8 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

 8 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

We all have that one friend who gives excellent relationship advice, but they are still single. Whenever we face any hurdles in our relationships, the first one we call up for solutions is that friend who we fondly call our ‘love guru.’ Can you relate to this situation? Are you that ‘love guru’? You seem to be a pro when it comes to solving relationship problems, but you never faced such problems ever in your life because you’re still single! If you have ever wondered why you are still a part of the Club Single even though you are the quintessential ‘love guru’ for your friends, the answer to your question is here:

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1. You Have No Desire Of Being In A Relationship

You’re still single because you run away from relationships. Whether you admit it or not, the reason behind your single status is your disinterest in relationships. You may not be very good with commitments or may not want to involve yourself in a serious relationship with a partner. You want your life to be unhindered by others, and hence, you decide to stay single. Thus, your single status is by your own choice.

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2. You Have ‘No Time For Love’

Many of us are at an age where we have to manage a bunch of things like work, family, friends, career goals, etc. You are an ambitious and adventurous person who wants to achieve a lot of things in life in a very short span of time. For fulfilling your ambitions, you have to dedicate a lot of your time and efforts to your work.

In such a jam-packed schedule, you sometimes don’t even find time to eat let alone find time for love! You’re just too busy for a relationship. But there’s nothing wrong in it. If you don’t have the time to invest in a relationship, it is better to be single. There is no point in being with someone with whom you can’t spend any quality time.

3. You Are All About High Standards And High Expectations

While searching for love, we all need to maintain our standards and not settle for something less than what we deserve. But maintaining standards is very different from having high standards. The problem arises when you become too picky.

Many of us are seeking perfect partners. But we fail to realize that there are no perfect people in this world. We must learn to accept people with their imperfections and their flaws. Keep your expectations realistic. If you become as picky with your partner’s as you are with your selfies, it will take you a long time to change your single status.

4. You Still Carry The Baggage Of Your Past

You may have had a bitter experience in your past relationship, but after a point in time, you have to move on in your life and be open to new experiences. If you continue to remain stuck to your past or your ex-partner, you will never be able to find a new love. Carrying the baggage of your past will make you bitter and act as the stumbling block in the path of love. You have to learn to let go and put your walls down. When you start searching for love with an open and free mind, you will definitely find one soon.

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5. You are a Desperate Dater

Right from the moment you enter the dating venue, desperation appears to be dripping off you. Your date can easily sense that you are desperate to find love and in such a situation, people can take advantage of your emotions. Don’t chase relationships or be afraid of the outcome. Keep a clear head and enjoy the present moments. The right person will eventually come by.

6. You Are Not Comfortable In Your Skin

Lack of confidence can be off-putting for many people. If you are not confident about yourself, it seems that you are not confident about your intentions and relationships too. You can make your date run away if you pretend a lot or try too hard to impress them.

7. You Don’t Groom Yourself

Your date appreciates the fact that you have invested time to make yourself look attractive to him/her. Everyone loves a well-groomed partner. If you don’t have time to love yourself, you won’t be able to love others. Taking care of yourself can make you feel good about yourself too.

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It also shows that you care about what your partner thinks about you. If you prefer to go on your dates wearing sweatpants, it indicates your lack of interest and lack of effort. Such a lackadaisical approach is a reason why you always end up going back to the ‘Singleville.’

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8. You Are Too Independent For A Relationship

You are entirely in love with your independence and can’t tolerate anyone who comes in the way of your freedom. Relationship and independence can go hand in hand, but every relationship requires a certain amount of compromise. In fact, you remain single when you can’t make these little adjustments in your life. The fear of being tied down by a relationship can act as a hindrance too.

Are you trying to exit the ‘Singleville’ but every path seems to lead you towards a dead end? It might be these eight reasons that are sabotaging your chances of changing your relationship status.

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