6 Reasons Why You Should Never Snoop At Your Partner’s Phone

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Snoop At Your Partner’s Phone

As I was growing up, I recalled one of my favorite teachers prophesies that technology would come to change our lives for the better. After coming to terms with what she meant, I unknowingly believed her statement. You know, the introduction of Internet Explorer and some Oregon Trail games blinded not only me but the world and beyond. Head over wheels; we enjoyed the later. Little did we know that the introduction of scientific applications will come to complicate our lives without a doubt? And one field seems to conquer with my assertion. It is nothing else than our relationships both at home and work.

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We are in a generation where online dating is more sumptuous, unlike offline dating. After all, we are all busy, huh! A hectic day filled with poking and snooping at our partner’s gadgets. As a result, lack of confidence and faithfulness is amiss between two lovebirds. To eschew this, you better read along.

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1. Technology Versus Tradition Mode Of Communication

It’s quite possible and also close to impossible to find your perfect fit in this heightened tech world. As we look back to the ancient days, people used to communicate either in person or arranged dates. Your personal life was based on what others knew about you. But we all have to embrace introduction of technology right? Whether in a good or bad way, there is no doubt that we have to accept that a digital world is a “teen” world. Anyway, what’s the point of snooping at your partner’s phone and for sure you know nothing good comes out of it?

*Oh! I snooped at my fiancé’s phone, and now I can sleep better without regrets or I Checked her phone, OMG! She’s is as clean as a new pin. Don’t get me wrong but the results will shock you.*

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2. A Little Glare Won’t Hurt

Back to the basics, I don’t know why we always try to find that “hidden truth” behind our partners back. For heaven’s sake, your partner knows that your whole life lies beneath that square box. It will NEVER be okay to whirl through your significant others texts, emails, and Facebook memes. It is like finding a plastered top secret diary. You know what I mean.

So, what if you’re bored and your wife has left her phone in the living room? Of course, it is unguarded, right? And you know her pin. In fact, you seem to have shared each other’s pins recently, and you don’t appear to have trust issues.

With a dunce soul you and euphoric glare you silently skim on her emails, recent calls, and private messages. Alas! The assumed stance is as compelling as watching a chipmunk taking a nap. The result is that you’ll gauge something that wasn’t meant for you in the first place. Take it or leave it, snooping or gazing at your partner’s phone is not bravely but lack confidence and trust in yourself.

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3. Curiosity Killed The Cat

As mentioned above, a painless press of a button can lead you to have a painful ordeal. There is no point of stalking someone on his or her only platforms. Nothing good will come out of it. At times, your partner might seem a little quirky by applauding inspiration memes.

Not to mention, he might want to please you on the other side, so he opted to have an intimate book on his phone. As the other partner, you’ll undoubtedly think that he is an untrustworthy being. Little do you know that he is doing it all for you. Allow me to say that our dearest phones are now defined as diaries for one’s weirdness. A little curiosity will take you to the latter of confusion.

4. Snooping Is An Addictive Journey

You can never cry over spilled milk, so they say. Snooping lowers suspicion and insecurity for a short period. After that, you will have the urge to reassure yourself that your spouse isn’t hiding anything. As a result, you will be forced to stalk him again without his consent. As time and weeks pass, you might find yourself making unreasonable excuses to invade his personal life. I have said it all; Snooping isn’t a walk in the park stratagem. On the other hand, learn to talk about your itching issue instead of tackling on your own.

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5. Learn To Have Boundaries

The key to a happy and blissful relation is trust and nothing else. It takes a lot of time to trust someone, but it can only take a minute to break someone’s faith and confidence in you. A strong union is worth than a million love songs. As much as you enjoy your privacy, you also need to respect your partners as well.

Invading in someone’s little life isn’t going to change your lives for the better. In fact, it will ruin that happy part of you. The end point is that you should always learn to respect each other’s boundaries hence embracing a solid foundation. From today henceforth both of you should say NO to Snooping.

6. The End Point

Truth be told, if your union seems to have grown stumbling blocks or you appear not to meet each other’s need, you better start to reignite your love. Having a strong and profound intimate conversation is the gateway to an everlasting relationship. Unromantic marriage equals to a monotonous relationship. Instead of leaving your partner with endless thoughts and questions in mind, you should also step in and fill the void. Besides, it is vital to know each other first regardless of your present state. The more you love one another, the easier it will be to meet one’s needs and wants. The end point is that nothing is as exclusive and personal as the privacy of someone’s phone. In fact, it is just but a symbol of communication.

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So, you better learn how to cope with the social media embarrassment and paranoia or better leave your partners phone alone. You are the judge, but let me be for once: You should NEVER, EVER snoop at your partner’s phone.

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