Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man Compatibility

Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man Compatibility – Overview

Sagittarius woman doesn’t have much love compatibility with Taurus man. As a fire sign, Sagittarius woman is fierce, ever changing and she is looking for a lot of excitement in her life. Taurus as an earth sign is much calmer and closer to earth. Sagittarius woman Taurus man compatibility lovers seek for love and beauty in this life, but there are more possibilities out there for both of them. Nevertheless, everyone possesses their qualities, and it is possible that the relationship between these two zodiac signs could work out.

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Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

Sagittarius woman loves a good challenge. She is not so much interested in the compatibility between her and her partner, as to how much new experiences she gets out of this relationship. This woman is always in search of new excitements, so she gives a lot of effort in trying to work things out. One of the best qualities of Sagittarius is that she can easily change things about her. She doesn´t get stuck in one position but loves to be on a constant move.

If she is interested in Taurus man, she will be able to change a few things about herself, to make the relationship work. Taurus is very strict in his beliefs. Therefore the change doesn´t come so easy for him. This Sagittarius woman Taurus man relationship needs to be worked on by both partners, and they both need to make some adjustments to their way of life or go separate ways.

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The ruling planets of both these signs- Jupiter for Sagittarius and Venus for Taurus are quite compatible. Sagittarius woman has a more sensitive and compassionate side that she needs to show to Taurus, for them to communicate better. If Sagittarius pushes aside her bluster, and Taurus is patient enough to see her softer side, they might be able to make this relationship work. Sagittarius woman Taurus man in love see the world in gorgeous colors. They believe in love and romance and focus on the good things in life. This couple can get carried away in their imagination, and consider all things good, but they need to realize that there are some realities they have to face.

Taurus man is very stable and secure, and sometimes it is just what Sagittarius woman needs. Taurus seeks for stability in his relationship, but Sagittarius usually enjoys having fun way too much to stay at home and cozy up to one man. If they have a solid Sagittarius woman Taurus man love affair, Taurus might be ok with her going out without him. If Taurus allows this woman to have a certain freedom, she will stay loyal to him. They both understand each other’s differences, so as long as they set their own rules, this companionship could be a happy one.

For this Sagittarius woman Taurus man couple, being so different works very well in the bedroom. They have a special spark between them, and they might even surprise each other. Sex is the best way for Sagittarius woman to communicate with Taurus man, and this is the way they might even resolve their differences.


Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

Sagittarius woman strives for independence and spontaneity. She enjoys not knowing what is waiting for her around the corner and all the possibilities of life excite her. Taurus, on the other hand, is convenient, stable and wants nothing more than certainty in his life. If Sagittarius is looking to meet new people and has as much fun as one can have in a lifetime than Taurus is the type of man who would be satisfied to find his one true love and settle down.

She likes to spend money on things that make her feel better. Taurus can go crazy with this type of attitude because he is looking for certainty. Sagittarius woman is not the one who can provide him with it, and for the most of the time, Sagittarius is bored by the way Taurus lives his life. It is a rare thing for these people to be in a long-term Sagittarius woman Taurus man union because they are not a good match.

Taurus man will have a hard time trusting Sagittarius woman. Although she is one of the most honest of signs in the zodiac calendar, her attitude towards other people might flare up jealousy even in the down to earth Taurus. She likes to flirt with other man and get as much attention in her direction, and Taurus can´t stand that. His ways of thinking don’t approve such manner, especially if they have committed to each other. It is not likely that Sagittarius woman will cheat on Taurus while they are still committed to each other, but it´s likely she will break things off once she finds a more suitable partner. This woman just needs to get attention from time to time. Taurus is not able to provide her enough excitement, so he has to accept that she will want to find it elsewhere.

In the Sagittarius woman Taurus man friendship affair, partners don’t have many topics to talk about. They can communicate about everyday life and superficial things, but their interests don´t match. Sagittarius woman has probably seen the world (or parts of it), and she dreams of doing much more with her life. Taurus is more interested in settling things like home life and possibly career. They will not argue much, because both of them simply don´t care too much about their partner.

Sagittarius woman might feel stuck in a relationship with Taurus. There are some things that she admires about this man, and mostly it´s the safety he provides. At the same time Taurus can be a bit controlling. He has his own way of living, and it is hard for him to change his opinions. Sagittarius woman will never be able to talk him into doing something spontaneous and crazy, because he will make so many rational reasons against it that she will reconsider.

This woman wants the Sagittarius woman Taurus man love match to work, and so does Taurus. He will be surprised by how fast she can change her attitude towards certain things. She can be the person he wants for a while, but it´s likely she will soon get tired of this role. Taurus needs to understand, that even if this woman is willing to change for him, she might not be happy. He also has to make a few sacrifices and change his ways for her to see that he is serious about committing to her.

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Sagittarius Woman Taurus Man Compatibility: Conclusion

Sagittarius woman Taurus man horoscope signs are capable of developing a long-term relationship. That severely depends on what they are both seeking for. It might be the time that Sagittarius woman wants to settle down and have a family- having kids would be a different kind of adventure for her. Taurus man is the type who will provide his family with everything they need, and create a safe and happy home. Since they have such great sexual compatibility, it is more likely that Sagittarius will have a romantic fling with Taurus man.

They will soon realize that there are so many differences between them, and it is worth considering the need to put so much effort into making a relationship work. Sagittarius woman Taurus man compatibility match have a better chance of having a committed and lasting relationship if they become friends first and develop the relationship later on.

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