8 Signs That Indicate Your Lover Is Playing Mind Games on You

8 Signs That Indicate Your Lover Is Playing Mind Games on You

Relationships are always filled with drama. If you are in a relationship that has been sailing smoothly all through, you need to be worried. Normally, it is natural for any relationship to be filled with drama. One of such dramas when courting each other is the aspect of mind games. Lovers tend to play mind games on each other for various reasons. There are those that would do this simply to get back at each other. On the contrary, some might play mind games just to be certain that they would be taking the right steps with you. This might not be a good thing for the relationship as it keeps both partners anxious on what could happen next.

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If you are already in a relationship with your lover and you are not sure about it, several signs will indicate they are playing games with you. These signs are helpful as they aid in better understanding whether to move on with your life or not. The saddest part of romantic relationships is that lovers keep each other waiting only to disappoint later on. It is for this reason that lovers would lament on the time they wasted hoping that they would settle down in future. Consequently, before you get yourself hurt, watch out for the following signs from your partner.

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1. The Fact That You Are Reading This Critique

The mere fact that you are going through this article implies that the mind games are already happening to you in your relationship. There could be certain convincing reasons why you tend to believe that they are only playing mind games on you. Well, if your guts keep telling you that your beau is not the person they seem to be, play your cards cautiously.

2. Makes Plans During Last Minute

You might have been through this a number of times. Perhaps your partner is the type that keeps calling you during last minute making arrangements that you should go out together. Well, think about it this way; you might not be their first choice. There is a high likelihood that his first choice failed him and therefore he has no other option but to ask you. An individual that is serious about you would make plans on Monday or Tuesday that you should hang out together on Friday evening. This gives both of you ample time to prepare. If he calls you Friday evening asking to take you out, this is a clear sign he is playing mind games on you.

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3. They Are Hot And Cold

Probably you want the best to happen in the relationship that you are involved in. However, the person that you expect to show their best are always hot and cold. Today, girlfriend is all over you. Tomorrow, they are cold. This leaves you with questions in mind on what they really want. Well, guess what, they don’t know what they want. This is another sign that you should move on with your life.

4. There Is No Future To Talk About

Once you date each other for a few months, the next thing that would be happening is that you would find yourself talking about the future. Certainly, this might not mean anything at first, but it simply gives you hope. It is natural just to focus on what might happen shortly. This could involve simple things like planning a hiking trip next month. If your partner lacks such kind of communication, rest assured that they are not serious with you. This means that they are just there for a short period before they leave. So, be careful.

5. You Are Working Extra Hard To Impress Them

It hurts when you keep chasing a bird that is in the air. This is because you will never get hold of it. They would simply keep flying and the next thing you realize is that you are standing on a cliff about to fall. Chasing your lover blindly with the hopes that they would love you back is the last thing you should be doing. Love is a two-way traffic. If they do not love you, accept it and move on. Do not waste your time and energy on someone that does not deserve it.

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6. A Relationship Without Friends

So, all this time you have been dating, you have been wondering whether your partner really has friends. If this is something you have been pondering about, please, it is time to pack your bags. Your lover is not interested in making you acquaintance with their close friends or relatives. If they were really proud of you, then they should have introduced you to their friends the second time you met. For that reason, a relationship that has been characterized with just the two of you in the picture, this is a red flag for you.

7. There Are No Social Connections Over The Internet

With the digitalized environment that we are living in, it is right that your partner also introduces you to their online world. What does this mean? You should be their friend first. Also, they should make it clear over social media that e.g. they are engaged, or in a serious relationship. There are those that would try to evade the subject when questioned. If this happens to you, chances are that they are only playing mind games on you.

8. Has The Habit Of Avoiding Texts And Ignores Incoming Calls

So, you are out having fun with your beau and when they are called they simply look at their phone and hits ignore or silent button. Well, this is a sign dear lovers. This is a sign that you should run away while you can. Your partner is simply ignoring someone that is dear to them. Have you thought of the fact that they could be ignoring their wife or girlfriend? Do not be fooled by actions that might seem petty and yet are weighty in your relationship.

All in all, finding one true love takes time. This calls for patience from both partners. If your partner plays mind games on you for the right reasons, just be patient with them. However, if this is something that they keep doing over the long haul, you need to run away without looking back. These are clear signs that they are not ready to settle down with you let alone make you their close partner. Be careful when choosing your lifetime partners out there. Watch out for these signs prior to settling down with anyone. Remember, for a happy relationship you need utmost honesty from your sweetheart.

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