5 Ways To Recognize A Cyclic Relationship

5 Ways To Recognize A Cyclic Relationship

The on-again, an off-again relationship might seem romantic on TV screens. In reality, this type of relationship can make you miserable and depressed. One of the worst things about is that you don’t always recognize that you are in a toxic relationship. Things that are usually unacceptable become a routine for you. This type of partnership can drain all the energy out of you and make things in your life go bad. Here are five ways to recognize if you are in a cyclic relationship. Maybe you will realize that you need to get out of it.

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1. Attraction & Dissatisfaction

In many cases partners who break up and then get back together over and over again have this unexplainable attraction towards each other. When they are together, things simply seem to be perfect, and you are pleased until you aren’t. Although the attraction is powerful, there is something that just isn’t quite right.

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As time passes you forget about it and get back together with this person, hoping that something has changed. It is not easy for people to change things about themselves. Ask yourself is it worth spending your time with someone who is not able to make you happy.

2. Weak Points

This person you see always comes back in your life whenever you are feeling weak. Possibly you seek out to see them again and again. You let them in your life, but after a while, you start to feel even worse. You and your partner probably know all the weak spots you have. You both can manipulate each other easily and know exactly how to destroy each other emotionally. The comfort you got in the first place will soon be gone.

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3. You Have A Lot Of Arguments

When you and your partner are fighting, probably all your neighbors can hear it. You can fight about absolutely everything if you want to. You can start out the argument with something tiny and end up throwing insults at each other, or bring up other past arguments. Usually, these fights are over dramatic and don’t solve any issues.

Mostly you just move on and forget about it, until the next time. What also makes this fighting work for you is the amazing makeup sex you have. It reminds you how passionate you are about each other. In reality, your physical compatibility is getting in the way of thinking straight.

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4. Drama Is Your Middle Name

You might not have admitted it, but deep down you love drama. When everything is good in your life, and things seem to be normal, you simply get bored. This might be the time when you get back to the relationship which had a lot of tears and heartache.

No matter how bad it was, you still remember the excitement you felt. You know that this relationship has no future because there is no stability. You get hurt again and again and start to feel like you are losing your ability to think straight. Still, the feeling is exhilarating, and you believe that your life has more action.

5. You Are Hoping It Will Work

If you have spent a lot of time in this relationship, it can be hard to let go. You try to focus on all the positive things and deny the terrible ones. You might even start to make excuses for the attitude or actions of your partner that have hurt you.

Since there are also good things in this relationship and you get back together over and over again, you hope it is going to work. In reality, these types of relationship rarely work out. By staying in this relationship, you are willing to live your whole life balancing on extreme happiness and miserable sadness. It might be time to rethink if the effort is worth it.


Cyclic relationships are tough to deal with. You have a lot of divided feeling for this person, and it is hard to let go. In your heart, you always hope that eventually, things will get better, although you might also know that it can’t happen. If by reading this article you realized that you are in a cyclic relationship, it might be time to pull all your strength together and believe that there is someone truly worth your time.

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