8 Times When your Boyfriend Wants you to Take a Chill-Pill!

8 Times When Your Boyfriend Wants You To Take A Chill-Pill!

All good relationships start with good communication. Good communication doesn’t imply that you need to be in touch with your boyfriend 24×7. There are times your boyfriend wants to have his personal space, and you shouldn’t fret about it. Sometimes, girlfriends need to take a deep breath and let go of the crazy girl mentality. Listed below are how to play it cool with a guy you really like.

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1. If He Doesn’t Text/Call You Back Immediately

In the era of mobile phones, communication has become extremely easy. But this ease sometimes adds up to the woes in a relationship. If your boyfriend usually is not the kind who would ignore your messages or calls, you should wait for some time before pouncing on any conclusion. You need to understand that he is a man with other priorities too and will not be stuck with his phone all day long. He may have been busy at the moment you called up/texted and will get back to you in a few hours. There’s no need to go hysterical over this minute thing. These are just signs he’s playing hard to get but likes you.

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2. If He Compliments Some Other Girl

Giving compliments is natural and shouldn’t be a matter of worry unless it’s being directed towards other women only and not you. If your boyfriend keeps showering other women with compliments but does not have even one word of praise for you, then that’s a matter of concern. But if that is not the case, then you need to cut down a bit on your insecurities. Remember that, another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own. And if your boyfriend thinks so too, then you can rest assured that his compliments are not a way of flirting.

3. If He Does Not Want To Talk About His Ex

Breakups are painful, and some people are not comfortable remembering their past relationships. Your boyfriend might be one of them too. If he does not like to talk about his ex, don’t keep poking him. Respect his privacy. Be the girlfriend who accepts his past, supports his present and encourages his future.

4. If He Wants To Go Out With Only His Male Friends

There are times when your boyfriend wants to enjoy on his own. It does not mean that he is trying to get away from you or hates to hang out with you anymore. If your boyfriend wants to go out with his friends for a while without you accompanying him, he just wants to enjoy a little bit of his own time. Let him do that.

5. If He Does Not Like All Your Friends

Even though you two are a couple, but you both are individuals first. Both of you have your likings and disliking. If your boyfriend does not like a particular friend of yours, there’s no need to bring the house down about it. Being a couple does not mean that each one of you must mandatorily be on good terms with each other’s entire group of friends. It is not a big deal if your boyfriend doesn’t want to hang out with one friend of yours.

6. If He Forgets A Few Dates

Did your boyfriend forget the date he first held your hand? That’s ok. You need to understand that your boyfriend is a human being and not a calendar. There are many things already on his mind like work, family, you, etc. and he just can’t remember all the little things and dates. It is a minor thing, and you should not roam around with a sad cloud over your head all the time. As long as he remembers all the important dates like your birthday/anniversary, things are fine in your relationship. This is how you can find out is he playing it cool or not interested.

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7. If He Doesn’t Pay Much Attention To ‘Future Talks’

Is your boyfriend a 20-something guy? Did you start dating just a few months back? It is highly unlikely for a 20-something boy who started dating recently to discuss big things like marriage and children. You’re over-expecting if you want him to discuss future with you.

Every man wants to settle down in his career first and then think about milestones like marriage and children. You should give him time to get settled and then broach the topics of marriage and children. This is how to play it cool with a crush.

8. If He Doesn’t Like PDA’s

Not many of us are comfortable showing our love in full public view. Public display of affection can easily cross the lines if you are in a new relationship. If your boyfriend is the one who likes to keep his personal life private and does not wants to flaunt his love in public, it should be fine with you too. Unless he completely denies accepting you as his girlfriend in public, there’s nothing to be worried about. You can also learn how to play it cool with a guy over text.

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No one is perfect; not even your boyfriend. But being in love means you need to accept them with their flaws and not try and change them unnecessarily. Showing concern about your partner’s activities and whereabouts is normal. But don’t let your insecurities and jealousy take control of your relationship. Because when insecurities get nourished, relationships become poisoned.

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