7 Ways To Keep Jealousy Out Of Relationships

7 Ways To Keep Jealousy Out Of Relationships

Jealousy can tear couples apart. In many cases, there is absolutely no reason to be jealous. Mostly this feeling comes from being insecure. For some people losing their partner can be the biggest fear.

1. Be Trusting

Just trusting your partner might seem obvious. But it is a good way to keep the jealousy out of your relationship. If you and your partner have committed to each other, you should not have any reasons to think otherwise. Remember that if your partner is lying to you, they are only making a fool out of themselves.

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If you continue to be jealous of your partner, it can become insulting to them. You are stating that you don’t trust them. It can drive your partner away and make them prove that you were not wrong. In the end, you might be right to be jealous, but what good it will bring you?

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2. Think Positively

You saw your boyfriend looking at another woman, or your girlfriend was talking way too much with one of her work buddies. In times like these people often start to have anxious thoughts. You might think that the other woman is prettier than you, or that guy is way more successful. Instead of being negative, think positively. Remind yourself that your partner loves you. You are sharing a wonderful relationship, and there are many reasons why you are together. Positive thinking will soon heal your insecurities.

3. Determine The Rules In Your Relationship

When you and your partner have dated for a while, it might be time to talk about the basic rules in your relationship. This talk is an awkward topic, but it is better to make sure you are on the same page. Maybe your partner wants to have an open relationship, but you don’t. Also, talk about what cheating means to you. People often have different beliefs, and it is better to know your rules before things get serious. It might turn out that you do have a reason to be jealous.

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4. Don’t Test Them

If you are feeling jealous and insecure, it can be very frustrating and damaging to your relationship. Sometimes people try to make themselves feel better by trying to make their partner jealous. This is not a good idea. Trying to make your partner jealous will only make things worse. If you both will start to resent each other, it is likely that the relationship will soon end.

5. Stop Imagining Things

On many occasions, jealousy comes from your imagination. Of course, sometimes you might have a rock-solid reason to be jealous. But in most cases, you will simply build up a possible scenario in your head. If your partner is working late, you might start to think they are with someone and possibly cheating.

This image will only make you feel angry. Your partner can sense your attitude and eventually it can lead to a fight. So if you don’t have a solid reason for being jealous, stop your imagination from running wild.

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6. Give Your Partner Some Space

If you are feeling jealous and overprotective of your spouse, it can drive them away from you. By trying to be close to them at all times, you will only make things worse. Your partner is not your possession, and they also need some time to themselves.

Even if you are feeling insecure, let your partner do what they want without judging them. Every person needs time to spend with their friends or alone. By denying this need, you will make your partner want to escape.

7. Be Proactive With Controlling Your Emotions

Your body reacts to your emotions. When you are feeling jealous and angry, your heart-rate will increase, you feel tense and clench your teeth. Write down these responses of your body in a notebook. Write down all of your emotions before you start acting on them. This will help you to feel calmer. Next day read through your notes, and you might find out that you had no reason to feel the way you did.

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