Gemini Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

Gemini Man Taurus Woman Compatibility – Overview

In the Gemini man Taurus woman compatibility, the pair is better off as best friends than lovers. They do have shared strengths that will work well in a relationship between them. The Taurus woman will enjoy the patient Gemini man’s intellect, and he will help her loosen up and have some fun.

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The Gemini man will be enamored with the deep sensuality and clear thinking of the Taurus woman. She is looking for a life-long partnership, where she can feel safe and secure. The Gemini man is not a big thinker, so even though he is looking for the same thing, he might not even know it himself.

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The Taurus woman is a deep thinker and cautious when faced with any changes. The Gemini man is all about: fast thinking, fast action and fast just about anything!He is very chatty, and with his excellent communicative skills and relationship management he will win over any lady he sets his mind to.

The sensual Taurus woman will not stand a chance against his influential banter. The Taurus woman is dependable and will achieve everything she sets her mind to. She secretly craves romance and intimacy but is willing to sacrifice it for her relationship.

If there is to be any compatibility between this Gemini man Taurus woman relationship, they will need to overcome their speed differences.They will have to work on mutual respect for each other. This would enable them to overlook behavior that might break them if they focused on it.

The Gemini man has such positive energy that works really well with the secretive side of the Taurus woman. He has an enthusiastic appeal that draws in people. This will appeal to the aspirations of the ambitious Taurus woman.

The Gemini man is not the jealous type, but the Taurus woman has a deep seated jealousy. Jealousy and possessiveness will be one of the big stumbling blocks for Gemini man Taurus woman in love. The Gemini man with his joking and chatty nature loves to flirt. The Taurus woman has the assurance that he will never be unfaithful. The Taurus woman will not be comfortable at all in seeing him act that way. For her, it is disrespectful, even if he is only flirting in jest.

A Gemini man and Taurus woman friendship is perfect. He will get her out of her comfort zone. She will find herself doing something she has never envisaged she would do and then find herself laughing about her stubbornness after that.


The Taurus woman’s emotional nature will be suppressed in their courtship. The Gemini man is not very comfortable with the thought of settling down with the children, the dogs and the white picket fence in the front of their house. This could end the Gemini man and Taurus woman compatibility before it even has a chance to get started.

The Gemini man Taurus woman sex life will need some honest communication. The Taurus woman will have to reveal her more experimental desires. As a result, this will awaken the Gemini man in showing her how much he is eager to delight her. The Gemini man is unpredictable which will serve him well in the bedroom.

The Gemini man is versatile and likes to offer new ideas in their love making. He will probably suggest some sex toys to spice things up a bit. The Taurus woman can feign dislike to the ideas and gadgets. Therefore, he can be the bad boy who will seduce her.

The Gemini man is not the marrying kind. The Taurus woman needs someone who will appreciate her and provide her with a secure home and romantic relationship. If the Taurus woman can get the Gemini man to settle down, they are a good combination for marital bliss. Once the Gemini man Taurus woman marriage pulls through, they will need compromises for it to work.

Gemini Man Taurus Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The Gemini man loves to talk while the Taurus woman loves to listen. She is all about the planning and will happily take on the role of pace setter in their relationship. He doesn’t mind because his unfocused nature and energy will keep him spinning. The Gemini man will need someone to guide his efforts, and the Taurus woman is pleased to oblige.

The pragmatic Taurus woman is very patient. She will be able to adjust to the Gemini man’s changing moods. He is intelligent and resourceful, which will stimulate the lively and energetic mind of the Taurus woman. The Gemini man and Taurus woman soulmates are vibrant and intense which will bind them to each other.

There a good physical attraction involved in the Gemini man Taurus woman sexuality. This can result in their relationship being a fascinating and lengthy one.When they are with their friends, they will definitely be the life and soul of the party. They will have the most animated stories to tell that will change or lighten the mood.

Gemini Man Taurus Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The Gemini man will be light-hearted in his approach to their relationship. However, this will hurt the Taurus woman. Seemingly, she will feel that he is immature and not committed. The Taurus woman can be very stubborn and does not embrace change. The Gemini man is quick to alter course half way through most things. This is a disconnect that will keep them from bringing the Gemini man Taurus woman in love much irritation in their relationship.

To add on those, the Taurus woman is a true homebody and prefers to stay home. The Gemini man is all about fun and wants to go out, and party till the sun comes up. The Gemini man loves to spend money, not necessarily on gifts, but rather on possessions. On the other hand, The Taurus woman prefers to save her money, and she spends, would like some romantic trinkets. Neither will get what they want.

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In a Gemini man Taurus woman compatibility, personalities are completely different. She is down to earth and he is always planning the next adventure. The Gemini man is more casual in their love making. Thereore, he might not be as attentive to the Taurus woman’s needs.The Gemini man might find the Taurus woman boring in bed because she is more sensual than seductive. She seriously might not be into the antics he would like to try.

Gemini Man Taurus Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

In conclusion, when the Gemini man wants to catch the attention of the Taurus woman, he needs to show her his practical side. She will love that he can fix just about anything. He must be sure to remember her name.

Furthermore, he should never be late for any date with her. She is looking for a deep and substantial person to spend the rest of her life with. Therefore, he might have to dig deep to show her that side of him.

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Additionally, when the Taurus woman wants to attract a Gemini man, she just needs to let him be. She will need to remind him of any important dates in their Gemini man Taurus woman relationship. If she wants a gift, she will need to tell him the exact gift and remind him a week before to make sure she gets it.

Finally, she will have to be open to some exciting sexual explorations. The Gemini man Taurus woman break up when the Taurus woman is no longer interested in giving the Gemini man other chances. It suits Gemini man Taurus woman compatibility is best as friends and not lovers.

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