7 Ways To Identify The Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Dating

7 Ways To Identify The Kind Of Girlfriend You Are Dating

You haven’t been together for long, but you seem to know this girl pretty well. But there are some things about her you can´t really explain. Here is a list of seven different types of girls. You might be dating one of them, so read and find out what to expect of her.

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1. The Girl Who Is One Of The Guys

This girl is super fun to hang out with. Most likely you were just friends before you started dating. She loves to hang out with your friends and doesn’t mind having people over. This girl is usually interested (or pretending to be) in sports or other interests you have.

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You can talk to her about anything, and she is very supportive. At the same time, she has her things to do, and she is not very needy. This girl has a lot of guy friends and probably a big brother she is close to. This girl might have problems when things get too serious. She will need time to commit to a serious relationship because that is something she has most likely never done. Marriage often frightens her, but deep down she dreams about having a family.

2. The Jealous One

This girl can get upset even if you just look in other women’s direction. She has a lot of insecurities about her looks and personality. This girl needs constant reminding of why you love her and why you chose to be with her. In some cases, she can get quite crazy with her jealousy.

In this case, she will go through your phone or computer or even come to see you at work just to check out how many good looking colleagues you have. When you have dated for a while, she will probably ask you to delete all the girls from your phone contacts.

3. The One Who Loves To Party

This girl is not so good with monogamous relationships. She loves to go out with her friends and often they are all guys. You also can´t be quite sure what cheating means to her. This girl loves to go out for concerts, music festivals and she will probably take you along. If you also like to party, you will definitely enjoy spending time with this girl. If you are looking for a stable and mature relationship, you will most likely find yourself without her for the most of the time. This girl has a busy social life, and her attention is usually divided among many people.

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4. The One With Only Problems

This girl is usually a very determined person who wants to do it all. And that makes her go crazy. She can get stressed about the minor things. Very often she has at least two jobs, she is studying something, and all this stress gets to her. While she is focused on her career, she also wants to be a good girlfriend.

Basically, this girl has too much on her plate. She continuously creates more and more obstacles for herself. For someone who is living with her, it can be a complete nightmare. Very often this girl will have trouble with her car; she will miss the bus or lose her phone. All of this comes from her inability to focus on one thing; her mind is simply too scattered.

5. The One Who Is All About You

This girl is looking to be in a relationship. Having a husband and a family is probably one of her biggest life goals. This girl can make a perfect partner because she cares so deeply about the well-being of her relationship. She will take care of you, be there whenever you need her.

This girl will volunteer to drive if you want to have a few drinks. This girl is truly selfless. If you will provide her with love, and better jet with financial support, you can be eternally happy with her. Although she would love to be provided for, she is not looking for money. This girl often has a well-paid job, and she can take care of herself, but she prefers to be with someone.

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6. The One Who Needs You All The Time

This girl has a dark side of a character. She seems to be constantly depressed and unsatisfied with everything in her life. She is seeking for love, but usually, gets burned in every relationship. Her main problem is that she doesn’t know what she wants. This girl doesn’t have any more problems than the rest of the world does, but she makes a big deal out of everything.

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Her issues are always theatrical and have to come in the first place. In most cases, it is merely a cry for attention. This girl likes to dismiss other people to feel better about herself. In many cases, failure of her partner makes her happy. But you can be sure that she is always going to be with you. This girl can´t stand to be alone, and you will probably lose a lot of your privacy.

7. The One You Can’t Be With

You have known this girl for ages. You are not friends, and you are not precisely together. At some point, it seemed like you were on a date, but it could have turned out to be just a drink with a friend. She is also likely to be the girlfriend of someone close to you.

This girl is beautiful, smart and perfect in every way. She is someone you dream about but can´t figure out how. The guys who end up being together with this girl can be happy because she is everything they dreamed of. Or she might turn out to be one of the other types, and you just failed to notice it.

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