Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility – Overview

In a Gemini Man Cancer Woman compatibility, the Cancer woman is known for her wonderful, caring qualities. On the other hand, the Gemini man will be drawn her. He will soon become very well aware of how well she can take care of him. The Gemini man is known for his rational and diverse interests. The Cancer woman is definitely lead by her heart and will be taken in with her intellectual Gemini man. She is ruled by her emotions and when she makes decisions it is based more on instinct than logic.

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The Gemini man will provide the Cancer woman with a lively and fun adventurous life that she would never have thought could be possible. The Cancer woman will in turn help him to face his emotions and learn to trust his instinct. Gemini Man Cancer Woman in love are both temperamental at times. Therefore, this will work for him as he will know when to back off from the Cancer woman and give her some space. She will find him understanding when he does this, and will draw her to him.

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There is a strong possibility of imbalance in this relationship. The Gemini man will always be a child at heart and the Cancer woman the mother. This could result in an emotionally dependent relationship without much affection between them. Resentment will definitely come next for them.

There will be times that the Cancer woman will grow weary with the Gemini man’s continuous youthful exuberance. She is looking for stability and security, and the Gemini man is not likely to be able to give that to her. He might just be being too busy to do so. Instead of seeing her need for stability, he will find her clingy and will speedily disentangle himself.

The Gemini man should be flattered that the Cancer woman is prepared to take the risk of loving him. Sadly it will probably never occur to him because he doesn’t understand any of her emotional needs. Gemini Man Cancer Woman compatibility allows them to be lovers. However, the Gemini man and Cancer woman will never be friends.

Compromise will be essential to them if they want to make their relationship work. The Cancer woman will not want to change her life course. The Gemini man will have to do the compromising more than anyone else. The success of the relationship will then rest on how in love the Gemini man is with his slightly stubborn Cancer woman. They can only hope that he does fall in love with the Cancer woman before her homeliness drives him to boredom.

Compatibility between the Gemini man and Cancer woman in love is really workable. This is as long as he remembers to give her the respect and love that she needs. It will try the patience of the Cancer woman when she has to continually be the adult in the relationship. The Cancer woman needs a companion that will provide her with consistent emotional security. It will need to be more than just surface level and will need to encompass her family as well. The Gemini man is too self-absorbed to be able to deliver this for her. The thought of being forced to interact with family and friends could make the Gemini man run in the opposite direction.

The Gemini man will love to send sexy texts to his Cancer woman regularly. He prefers it because it’s easier than showing up and having to make everyday conversation. He will drive her insane with his constant canceling or changing of plans at the last minute.

The Cancer woman is sensual and affectionate. He will respond with stimulating foreplay. The Gemini man is a master of disguise. If the Cancer woman needs passion he will more than oblige. Self-discovery will be a powerful Gemini man Cancer woman sexuality. This will be short lived, and the break-up, make-up sex will become predictable and distance them further. He much prefers phone sex than actual physical contact, but will do his duties when she needs them performed.

A Gemini man Cancer woman marriage would possibly work if the Cancer woman allows the Gemini man to have the freedom to explore when the temperament strikes. He is happy if the Cancer woman stays at home and looks after the children. She can also take care of all the mundane activities while he does all the running around. He will pop in when he is in the mood and she will have to obtain her companionship from her mother, her children and other relatives.


Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The Gemini man knows how to sweep a lady off her feet when he wants to. He can be the total romantic if it is required of him. It will be hard for the Cancer woman to resist his charms. The Gemini man will understand the moods of the Cancer woman, and she will find a kindred soul for her emotions.

The Cancer woman is intuitive, and the intelligent Gemini man will be attracted to that. He is generous with his time and attention, as long as she is not making demands on him.

If this Gemini Man Cancer Woman in love are willing to adapt to each other’s needs, they will be able to learn something new from each other. They will also grow as individuals. The Gemini man has no objection to the Cancer woman occasionally taking the lead in their love making. In fact he will welcome it.

Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility have very different priorities. For the Cancer woman her home and family are the most important to her. For the Gemini man his most important priority is to learn, explore and have great fun whilst doing so. This will lead to arguments about everyday matters.

The Cancer woman will need constant reassurance and physical contact to feel loved and cared for. The Gemini man is just not able to provide that for her. She is looking for security, and he is off looking for the next big adventure.

The interest the Gemini man has in the Cancer woman won’t last, as he is too distracted and generally gets itchy feet quite quickly. The Cancer woman can be smothering and possessive, and he changes his mind at the drop of a hat.

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Gemini Man Cancer Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When the Gemini man wants to attract a Cancer woman, he will need to find avenues to continuously assure her of his love. There are different ways that he can do this, possibly by promising to buy her a home at some stage in their future. She will want some action to back up what he says, so he will need to be careful what he promises her.

When a Cancer woman wants to get the attention of a Gemini man, she will have to use all her feminine attributes to attract, fascinate and keep him. She should definitely not wait on him, and should play hard to get. She needs to give the Gemini man enough free reign, so that he will want to return to her. Grateful for the space that she allows him.

This relationship between Gemini Man Cancer Woman compatibility is over when the Cancer woman gets her heart broken too many times. She will keep begging him to change and hoping that he will, but the Gemini man is not able to be the man that she needs.

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