8 Questions To Ask Before You Live-In With Your Partner

8 Questions To Ask Before You Live-In With Your Partner

After spending a considerable amount of time together in a relationship, moving in to live with your partner seems to be the next logical step. A live-in relationship helps in strengthening a relationship as you get to spend more time with your partner even in your busy schedules and get to know them and their lifestyle quite well.

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It gives you a good preparation before marriage happens. But before you take the big plunge and decide to share living space with your partner, you must ask the following hard-hitting questions to yourself and to your partner which will further help you determine whether you’re ready to cohabitate or not:

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1. Why Do You Want To Live Together?

The first and foremost question that you should ask about is the purpose of deciding to live together. Couples decide to live together for a variety of reasons. For example, some couples move in together to overcome the problems caused due to long distance relationships. On the other hand, some of them want to share rent or wish to prepare themselves for marriage. You and your partner must find out the reason behind your decision to live together. This will make the other person’s intentions and expectations clear to you and will also help you start the new phase on the right note.

2. How Much Financially Stable Are You?

Monetary issues can become a bone of contention between two people, especially when they start living together. Before you start living together, it is crucial to underline how the two of you will manage your finances and the expenses. Living together is a significant milestone in any relationship and to cross this milestone successfully, it is important that both the persons in the relationship are financially stable. You must have secure jobs and should have saved up enough money for a rainy day.

It is essential to ensure that financial burdens will not fall on any one person. Once you have a clear idea about the financial condition of each person in the relationship, budgeting becomes easier, and you can split the expenses likewise. Moving in to live with a person who is jobless and doesn’t pay his/her rents on time will be a complete no-brainer. It might seem to be the right thing to do at the moment, but it will prove to be troublesome in the long run.

3. How Do You Deal With Arguments And Fights?

Arguments and fights are part and parcel of every relationship. But what matters is the way you and your partner handle those fights. Are you or your partner hell bent on winning every argument? This is not a positive sign, and the habit needs to be changed. Putting ego as the top priority will transform the relationship to be a toxic one, and break-up will become inevitable.

4. What Are Your Lifestyle Preferences?

Every individual leads a different kind of lifestyle. For example, some of us are early risers while others are night owls. Some like our places to be as clean as a whistle while others are not much into cleanliness and tidiness. If you and your partner have extremely opposite kind of lifestyles, it would be hard for both of you to adjust to each other. Blending the two contrasts will be challenging. Some of your habits may leave you in an awkward position in front of your partner. Discussing all such practices and preferences with your partner beforehand will prevent you from being in the pickle.

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5. What Are Your Eating Habits?

Can a hardcore non-vegetarian live in peace under the same roof with a pure vegan? The answer to this question can be quite tough. Food forms an integral part of our lives. When you start living in with your partner, you will not only be having meals together but may also have to cook those meals. If you are a person who cannot stand the sight of raw meat but have to cook it for the sake of your non-vegetarian partner, will you be able to do it comfortably?

6. Who Will Take Care Of The Daily Chores?

Are you the type of person who will rather sleep on a sofa than sweep beneath it? Household chores are a tedious task, and most of us keep finding excuses to avoid it. But the truth lies in the fact that no matter how much we hate doing the daily chores, we have to do it. There are some tasks that you like doing while there may be some that you hate to do. The same applies to your partner too. Have a frank discussion about who will be taking care of the daily chores or how the chores will be distributed.

7. How Will You Provide Personal Space To Each Other?

A bit of personal space is always necessary for a healthy relationship to last. When you are living apart, it is easier to enjoy alone time as you’re mostly living on your own. But when you move in to live with your partner, you may feel a lack of independence. Sometimes, your partner may eat into your personal space and may make you feel caged. Have a chat with your partner and figure out how the two of you will manage personal spaces in your relationship.

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8. What Will Happen If The Relationship Doesn’t Last?

What will happen to the place you are living in together? Will the two of you move out together or will one of you stay back? If someone stays back, who will it be? These questions might seem to be irrational and far-fetched thoughts, but discussing the worst situation beforehand can save you from facing a lot of emotional as well as financial breakdowns.

Before you decide to start living in with your partner, make sure that you both are on the same page. Moving to a new place is a messy and tiresome affair. Make it worth the time and efforts. If required, take the advice of a neutral third person such as a close friend, relative or a counselor.

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