Do You Believe Love Is A Mystery?

Mystery of Love

Love is a mystery at many stages of your relationship life. Parents marvel at the unconditional love they have for their child and the love they get in return. Pre-teens especially try to solve the mystery of why they have such new, strong feelings and how to catch the interest of another. From first love to spiritual love, it is a mystery that is not consistent. However, everyone seems to feel its effects.

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The Mystery Of Young Love

Young love is a mystery, especially to the youth that are figuring out their feelings for the first time as young adults. In their early years, toddlers and preschoolers are learning about the world around them. As school-age children, they gain knowledge and work on establishing connections to their life. However, by the time they reach their pre-teen years, they are discovering themselves in a new life. The journey into adulthood is a mystery because it is not concrete like many of their lessons in life.

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Also, no one has the same experience at the same time. Some youths develop crushes early on while others don’t make a connection until they are in high school. Young love can be fleeting or long-lasting. Either way, it is a mystery that everyone has to figure out on their own in the end.

young love

As much as their elders want to spare them the heartbreak or struggles, it is important that they find their way on their own. It is a mystery worth solving on their own as it will prepare them in their mature relationships later.

The Mystery Of Happily-Ever-After Love

It seems easy in the movies and books. It is that love that lasts forever and ever till death does you part. You know what it is and you know what it looks like, but do you know how to achieve it? That is the mystery of happily-ever-after love. It can be a combination of recognizing love with your brain as well as your heart.

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You may be compatible in many areas so that you get along, resolve conflict easily, and find common ground in interests and activities. On the emotional side, happily-ever-after love is the connection of hearts. It is the feeling that you never want to leave your partner’s side. You have visions of growing old together in some romantic way.

The mystery is finding the right combination of all of these things. You may be one of the many who believes that there is one person out there for everyone. With over seven billion people on the planet, it feels like a daunting task to achieve. On your quest, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your Prince Charming. If you are searching for perfect, you may wonder how you are going to find that person in your life. Some feel as if they fell into their lap while others question themselves with every relationship they enter.

The mystery may be that no one is perfect, but your relationship is as close to perfection as it may get. When you seek a relationship that works out in books and movies, try not to write your happy ending. Instead, follow it to your forever-after.

growing old together

The Mystery Of Eternal Love

The mystery of love is a complex subject, but the explanation is simple. When you look at love with your brain, you think about the emotion without feeling it. When you look at love with your heart, you are enveloped with the feeling and do not consider the logic behind all of it. Eternal love has no boundaries. While we seek the kind of love like happily-ever-after, eternal love cannot fully be understood until you have love that you can reflect on. This can be love for a parent, a child, a friend, or even a stranger.

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Eternal love can be romantic, but it can also be the spiritual love that transcends space and time. Have you ever been in a serious relationship that ended, but you still feel something for that person? It is not that you are compatible to continue the relationship, but you have developed the kind of love in which you still care for them for the rest of your lives. You may not want to marry your ex, but you take on a sense of happiness and joy when they have found their happiness. You also experience the sadness in their losses.

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Eternal love is a mystery because it can be the most challenging to find, but the most rewarding in the sense of peace that you have with other people. When you can feel the joy and the pain for others in a way that stays with you through the rest of your life, then you have solved the mystery of what eternal love is.

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