Sagittarius Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility

Sagittarius Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility – Overview

The fire of Sagittarius woman can heat up the air of Aquarius. Sagittarius woman Aquarius man compatibility lovers are very active, and sometimes even restless. They are very communicable and love hanging out with their friends. It is very likely that these two people will meet through their friends. They share a lot of common interest and values. Aquarius sometimes is seen as a bit weird. That excites the curious Sagittarius woman because she always seeks for new experiences. They both love to help other people. This couple is capable of having a loving relationship and also working together. This couple needs to be patient when they get to know each other because each of them hides deeper parts of their personalities. Sagittarius woman Aquarius man horoscope signs both live exciting lives and together they might make them even better.

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Sagittarius Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

Sagittarius woman Aquarius man in love enjoy social events, and they love to be the center of it. They crave approval from others because it makes them feel good about themselves. For this couple, it will never be a problem deciding what to do. They share the love for the same activities- parties, tours, sports events. Sagittarius and Aquarius are both extrovert people. This couple enjoys each other’s company. By exploring new places, they will find more and more things they have in common.

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At first, it might take time for Sagittarius to sense what the passions of Aquarius man are. The ruling planter of Aquarius is Saturn, which makes him detached and unemotional. He can be quite distant and make Sagittarius woman feel unwanted.  But as soon as they find things to talk about, their relationship changes forever. These people share a lot in common, and they will have amazing experiences with each other. They stimulate each other intellectually. Together this couple is very productive because Sagittarius is full of ideas. If she is passionate about something, Aquarius can provide her with enough valid input and speed to complete projects, before she gets bored of them. In the Sagittarius woman Aquarius man marriage, the Sagittarius can see all her dreams becoming true.

In this Sagittarius woman Aquarius man relationship, each of the couple has to set their own rules. Both of these people are quite unconventional, and that´s why they don´t completely trust each other. They want to commit to each other, but at the same time, they don´t want to lose their freedom. Aquarius man doesn´t like to lie. He prefers to be honest at all times. Sagittarius woman simply is not capable of lying. She will not be able to hide anything from Aquarius man. Although he is very trustworthy, Sagittarius has trouble trusting him, because he might be absent from time to time. For her, it is a new experience, when she has to chase the man. That makes this relationship work even better because Sagittarius will be so curious about him, that they will develop a very close connection.

Sagittarius woman Aquarius man in bed are very sexual people. Sagittarius woman is all about creativity and new experiences. Aquarius man has a big sexual appetite, and he needs a partner who shares that with him. He is confident enough to make Sagittarius feel secure. They can truly open up with each other during sex.  In the Sagittarius woman Aquarius man sexual relationship this couple will have a lot of fun and extraordinary experiences together.

Sagittarius woman always has good intentions on her mind. She wants to make other people’s lives better. She has a very positive view of the world. For those around her, Sagittarius makes things better, although sometimes she can cross some personal lines. Aquarius man also loves to work towards the benefit of the community. He is more optimistic than Sagittarius. Her direct honesty sometimes might crush the beliefs of Aquarius. Still, this Sagittarius woman Aquarius man couple can dream big and act for the benefit of others. Together they balance out each other´s unrealistic expectations. Sagittarius shows Aquarius that the world is not sometimes a good place, while he stops her from making utopian dreams.


Sagittarius Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

Aquarius man knows what are his good qualities. He is fun, exciting and very interesting. This man doesn´t have any problem showing his best qualities to others, but deep inside he feels quite insecure. It takes time for him to develop feelings, and he has a lot of trouble expressing them. For Aquarius man, it is important to build a sense of security with their partner, for him to get confident with his emotions. Although Sagittarius woman falls in love quickly, she has trouble developing deep feelings. Her lifestyle is so fast that it will make hard for Aquarius man to trust her instantly. She has to take time to allow feelings to develop between them. If she does, Sagittarius will discover a different side of Aquarius, which will make her love him even more.

Sagittarius woman is forthright and honest. Aquarius man is not likely to get his feelings hurt, but he might feel disrespected. Sagittarius woman doesn´t always mean to hurt him, but he takes things very personally. From the beginning of this Sagittarius woman Aquarius man love affair, Sagittarius needs to learn how to approach this man. She has to manage her honesty and chattiness. If Aquarius feel disrespected, he will not open up to her and become more and more distant. Finding the right approach to this man is important.

This woman lives a very fast-paced life. Aquarius is not always able to keep up with her. Although they both enjoy excitement and adventures, it will be hard for Aquarius to understand some actions of Sagittarius. He has a very sharp and logical mind, and Sagittarius sometimes might seem a bit frantic.

Aquarius man tries to avoid conflicts by all means. Sagittarius woman doesn´t like confrontation, but from time to time she lets her fire nature go wild. Whenever she feels insecure, Sagittarius can get control. Aquarius man can´t be controlled, and he will fight her back. This might be a cause for some ugly fights in the Sagittarius woman Aquarius man breakup. If this couple doesn´t work through their issues, they could end up separating, even before they truly have enjoyed the pleasures of this relationship.

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Sagittarius Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility: Conclusion

When Sagittarius woman Aquarius man soulmates meet each other, they need to stop for a second to consider a few things. They can make a perfect match if they work through some initial issues. These issues are not easy to get over, but if they have enough patience, they can find a soulmate in each other. Sagittarius needs to slow down a bit and keep some things to herself. Aquarius shouldn´t be so suspicious and has to learn not to take things so personally.

Although they are not very emotional people, in this relationship Sagittarius and Aquarius can finally see a reason for having them. Sagittarius woman Aquarius man compatibility couple will develop intense feelings for each other. Sagittarius and Aquarius correctly understand each other´s nature and the need for freedom. They are not jealous people and enjoy socializing very much. All their collective interests will make a good base for a lasting relationship. For many people, it might seem that this relationship is just sexual, but actually, it goes profound for both of them.

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