Understanding Russian Dating Traditions and Norms

Understanding Russian Dating Traditions and Norms

Most people are interested in American dating, but there is no point I have come to think that Russian courtship is also a topic of delight. Probably you’ve found yourself gazing at the most beautiful damsel and handsome men from Russia. The end point is that it won’t hurt a dime if you try your best to impress a Russian man or woman.

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On the other side, you might be a Russian native trying to impress or meeting your better half. And yes you want a Russian and no one else. Whatever the case, you’ll find something that interests you as you read along. But first things first, you better be ready to grasp one thing or two about the Russian culture and their traditions. As a side note, Russians value tradition more than their jurisdiction laws. Read on to know more about Russian dating rules.


Dating a Russian Woman Tips

There are tons of vital rules and norms that one should follow before courting a Russian woman. The most vital and crucial thing is how you want to treat your damsel. Though they are known for their out of world etiquette and strong-willed traits, Russian girls love gifts to the core.

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They are always eager to find out what you’ve brought for them, not once but it should be a continuous stratagem. They won’t mind holding a lavish present that will charm their beauty. In fact, a Russian girl defines this as the best and most easy way to define a man’s affection towards them.

She wants to be assured that she is loved and needed above all things. Don’t expect to shower her with a wide array of household chores. As time pass, she will truly show you the real definition of a hardworking and considerate girl.

  • An Intelligent Woman

Russian girls love a conversational person. I mean they prefer to hang out with an understanding type of guy. Informal talking is their order of the day. This is in regards to their famed interpersonal skills.

It is better to discuss different things with her and make something interesting in between. With their intelligence and good choice of words, they hate to discuss economy and politics.

*Kissing to a Russian girl is a common experience. So there is nothing to fear if she is eager to hug or kiss you while on your first date*

  • An A’ La Mode Woman

People define A Russian woman as typically and shortly an up to date girl. She knows how to define fashion at her best. Her wardrobe is always filled with trending outfits since she loves to look good and attractive. Above all, feeling proud of herself is another norm that can’t be erased easily.


So, it’s quite daunting as a man to find something that pleases her. As a result, taking her to a nearby boutique would be her best wish. On the other hand, she hates to have a countable of eye contact with her date.

Don’t even think of sitting on the floor, since she considers it as a bad omen not unless you have taken her to a Chinese or Indian restaurant. While sipping her expensive wine, praise her in between, and you will certainly win her heart. Talk more about Russian culture relationships.

*When it comes to accent, a Russian girl loves to play with words. So, be ready to ignore something in between their talks. Yes, they have great accent but also quite difficult to understand*

Tips on Dating a Russian Man

People consider Russian men as the most polite and understanding of all. They like to take good care of their ladies just as much as they eager for more appreciation. So if you want to win his heart, be ready to oblige to the end. For instance, if a girl wishes to take a Russian man for a dinner date, she shouldn’t offer to pay for his bills or hers.

Handsome man

It is a cultural norm that a Russian man should cater for any bills, no matter the cost. At the end of it all, you better grasp that Russian men prefer to plan and surprise their princess and not vice versa. So, don’t even think of taking him out; he is always a great thinker.

  • A Russian Man Wants a Pretty Girl

Of course, most men like to hang out with the prettiest girls in town, but Russian men are good when it comes to selection. Even if he doesn’t know you or you’ve never met, he will ask for your photos before your first meeting. Why? They believe that a girl is meant to have an attractive and soft-textured figure. Be aware that they perfectly understand if you tend to be late in your first or second date.

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The main strategy behind how to know if a Russian guy likes you is that he wants to give you ample time, doing nothing else than taking good care of your appearance. You know, buying expensive fragrances and doing other beauty treatments. On the other hand, a girl will expect you to give her tons of attention. Always remember to compliment and admire her with smile and gratitude. Another thing, carrying a flower scent bouquet will make her day.

*Having a bottle of vodka in Russia isn’t considered as a bad norm. In fact, it is regarded as a good token of appreciation. Ooh! Wait for a resounding gesture of toast before you begin to drink. Politics is also a men’s discussion*

  • A Straightforward Man

Russian men hate to beat around the bush. If he doesn’t like something, he will tell in a polite demeanor. Don’t judge if you seem to get a blunt answer; it is just an opinion anyway. Nevertheless, a Russian guy loves to talk about his wealth in regards to his well-paying job, lavish house and car.

Man in a car

Sad to say, he values wealth more than having good looks. So, don’t consider it boring if he seems to exaggerate about his hobbies such as having a spring dance with a parachute or hunting and other DIY projects.

*If you are a non-Russian and you want to date a Russian guy you better learn their cultural manners. In that case, if you happen to go to his house, be ready to take off your shoes before stepping into his house. If it happens that you go out with him, remember to keep your feet on the ground. Showing bottoms of your feet is a disrespectful ordeal in Russia. Don’t even think of crossing your legs.*

Family and Dating In Russia

It is crucial to remind you that Russian women aren’t allowed to date till 16 years of age. By the time they are in college, they are allowed to go for simple dates, events or dinner. In fact, the interaction isn’t called a “date” but a “meeting.” When a Russian girl has found the perfect man for her, she won’t deny introducing him to her family and vice versa.

If both partners are comfortable with each other, then they are destined to live for eternity. As a man, you should spend more time with your partner’s family, and this is not an exception. Both of the parents from either side know one another before moving forward with wedding preparations.

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