Taurus Woman Virgo Man Compatibility

Taurus Woman Virgo Man Compatibility – Overview

This is a good relationship match, with a good balance of pros and cons. Every relationship needs some positives to thrive. But too many will provide a basis for arguments. Luckily, the Taurus woman Virgo man compatibility match contains the perfect balance of pros and cons.

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A Taurus woman upholds strong family values and loves being a part of a traditional family. She adores having a stable life- financial security, a well-kept house, and a loving partner. In return for all of this, she will always provide her partner with anything he wishes or desires. A Taurus woman is a sexually charged person, fuelled by her need to touch and caress her partner. She loves to involve all five senses in the bedroom, providing a highly sensual experience. In turn, she expects the same to be given to her. She can be incredibly stubborn and refuse to compromise in many situations. When challenged, she will often play the game of silence, as she sees herself as “above” petty arguments.

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A Virgo man is often seen as the “average Joe” of the zodiac signs. He prefers comfort, stability, and isn’t particularly fond of complicatedness. Additionally, he is quick to hide his emotions, fearing he will be hurt, and in the process can end up hiding important parts of his personality. Virgo man is incredibly respectful of women, and anybody he dates will be idolized. He likes stability, so a woman who is not prone to acting on random impulses will be perfect for him.

A Virgo man is stirred by the intelligent conversation that will provoke his thought and interest him in the person he is speaking to. He needs a stable relationship with a stable woman. He is active-minded and can tire himself out in ten minutes just with his thoughts. Virgo men are known to constantly analyze everything, and they will strive for perfection at all costs. They may show slight obsessive-compulsive traits, constantly feeling as if they have to change everything for the better. This is not meant to seem picky. They just want to achieve a certain goal and believe that the finer details are important to getting there.

Taurus woman Virgo man in love complement each other well and will provide a perfect match for each other. A Taurus woman has a lot to teach her Virgo man, and vice versa. This will be a prosperous relationship, and both have a lot to learn from each other positively.


Taurus Woman Virgo Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

Virgo men can often be very reluctant to show their bodies, as they over-examine everything so expect everybody else to, too. They can be very shy when it comes to making the first move as they are not overtly sexual people, and need a lot of emotional support before they consider offering themselves to somebody. They may also see Taurus woman Virgo man sex as something rough and scary, deterring them from wanting to take part in it.

Luckily, Taurus women are incredibly good at providing their sexual partners with lots of love, affection, and sensuality. A Taurus woman will put a Virgo man at ease, reassuring him with her words and touch, and he will begin to realize his full sexual potential. Taurus woman Virgo man in bed will be incredibly loving towards each other. If the Virgo man were a virgin before he met his Taurus woman, this would be a brilliant introduction to his sexuality.

The intellect of a Virgo man will intrigue a Taurus woman greatly. She is a homebody, so she would much prefer to spend personal time with her partner at home than go out and do extreme activities together. This opens up more opportunities for talking. So these signs would have to interest each other. Luckily, the Taurus woman is extremely interested in everything a Virgo man has to say, and they can have many intellectual conversations together.

A Taurus woman is also the perfect thing that a Virgo man needs to open up. He may start out as somewhat unsure of himself, and this, in turn, will make him very reserved. Taurus women, however, are very patient and are willing to wait for their Virgo man to open up. This will provide a great foundation for trust in the Taurus woman Virgo man relationship. Virgo will realize that Taurus is patient with him, so can handle his emotional sensitivity.

Taurus women are often very static people, and will rarely leave their homes if given the opportunity. Virgo men, however, often need a change of scenery to prevent them from getting stuck inside their heads. This provides a great opportunity for the Taurus woman, as she finally has someone who will drag her out of the house. Taurus woman Virgo man love match will enjoy activities together such as cooking, or visiting enriching places such as museums or galleries. Both signs strongly value intellect and personal development, so they should have a lot of fun together opening their minds to new things.

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Taurus Woman Virgo Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

Almost all of the cons of this relationship match comes down to Virgo’s choosy nature. A Taurus woman is incredibly loving towards her partner. Nonetheless, when faced with criticisms, she will shut down and give him the cold shoulder. This is a problem when her Virgo partner is one of the pickiest people there is. He will constantly point out flaws. Virgo man does not mean this in an attempt to offend, but in fact, he wants to offer suggestions on how his partner can become absolute perfection. He only has her best interests at heart, but he may not tactfully give these suggestions. This could affect the Taurus woman Virgo man love in many ways.

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Sexually, a Taurus woman may sometimes feel inadequate when faced with a Virgo man due to his fussy nature. He may point out flaws in her body, or in her sexual technique, attempting to make her the perfect lover she would like to be.

Another way this could affect the Taurus woman Virgo man bond is the personal issues it will bring to Virgo. If he doesn’t feel confident in himself, he will doubt his partner’s attraction to him. This will progress into trust issues, and a Taurus woman will assume that this is because her Virgo man is untrustworthy himself. This is a vicious cycle that the Taurus woman Virgo man couple may get caught up in. Therefore, it is important for a Virgo man to work on his overall standards. Equally, he should learn to offer suggestions in a more tactful way thus preventing his Taurus woman from getting upset.

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Taurus Woman Virgo Man Compatibility: Conclusion

The Taurus woman Virgo man love compatibility match is a good one and is quite potential. These personalities will compliment each other nicely and provide plenty of opportunities to grow together. A Taurus woman has a lot to offer a Virgo man. As long as he learns to reign back his critical tongue, a Virgo man will do the same thing for his Taurus woman. The pair has lots of mutual interests and will help each other to develop positively over time.

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The Taurus woman Virgo man compatibility match is highly recommended. These personalities compliment each other nicely and don’t oppose each other in too many ways. There are enough pros for both to grow old together as lovers, but not too many that they will butt heads often. This couple will click easily, and the Virgo man will feel incredibly safe in his Taurus woman’s arms.

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