Would You Do Anything For Love?

I Would Do Anything For Love

Terms such as love-sick, love-struck, head over heels in love all refer to the feeling people get when they fall in love. When you find someone that you want to spend every waking hour with, you are willing to try just about anything. Most couples in love will try something new that interests their partner. In some cases, those who are blinded by love can’t see signs that they are headed for trouble. It is as if their heart has taken over the path of common sense from their brain.

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Would you do anything for love? You wouldn’t be the first or the last if you did. This question has been raised in many circles from love and romance to crimes and justice. Songs have been written about the decision process as well as the results.

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Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Edward VIII was the Crown Prince of England when he met Wallis Simpson. He claimed that she was nothing like the girlfriends and mistresses he had over the years. However, it was a huge concern to the monarchy. The relationship with an American divorcee bothered his father, King George, especially since she was still legally married to her second husband.

When Edward succeeded his father to the throne in 1936, he was preparing to marry Simpson. However, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, as well as the commonwealths of the Empire, expressed their opposition. Rather than become a married king in a constitutional crisis, he abdicated the throne less than a year after his coronation. His brother Albert became King George VI. As the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Edward and Wallis remained side by side until his death in 1972.

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Romeo and Juliet/Mark Antony and Cleopatra

Both of these love stories have many similarities. Both of their tales were written as plays by William Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers, falling in love at first sight. The same connection is true with Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Both were the future of ruling families or powers.

However, tragedy struck when a false report of the females’ death reached their beloved. Romeo drank poison while Mark Antony fell on his sword. Neither of them could bear the thought of a life without their one true love. When the women found out, they too took their own life; Juliet stabbed herself with Romeo’s dagger while Cleopatra reportedly arranged to be poisoned by a snake bite.

The Question is: Should You Do Anything for Love?

Should you fake your death, give up your birthright, or even commit a felony for the one you love? Probably not if you have a moment of common sense to consider the consequences. Not only do you have the deal with the law, the Internal Revenue Service, or public humiliation, but you may also risk losing the one you are trying to impress.

Demonstrations of love do not have to be grandiose or a million-dollar affair. It doesn’t have to give you a police record. What it can do is show the one you love that you listen to them, consider their interests, and even step out of your comfort zone. Maybe you get tickets for the new movie they want to see, save up for a special trip, or try something different in the bedroom. When it comes to showing your love, you can do just about anything.

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Love does not have to be about proving yourself to your partner. People stay in relationships because they are being controlled by their partner who is struggling with addiction or mental illness. They enable them rather than show them love by giving them help.

They protect their love by lying when they do something illegal or wrong. Other time they stay in the relationship because of threats and blackmail. That is not love. If you have to prove your love for your partner constantly, then maybe it isn’t love after all.

Would you do anything for love? Maybe. Should you do anything for love? You may want to think about that with a clear head instead of love sickness.

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