Taurus Woman Gemini Man Compatibility

Taurus Woman Gemini Man Compatibility – Overview

Taurus woman Gemini man compatibility match is one that is different, due to a basic difference in values that these signs possess. A Taurus woman is incredibly sensual, and in touch with her sexuality. She strongly values sensuality of all the senses and can be seen as having an incredible prowess. On the other hand, she can be quite old fashioned when it comes to finding her potential partner. She loves to stay at home, and is very content with cooking and cleaning, and will do anything to make her partner happy. She is very considerate as to what her partner needs and will try to fulfill it.

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A Taurus woman can be incredibly stubborn, digging her heels in when she believes she is on the right side. When challenged, she will often give her the “silent treatment,” retreating into her shell and not giving them the satisfaction of an argument. This is because she sees herself as correct, and too mature to take part in petty arguments.

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Gemini men are one of the most intelligent of the signs, yet also brimming with the most energy. They always love to be taking part in activities, and always want to know what is happening around them. They are incredibly self-aware people, and constantly seek knowledge from the people they surround themselves with. This could make them appear slightly nosy. But they honestly mean well. Women are drawn to a Gemini man because of his passion for life, and his constant enthusiasm and positivity. This can make a lot of Gemini men into womanizers, juggling multiple partners at once.

However once committed, he is incredibly fun to be around, and will never stop providing his partner with new and exciting possibilities. Much like an Aries, Gemini men are drawn to big opportunities, sometimes abandoning their plans and dreams in favor of bigger goals that have only recently appeared in their field of vision. He is charming, clever, witty and always up for an adventure, making him perfect for the fast-paced woman.

Taurus woman Gemini man couple will have extreme trust issues, and a lack of emotional connection. They will struggle sexually, and eventually, they will come to realize that they lack similar values needed for two people to grow together in a happy, healthy relationship. Although there is a pro to this match, it is not a saving grace.


Taurus Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

Taurus women tend to be mature, which is precisely what a Gemini man needs. It is not uncommon for him to forget to eat, sleep, and take care of himself, which a Taurus woman will help him with. He believes there is just too much to do in the world and is easily distracted by other things.

This could cause his health to deteriorate, which is where Taurus comes in. A Taurus woman will provide him with the right nutritionally balanced meals, encourage him to drink water and get enough sleep. This may develop into a slight motherly instinct rather than a romantic gesture, but either way, it will be brilliant for the Taurus woman Gemini man relationship.

Taurus Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

Gemini men may struggle to sexually connect with a Taurus woman. She is incredibly sensual, and loves to spend a long time savoring the feeling of touch, and touching her partner in return; not just during Taurus woman Gemini man sex, but afterward too. She is more than happy to lie in bed for the whole day in her lover’s arm. Gemini men prefer fast-paced, exciting sex and need to be constantly on the move.

This will drive an emotional wedge between the Taurus woman Gemini man love match as they struggle to agree on what is best. Taurus will begin to crave emotionally charged physical contact, making her feel unloved and distant from her partner. Gemini will become bored of his Taurus woman, longing for something more exciting and adventurous. Eventually, the pair may give up on attempting to be intimate as it doesn’t satisfy either of them.

Gemini men hate being tied down with somebody that isn’t 100% perfect for them. So they may become untrustworthy within this Taurus woman Gemini man zodiac match. Taurus women will make Gemini men uncomfortable, with their strong need for constant affection and commitment. Taurus however, await the day they will be tied down by somebody they love, so will jump at every opportunity.

Taurus woman Gemini man sun signs just don’t understand each other’s boundaries when it comes to loyalty. Gemini is a free spirit and loves to follow his paths, whereas Taurus strongly values monogamy and long-term commitment. This will cause Gemini to perform on some impulses and distance themselves from their Taurus woman, causing her to become suspicious about his behavior.

Truly, Taurus woman Gemini man in love is an absolute disaster when it comes to trust, as Gemini constantly tried to distance himself while Taurus constantly doubts him when he is away from her. Trust is incredibly important in any relationship, providing one of the basic foundations for any successful match. Without it, the Taurus woman Gemini man soulmates could turn to confusion – as it will with this match.

This pair may also struggle to share their emotions with each other as easily as other matches would. Taurus woman Gemini man star signs just have different approaches to sharing how they feel. Taurus often become quiet, cold and distant instead of opening up to their partner when they feel any less than 100% appreciated.

The pair may also struggle desperately with a lack of shared values. Taurus women strongly appreciate material belongings, the comfort of life, and their ability to show love for another person. Gemini men value adventure, challenge, and the ability to move wherever the wind takes them. This could cause many conflicts, as Taurus desperately wants to settle down, while Gemini tries to drag them away from that dream. Taurus woman Gemini man love compatibility pair have different goals for their lives. Therefore, this is the main reason they will not work well together as a couple.

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Taurus Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Conclusion

Eventual goals are important, to be able to figure out if a Taurus woman Gemini man marriage is built to last. If both people have the same plans for the future, you can be sure that there is a possibility for the relationship to last a very long time. It may seem obvious, but this opens the door for both people to grow old together, and to work towards a mutual goal next to each other. Without this mutual goal, a couple will struggle to spend a long time together. The difference in goals will mean lots of conflicts, dual unhappiness, and unfulfillment.

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A functional relationship also can’t happen without trust, which is another thing this relationship lacks deeply. You can’t force two people to be together who aren’t right for each other. This could be the case with the Taurus woman Gemini man compatibility. The Taurus woman could end up acting more like her Gemini man’s mother. Although what she has to offer him in the realm of nurturing is positive, it is more reminiscent of motherly love for a son. The lack of shared values and trust will be the downfall of this relationship. Obviously there will be some exceptions, but in general, this match is not built to last.

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They could perhaps make it as friends, but not too closely interlinked. The reality is, these two signs are not made for each other. The cons listed above will far outweigh the pros for these people, and both will soon realize that they are just too different to make things work as they’d like to.

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