10 Little Things He Always Notices About You

10 Little Things He Always Notices About You

Women put a lot of effort into their looks, especially when going out with a guy. There are so many details about how women look and act without even realizing that someone is paying attention to it. It turns out. There is a lot of details guys notice about women. Here is a list of 10 little things that guys admitted to noticing in women.

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1. Wearing something just for him

Men might not notice every piece of your clothing, but they will certainly notice something you look truly wonderful in. When a guy compliments your clothing, he means it.

he loves you

2. New underwear

He might not notice every piece of your accessories or clothing. When it comes to underwear, guys will notice new pieces.

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3. New hair do

Although guys might not notice if you chop off the split ends of your hair, they will notice some radical changes. If you cut your hair short or dye it in a different color, he will see.

new hair style

4. Getting along with his friends

You might not like all or any of his buddies, but to impress a guy, every woman will certainly try to get along with his friends. They might seem to be caught up in watching a game on TV or just drinking beers, but your efforts will not go away unnoticed.

5. When you sense his mood

Women have naturally stronger instincts than men do. Men love when women can sense that they are having a bad day. Understanding his feelings and trying to make things better definitely warms his heart.

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6. Pretending to sleep

Some morning you just don’t want to get out of the bed. You would rather want to sleep in and cuddle. If you are trying to pretend you are still sleeping, he will surely notice it.

7. Remembering details about him

It is always nice to know that someone is paying attention to what you are saying. It is especially great if a woman surprises her man with something special he likes. Although men are not always great with remembering details, they will certainly appreciate that you do.

8. When he does something right

Men notice that special look you give them when they have done something right. It can be anything- from doing some small household chore to giving you the perfect gift. That smile together with the special look is all that matters.

9. When you get jealous

Guys rarely stop checking out other women, even if they are super into you. Or maybe his attractive colleague is flirting too much. Even if you try to stay cool and look like it is not bothering you, he will notice that it is. Most guys find it cute, and it proves to them how much you care.

10. When you hold his hand

It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do. Men love when you always find their hands. It is a representation of how close you are to each other. He will love that you are looking for his support and allow him to protect you.

couple holding hands


It is widely known that women are much better at noticing the details about their partner. But don’t dismiss your man, because he can surprise you too. These little things are essential to most guys. If he notices them, you can be sure he is really into you.

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