Does It Hurt To Look?

Does It Hurt To Flirt When In A Relationship

When you walk down the street with your partner, do you wonder if he is looking at someone else? What about you? Do you feel guilty when you see another guy and start to admire his looks or his body?

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It is inevitable that we look at people every day. When riding public transportation or going out to a restaurant, people are looking at people. Sometimes people look to see if they recognize someone. Others are people-watchers by nature. But what happens when the reason for looking changes. Does it hurt your relationship when you are looking at someone else?

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It Hurts To Look

When you are already in a committed relationship, the way you look at other people can negatively affect what you have. A wandering eye leads to trouble. Is it because the grass is greener on the other side? Is it some kind of sign that there is not as much happiness or satisfaction in the current relationship?

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If you find out your partner is looking at other people, it may be a sign that they are not satisfied in the relationship. Does that reflect you? Maybe. Some people look because their partner does not hold their interest anymore.

Since attraction is partly physical, a wandering eye or a turn head can be a sign that their heart is not into you anymore. Yes it hurts. However, would you rather find out by the way they are looking at other people or when they start a new relationship and break up with you?

Your own eyes can hurt your relationship as well. The tables can turn, and you may find that you admire the way someone takes care of themselves. If you have already committed yourself to a relationship, then a look can hurt you and your partner.

There can be self-doubt, guilt, and negative feelings toward yourself or your partner. Are you looking because your partner no longer lives up to your expectations? So the question is, are you going to reassess your relationship and focus on what you have? Or is it time to move on?”

It Doesn’t Hurt To Look

If you and your mother were walking down the street and saw George Clooney, would you expect your mother to turn away? So what if she has been married for over 40 years. The fact is, people look at other people with appreciation.

What would happen if no one was allowed to view Michaelangelo’s “David” anymore because the men of the world felt like they were being compared to the perfect man unfairly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because there is physical beauty in the world, it doesn’t mean that it will divide a couple because one of them looks.

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Why is your partner with you? Because your partner fell in love with you. It could have been for your looks, but it could be that they enjoy the time they spend with you. Sure, they may see a woman walking by with a halter top and a mini skirt on. Ask them what they see.

Answers could range from “An outfit I never want my daughter to wear” to “More than the public eyes should ever have to witness.” An open conversation means that there is little to hide and a lot more opportunities to talk about likes and dislikes. When your mother turns to get a better look at George Clooney, your father may not be surprised. After their many years of marriage, they are stable in their relationship that an appreciative eye is not an unfaithful eye.

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The people who are hurt the most in a wandering eye are the ones who deal with self-doubt and low self-esteem. They can be highly suspicious of every move that their partner makes. Not only are they hurting themselves, but they are hurting the trust and love that their partner has for them. Communication is very important because it reduces the potential for doubt and relationship issues. It can make the difference between checking out another woman versus checking out the jacket a woman is wearing that would be a wonderful gift for you.

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