9 Successful Ways on How to Approach a Woman

9 Successful Ways on How to Approach a Woman

One of the hardest things a guy can experience when looking for someone to date is approaching a woman. You see her across the room, and she smiled at you. This situation comes around often, and many guys tend to freeze up. How to start a conversation or how to find an excuse to approach her- these are just some of the things that go through your mind. But if you want to succeed in finding a date, you will have to gather all your strength and do it. Continue reading and find out how to approach a woman.

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1. Don’t be afraid to be rejected

This is the first thing you have to do if you want to approach a woman. She is not going to bite you or scream and run away. Most likely she will talk to you, and if she is not interested, she will let you down easily. You don’t know this person, so there is also no shame in being rejected. But you will never know until you try.

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2. Be Presentable

Before you start to think about approaching a woman, you must take care of how you look. You don’t necessarily need to wear designer clothing or look like a guy from an add. Simply be presentable- take care of your hygiene, wear clean clothing and dress for the occasion.

3. Be confident

Although you might feel like throwing up before you approach her, try to calm down and act confident. Women will respond to you much better if they see that you are sure of what you are doing.

4. Make your intentions clear

When you approach a beautiful woman that you would like to date, make it clear. Don’t try to play down your intentions just because you feel safer that way. If you start to act like you just want to be friends, she will most likely see you that way all the time. This goes together with being confident; tell her that you would love to date someone as beautiful as she is.

5. Be her savior

You might have noticed this woman when she walked into the bar. She was alone or with some friends. But during the evening, while you were trying to brace yourself to approach her, some other guy did it already. You now see that she is not happy with the situation. If so, this is your chance to swoop in and save her from the terrible company.

6. Read her body language

If you fear that this woman you have noticed will reject you, take time to read her body language. Make eye contact and see how she responds. If she smiles at you and turns her body towards you, you are good to go. Her body language is saying that she is free and looking, so go and say hello.

7. Be prepared

Before you approach a woman, you should prepare yourself for many different outcomes. Don’t just go to her and say nothing- you will have to work on your pick-up lines. Also, be ready that she might reject you or hesitate to give out her phone number. Play different scenarios in your head and don’t be afraid to try.

8. Don’t pressure her

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is asking a woman personal questions straight away. When you just approach her, you should stick to small talk. Ask her how is her evening going, or does she enjoy this place. Don’t ask if she is single or looking to date straight away. Your first encounter is just to see if there are any sparks between you.

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9. Make it possible to get in touch

If you have successfully approached a woman and have had a good conversation with her, your next step is to be able to get in touch with her. If you feel completely sure that you hit things off, ask for her number. However, if not, ask for her email.

Studies have shown that women are more likely to give out their email address since it feels less personal. But be ready to have some paper and pen at your disposal. If you don’t, while you are searching for one, she might lose interest.

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