6 Ways on How to Focus on What’s Positive About Your Partner

How Positive Is Your Partner?

Let’s admit it right here – relationships are difficult. We spend a lot of time dreaming about them, watching movies and reading books and magazines about them, and wishing we had romance in our lives, but then when we have them, we realize how difficult they are! They take love, compassion, kindness, patience, and wisdom to navigate successfully. We can use others as good examples of how to find our way in the murky waters of romantic relationships, but a lot of the time, we have to learn on our own.

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What Makes Your Partner Positive?

1. Focus on The Positive

One thing that often crops up in relationships is deep negativity. It’s like rot and will destroy the relationship if it is let out of control. Once we get comfortable in a relationship, we let it all go, and sometimes not in a good way. Sometimes we may even treat our partner worse than we would for strangers! (Not that we shouldn’t mistreat strangers anyway).

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Also, it could be that there is also a deep dissatisfaction in the relationship that deserves looking into. Maybe it could be easily solved, or maybe the relationship is not right. But, either way, adding a splash of positivity into a relationship will never hurt.

If it’s truly the right relationship, then each person loves each other. Therefore, instead of constantly complaining about what the other person does that isn’t right, why not focus on the positive? It could make amazing changes in the relationship.

2. Remember What It Felt like in The Beginning

Do you remember those butterflies that kept coming around whenever the boy or girl was near?  How did it feel to look into the other person’s eyes and feel their love? It’s amazing, right? Whenever it gets to that point in the relationship where it feels like everything between the couples is tired out, then remember those moments. Those are precious memories to keep to help bring that spark into the relationship when it’s needed. Remember those positive things that made them so lovable, to begin with.

3. Learn The other Person’s Love Language

Ok, maybe people think this is cheesy, but it makes a lot of sense. Each person loves differently and accepts love differently. But, after years in a relationship, people never realize this fact. So, they don’t see what their partner is doing to show love, and they only see it from their perspective, and they may complain that their partner “does nothing.”

So, take the time to learn how each person in the relationship gives and receives love, and that could clear up a lot of problems. Once one knows how their partner gives love, their eyes will be opened to all of the different ways their partner has loved them this whole time! They will be able to see the positive side of the one they love.

4. Make a List

Not kidding, this can help. Sometimes, as mentioned above, the relationship can feel a bit tired. People have been together for so long, that they can forget to look at the positive, and only the negative aspects of their partner are staring them in the face. So, why not sit down and make a list of all of the good things?

Just this physical act of writing them down will help remind the person of how great their partner is, and it will bring those good things to the forefront of their mind. Keep that list handy, so it’s possible to look at it frequently. It will make an improvement in the relationship.

5. Don’t Let Life Get in The Way

Often, when things start to pile up, people forget to nurture the relationship. It’s like a plant. It needs help to grow and flourish! So, to help save the relationship and to stay positive about one’s partner, take the time to work on the relationship. Spend time alone together. Focus on each other. Listen to each other, and try to find something new out about the other person.

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6. Make a Concerted Effort

It takes time and diligence to make a relationship work and function successfully. After a long relationship, it takes time and diligence to stay positive about one’s partner. This is especially if the couple is going through a rough time. So, keep these tips in mind and make a daily effort to be positive about the relationship. It’s been proven that when people focus on the positive and the good things in their lives, they are happier. Whether it’s meditating on them or writing them down, keeping one’s eye on the positive aspects of our lives can only help us.

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In conclusion, sometimes relationships are either just a little bit sick and need a new life, or they aren’t right. So maybe after following these tips, it could become obvious that the couple shouldn’t be together. Because, yes, sometimes it’s difficult to remember what’s positive about the other person in the relationship, especially after a bout of arguments, but if it’s way too hard, then maybe there is no reason to stay together anymore.

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There are plenty of other ways to help stay positive about the relationship and the other half. Choose the ones that best go with the personality of the relationship, but a typical situation could look like this: A couple has been together for many years, and one of the people is constantly focusing on the faults of their partner. They get into arguments. Subsequently, they nitpick about their little flaws. After that, they use harsh words to each other that they would never use with anybody else. As a result, they maybe even isolated from one another.

One person stays longer at work to avoid the tense feeling at home. The other person may go out a lot with other friends to avoid dealing with their partner’s flaws. This is where the rot begins to set in and tear the relationship apart. But, these two people genuinely love each other, and they were delighted at the beginning of the relationship. But, the stress at work and the stress of life has started to wear on them, so they begin to attack one another like this.

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So, one of the partners decides to implement these tips to start adding healthy positivity into the relationship. Perhaps they change the tone of their voice when they speak with their partner to a calm and kind one. They add a little bit more patience when their partner is doing something that annoys them and starts to focus on what good things their partner does.

They maybe sit down and make a list of what good aspects of their partner’s personality has, and they remember what it was like to fall in love in the beginning. Just like it’s easy to get into a negative rut and pattern, it can be the same with a positive trend. Once one starts practicing with focusing on the good parts of their partner and treating their partner with kindness and respect, it will not only turn into a pattern and a habit, but it will also transform the relationship into what it was meant to be!

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