someone who has a habit of playing the emotion card. This overtly emotional side of yours may not go down well with all your dates. Hence, you must learn how to maintain a little mystery on your first dates.

4. Being a Chatterbox

A good date is all about engaging your date in interesting conversations. But the conversations must be two-sided. If you keep talking continuously without giving your date the opportunity to utter even one word, your date is bound to feel offended. The date will become a boring one, and even after exhausting all your energy in talking, you’ll not end up with anything memorable about the date.

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5. Being a Closed Book

Talk less does not mean that you should not talk at all. Maintaining a little mystery on your first date is essential but being completely reclusive is also a big mistake. Hiding the known facts about you will make your date suspicious of your intentions and your seriousness as well.

6. Flirting too much

In an attempt to impress your date, you may go overboard while expressing your feelings. If you flirt too much, you can come across as desperate, and this might be a complete turn-off for your date. Striking the right balance is very important if you plan on having a successful date.

Boundaries must be maintained while flirting with your date. Similarly, flirting with others while on a date should also be avoided at all costs. No matter how attractive the other person appears to be, you must never attempt flirting with them in front of your date. If someone catches your eye, approach them once your date is done and the one you dated has already left the venue.

7. Digging too deep into your date’s personal life

Everyone loves their privacy. No man or woman would like to divulge extremely personal details about their lives on their first or second date. You need to give time and space to your date to open up. If you get too nosy, you can end up looking like the CBI agent instead of a good date.

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8. Abruptly ending the dates

Though it doesn’t often happen, once in a while, you may need to rush back home in the midst of the date. Or maybe you have to rush to the loo because you ate something weird! However, whatever the reason for cutting short the date, don’t forget to explain it to your date. Walking out on the date all of a sudden gives negative vibes.


It makes your date feel horrible, and there is no chance that they would look forward to a second date with you. If you inform your date about the reason for your sudden exit, there are high chances that you’ll get a call back from him/her for a second date too!


Dating is a fun journey, but at the same time, it is rough. Making the journey memorable is entirely in your hands. You have the key to making a lasting connection with one of your dates. All you need to do is bid goodbye to your bad dating habits.

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