Leo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Leo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility: Overview

The faithful and steadfast Leo man will appreciate the gentle and romantic nature of the Cancer woman. She has the desire and ability to love and care for all his needs. When their Leo man Cancer woman compatibility relationship works well, he will boost her confidence and easy her concerns with his happy outlook on life.

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The patient Cancer woman will help the Leo man to value his feelings, and not to only focus on his ambition, but also his family.

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When out with friends, she will give him all the credit knowing that when they are alone, he is very appreciative of her. The Cancer woman will stroke the Leo man’s ego, which will keep him hooked. The generous Leo man will remember her actions, and spoil her accordingly.

The romantic Leo man dating Cancer woman will be so elated to have found someone who is worthy of his affections. He is steadfast and her thoughts and emotions are not inflexible.

The Leo man Cancer woman soulmates are very complementary and are able to learn a lot from each other. The strong Cancer woman will appreciate the integrity of the honest Cancer man. He will admire her nimble and sharp mind.

The complex Cancer woman is deep and instinctive, and the resolute Leo man might battle with her sensitive and unsteady personality. His steadfastness will be a base for her when she is feeling apprehensive. She knows that he will be her rock in times of trouble.

There will be times that the Leo man struggles to understand her ever changing moods. He will try and make her feel better. What she in fact needs is the time and space to work through her emotions. He will have to learn that she isn’t able to just shake off a bad mood.

The energetic Leo man loves to be out late with his friends; the homely Cancer woman would rather have a romantic evening at home. If there is no compromise between the Leo man Cancer woman in love, he will feel that she is putting an impediment to their relationship and she will believe that he is just too self-centered for her.

The Leo man Cancer woman love compatibility is mutually beneficial. The chivalrous Leo man and the feminine Cancer woman will be exceptionally patient and affectionate with each other. They present a united front and stand together during good and bad times.

This strengthens Leo man Cancer woman marriage compatibility and goes towards them becoming a strong and successful couple. Romance for the Leo man Cancer woman is beautifully orchestrated. He is old fashioned in that he enjoys open doors and fitting the bill for evenings out. She will be the demure lady that welcomes his attentive, romantic gestures. They are both loyal to each other, and this relationship can go the distance.

Leo man Cancer woman sexually are very in tune with each other. Theirs will be a steamy and fulfilling sex life for both of them. The animate Leo man will bring the passion and the soulful Cancer woman, the sensory connection. Even though their love making may at times be conventional, it will be a very fulfilling sexual relationship.

The Leo man Cancer woman lovebirds will connect on similar levels of fidelity, devotion and sensitivity. The passion that the Cancer woman is able to stimulate for the erotic Leo man is beyond his own imagination. There is a reassuring give and take between them, which leads them to make sure that both are able to enjoy their relationship to its fullest.


The Leo man Cancer woman marriage works well as they are both committed and loving within the family arrangement. There are clear lines as to who is in control of what and they take their responsibilities seriously, especially when they decide to have children.

Should the Cancer woman have a career, she is gifted to be able also to manage the family and ensure that their home is immaculately kept. The Leo man likes to be seen as successful so will relish in her fabulous abilities within their home.

Leo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

In the Leo man Cancer woman relationship, it is the Leo man who is in control, which he thoroughly enjoys. The strong Cancer woman is in support of him and gives him the backing that he needs. The Leo man’s is devotion is to his family and friends. This will extend to his partner as well, and she will feel nurtured and supported in a way that she could only dream about.

They will bring out the best in each other. The Leo man Cancer woman friendship will be steadfast and supportive. There is an unspoken connection between them and an understanding that they are far more resilient when they stand together.

The fiery temper of the Leo man swiftly comes to the fore and just as quickly he lends himself to forgive and forget. The sensitive Cancer woman is deeply hurt by his actions. When her tears result in understanding that she is in pain, he will try his best to make it up to her by whatever means possible.

Leo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The need of the Leo man to always be in charge could result in the Cancer woman feeling out of control on her own decisions. She does not want to be dominated but rather wants to be on an equal footing with him. If he is not willing to give up some of the control, she could become deeply hurt and in time he could lose her.

The shy Cancer woman is reserved than the loud and proud Leo man. When she feels left out of his troop of admirers, he will not react well to her saying so. His temper might flare, and she will be making a big deal out of nothing. She will look at him and feel that he is egotistical and aloof.

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The opinionated Leo man will not respond well to any of her emotional outbursts. The “drama” will be too much for him, and he will become frustrated and angry. His lack of compassion will cause her to withdraw, and he might not be able to console her.

Leo Man Cancer Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When the Leo man wants to attract a Cancer woman, he should pull out all the stops and romance her like never before. He can let his chivalry be on display, and she becomes someone else’s.

He should let her have an opinion on matters so that she feels as an equal partner in their Leo man and Cancer woman relationship. The Leo man can bring her flowers at undetermined intervals so as to not make the courtship predictable.

When the Cancer woman wants to get the attention of a Leo man, she should be the perfect audience to his need for attention. She should be genuine in her appreciation of his efforts and he will come back for more. She can be the epitome of a lady, and let him perform all the old-fashioned duties she only heard about from her mother.

The Leo man Cancer woman compatibility is over when their emotional issues become too much for each other. The gallant Leo will painstakingly explain why it’s over and provide support for the emotional Cancer woman. The sensitive Cancer will throw a few dishes and storm out not wanting to hear another word from him.

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