Does True Love Exist Or Is It Just A Fantasy?

True Love: Real or Fantasy?

Love is a four-letter word that comes with over a million definitions. It all points out to healing the whole of you and me. Yes, falling in love with someone is one of the undefined feelings in the world. This is what makes two different people stay up close and personal as husband and wife. In this heightened world, we’ve come to believe that love is just an imagination.

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Soap operas and Bollywood rom-coms have given us a chance to taste a reverie love. You know the one that you can’t live far from one another. With all sorts of definitions, love has made us live in a fantasy world, all thanks to romantic movies such as Loveshhuda. However, there is also an indelible truth that gives us a chance to believe that true love exists. Scroll further to understand more.

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*True love can briefly be defined as a great feeling that allows a person to put his partner’s interest first. It is when someone does anything just to see his or her significant other happy.*

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According to sources, it’s quite hard to explain true love. At times people think that it’s something visible while others assume that it has to be cultivated to the latter. Falling in love is like riding a rollercoaster that you don’t want to let go off.

Dopamine Can Lead You To Live In A Fantasy World

Dopamine is a form of chemical messenger that seems to control a person behavior. Have you ever craved for someone to love you? That’s the work of dopamine. In other words, it is an extra love and at the same time lust. It is an out of world attention that allows you to direct your feelings to one person.

Besides, it is an addiction molecule that you just can’t do without. I am talking about your lover and how much you love that person. In other words, dopamine can lead you to love one person not because you are madly in love but because your mind directs you to her or him. I hope you’ve got that right?

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We Live In A Dream And Not Reality

True love is worth an investment, so they say. When we live in a fantasy world, we deprive ourselves of what’s real. As a result, we tend to interchange our reality with something that doesn’t seem to exist. We thirst for more pleasure other than true love that doesn’t hurt nor boast. In the end, we are left with nothing else rather than disappointments and resentment.

Tons of people start a new relationship with upbeat souls that they almost forget what they want in the end. I know there are lots of expectations that we seek from each other-a wide array of love and affection. At the end of it all, heartache will follow you like a river since both of you didn’t focus on what you want at first. Just like food, romance makes us go haywire.

Love Isn’t All About A Glass Of Lemonade

Love can be as sweet as lemonade but also as sour as lemon itself. Either way, you have to stay in a balanced state or else fantasy will rule your love life. I know we all long to have that innate love that one will forever die for. As much as we may deny its existence, its presence is vividly seen in our dreams and reality.

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You don’t have to believe that love only exists in others, but you don’t seem to find it yourself. You don’t have to wait for others to convince you how we live in a fantasy world. Time will come where you feel like you want and treasure an alone time more. With all the negative thoughts, this isn’t considered as a fantasy. It’s now crystal clear that confidence will make you to believe that true love exists as long as you believe in it.

True Love Doesn’t Lie

As a couple, you are advised to take ample time to understand each other. But you both have to grasp that everyone has his or her downfall. When in a relationship, there is no doubt that you’ll come to lose your true self. If you often say to your partner “I love you” but you treat the person with less respect, you better grasp that you haven’t yet known your true-self. At times anger and life frustrations seem to rule us, but in the end, you have to take a chance to avoid further heartaches. Make sure your words match with your actions. That is the real definition of true love.

Living In Fantasy Equals To The World Of Happiness

I have come to believe that true love isn’t permanent. If you try to fall in love with a person, learn to show your real trait and not media personalities. When your life partner leaves you, it’s when you will realize that true love doesn’t exist. At this point, you will learn to cope with yourself believing that fantasy brings more happiness to the world. Once a problem sets in, you will understand that imaginations rule the world. It takes active partners to stay together during trying times.

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I Will Let You Decide On This One

You know that kind of feeling that will never go even when you have left your partner? That’s true love. As a side note, don’t ever wish that you will once find a picture-perfect partner. I am not talking about The Hollywoodland movie or He’s Just Not That into You film. Yes, they are epic movies but fantasies. So don’t depict your partner’s character with what you see either online or at the Box Office. Love indeed happens anywhere and at any time. You just have to ignore small faults and accept this person as yours and yours alone. If you do this, you will genuinely know when to find it and when you lose it. Don’t even think about looking for love, you won’t and will never find it.

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*You can’t live in a world of fantasy for long but true love will surpass all. Love is destined to stay and last for eternity rather than fantasy. In that tone, you can agree with me that there is no legit link between fantasy and true love. True love does exist and is vividly seen in all paths of life.*

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