10 Tips for Dating Your Spouse

10 Tips for Dating Your Spouse

When you start to date, all you think about is where you are going next and what you are going to do with your lover. It is the highlight of your workday when you reconnect over lunch or plan your weekend getaway. However, after marriage, the focus on the relationship shifts more toward responsibilities to the home or the child and not to the relationship. When the focus of a relationship turns away from each other, the stability of the marriage starts to break down.

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Some people are happy with their marriage life because it is different from their former dating life. However, dating allowed the love to grow for one another. The romantic connection can continue by taking time to date your spouse. Has it been a while since you dated your spouse? Here are some tips to revitalize your relationship by dating like you did before you got married.

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1. Spontaneous Or Planned?

Should you go on a date on a whim or plan your date each month? Why not try both? Something is exciting when you spontaneously ask your partner out on a date. It means that you have the urge to spend time with them. Maybe you just heard about a great deal on a last-minute flight to a destination on your bucket list. Isn’t that how you used to plan things before?

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At the same time, you need to schedule a night out with your spouse. Once a month when you know that there won’t be any planned conflicts, make it a date and put it on your calendar. If you love going to the movies, you can be sure to see what’s new in the theater. You can also mix it up a bit and plan other activities designed for couples. There is always something fun that you want to try together.

2. Text Your Spouse

No, don’t ask them to pick up the milk on the way home. Text your spouse about how much you are looking forward to going on your date, just like you used to. If it is something romantic, pique their interest with a preview of what you are going to wear. Make some suggestions that will add to the excitement of your night out.

3. Dress Up

Unless you are going to a place where you are going to get dirty; get dressed up. You might already do this every day when you go to work, but dressing up is the extra touch that shows them that they are important to you as well. If you are going to the beach, find a new suit or cover-up. Try a new hair style or just make sure you don’t forget your spouse’s favorite perfume on you. When you are getting ready, be sure to do it separately to revisit that element of surprise and enjoy the transformation.

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4. Make A Game Out Of It

Are you meeting each other right after work? Make a game out of it. Rather than text the location where you are going to meet, send photo clues instead. If you like hide-and-seek or scavenger hunts, plant a few clues to help them find you. Not too many clues or they will be too tired before the date starts.

5. Mind Your P’s and Q’s

You are on a date. You are not at home wearing your yoga pants or ratty college sweatshirt. Remember the manners that you had been taught before. Even if you are drinking beer or soda, don’t start a belching contest. Give your spouse the chance to open the door for you. Most importantly, thank your spouse for the good time they have given you. Sometimes it is easily forgotten, or you assume that they know your appreciation. A few words go a long way.

6. Flirt Like You Used To

Just because you are married doesn’t mean that you can’t flirt anymore. It can be as public as a kiss or as discreet as a toe running up your spouse’s leg under the table concealed by the tablecloth. Flirting is part of the fun in dating. Remember to touch each other. Touch for a human can stir warm memories and feelings of happiness.

7. Exercise Together

When you exercise, your body produces more endorphins. This hormone is a natural mood booster. If you don’t like to jog or go to the gym as a couple, you can still get the same effects by doing less intense activities such as taking a walk or riding bikes together. Exercise can also boost your libido as well as your happiness.

8. Try Something New Or Stick With The Same Ol’

If you and your spouse go to the same restaurant because they treat you like family, then there is no reason why you should change your schedule. Maybe you are both avid golfers and enjoy pairing up for 18 holes. However, it may not feel as much as a date if it is too routine. Dates are a good time to try something new with someone familiar. Both of you share the discovery of the next great thing or have plenty of laughs when you both fail at trying something different.

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9. Connect In A Positive Way

While you are driving to your date or spending time looking into your spouse’s eyes, find positive ways to connect. Don’t talk about your children’s troubles or your workplace’s frustrations. Instead, talk about more enjoyable topics. Maybe your child did something funny that morning, or a coworker told an interesting story. Your primary focus is each other, and the time you are spending together outside of the house.

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10. Continue To Grow Together

Just because you are married, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of everything you have ever known. You still have an opportunity to discover new things together. As you get older, you have more chances to try things you have wanted to do before. Maybe your income allows you the ability to afford a hobby both of you wanted to start. There is no expiration date for your dating life with your spouse. As your love grows for each other, so can your dating life while you are married.

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