How To Bust The Top 10 Excuses For Turning Down Sex

How To Bust The Top 10 Excuses For Turning Down Sex

There are certain days when you or your partner may have some legit reason for not wanting to have sex. Fatigue, menstrual period, mood, appetite, low libido are the common excuses most people give for not wanting to copulate.

Here are some excuses and good ways to bust each:

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1. Bad Breath

It is great to kiss while having sex and some people just can’t stand bad breath. If your partner doesn’t want to have sex with you because they aren’t comfortable with your bad breath, then wash your teeth real good and probably chew gum with a nice flavor, definitely not coffee.

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2. Shaving

It is not pleasant having sex with someone with outgrown pubic hair and most times; we forget to shave or aren’t just used to shaving often. It is best to develop a habit of shaving the pubic hair weekly.

3. Orgasm

If they say, they have no orgasm, or are on low libido, touching them and kissing can help turn them on. You can also try things outside the bedroom more often, like on the couch, wall, in the kitchen.

4. Feeling Fat

This is a top excuse for ladies who are much obsessed with their bodies when they feel they are beginning to add more fat than a shed. When she says she doesn’t want to strip because she feels fat, just tell her how beautiful she is no matter what and that the fat thing is something inside her head, she’s perfect just this way.

5. Fatigue

This is probably the most occurring legitimate reason for turning down sex. Most times we work our ass off until we are exhausted and get home with one thought in our mind- a cold shower, dinner and good sleep. Sex doesn’t take much time away from sleep; it might even help you sleep better.

6. Unpleasant Mood

When people are depressed or are unhappy, sex may not interest them. You should help them feel better and trust you. You can also take them out to clear their mind.

7. Menstrual Periods

This really is a common excuse for girls, yeah girls not women, in turning men off. But having your period doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sex. What to do about this? If he’s really down for sex, then you can do it in the bath so the menstrual blood can be washed away whilst having sex and shower simultaneously.

8. Unattractive Underwear

If you don’t want to shag because you are not so proud of the bra or panties you have on, then you can tell him to close his eyes, same for men too. It is best to wear good underwear all times, and most especially when you know, you might want to have sex that day.

9. Smelly Underarm

Make sure to wash your underarms before going to bed with someone to prevent them from being turned off. There are positions during sex that involve contact with your underarm, and its stinking like a rotten egg could irritate and reduce the libido of your partner.

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10. Business

Sometimes, we come home with work from the office and let this keep us from having sex. It is not a cool excuse, as we should finish whatever work we have before bedtime.

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