8 Ways to Avoid The Greener Grass Syndrome In Your Love Life

8 Ways to Avoid The Greener Grass Syndrome in Your Love Life

I don’t know why people feast over this cliché that the grass is invariably greener on the other side. We’ve glorified the sentiment to the point of becoming our next of kin. The idea gives us a glimpse to praise what we don’t have. If you are in a long-term commitment, you feel trapped to the extent of searching for greener pastures.

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I know we all love to gaze at beautiful damsels and attractive macho. At times we wonder what it takes to be married to a well-known celebrity or a politician. These are some of the flighty dreams that make us devalue our partners. We always define our love lives as boring as compared to our friends. But what we don’t know is that they might go through the same thing.

As I begin, you have to understand that there’s no better relationship than the one you have right now. The end truth is that also the greener grass wants to be mowed and trimmed regularly. We all have stumbling blocks, and no one is perfect in this wild world of love. Don’t think about scanning for higher horizons and don’t compare your relationship to soap operas.

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*You might be going through a greener grass syndrome but other sites are also filled with dissatisfaction and stress. Eventually, you’ll start to look for something better. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s vital to seek restoration and forgiveness*.

1. Satisfaction

If you love your partner to the core, but you seem to dance over the rolling stone’s jingles, you are both in trouble. The most daunting task comes when you ignore each other’s wants and needs. There’s no doubt that you’ll both be suffering from a greener grass syndrome. I don’t know, but if your needs aren’t met, it can lead you to look for greener pastures.

It’s an abomination and unforgivable approach to cheat on your spouse. According to sources, you are destined to be comfortable with your one and all partner till death do you part. This means that you should be direct and content with your given mate.

The ideal and most comfortable way to get rid of the greener grass syndrome is to water and cultivate your relationship. If your union is flooded with the utmost satisfaction and applicable moves, the grass is destined to lush to the latter. No matter the current state, commit to your partner hence the flirty lady in your office won’t get any chance.

*“My wife or husband is always selfish,” you might say that again, but you know your state more than I do. I might probably know a little about your marriage, but I am assuming you married him/her for better or worse. Of course, both of you saw the need for staying together because of your innate qualities.

Not unless your spouse is abusing you emotionally or physically, you have to let go of the greener grass syndrome. Try to look for good and best side of your mate instead of faults. The more you meet his or her needs, the more your spouse will want to meet yours. So, it’s a tit for tat kind of game.*

2. Always Pay Attention to Your Spouse

My friend, Kyle had severe burns on her feet since she wore small sized shoes without her consent. She will forever thank her podiatrist for a job well done. Instead of wearing her standard size shoe, she wore sizable and comfortable shoes for her feet. Kyle didn’t realize that as she also grew, her feet widened a bit longer.

Her feet changed all over sudden, but she didn’t pay extreme attention. Allow me to ask when the last time you measured your union was? It’s quite easier to the triumph of how much you’ve done. But it’s also boring to stay in the same lane. As couples, you should learn to keep each other at a steady pace or else hell will break loose.

3. Fighting Isn’t an Option, but Compromise Is the Key

I know you feel like calling it quit due to exhaustion and desperation for love and affection. Before anything else give yourself time to heal and accept the new changes. You never know, but good things come to those who wait. If you feel like you are in your world, don’t run but employ communication and compromise.

If your wife is angry and selfish, then be the opposite of her. You can never pull apart two angry bulls when angered. Well, you can be a little jealous of him or her but accept to live with love and light. Be more than ready to accept your quibbles and ask for compromise. If need be, change your traits for the better.

You will eventually learn and admit that fight and blames will never work. On the other hand, more demands and commands will lead you to a pitfall. What works best is to surrender to one another. You don’t have to agree on everything, but be ready to reach at an agreeable end. Don’t forget to work as a team and not as an individual.

4. Notice His/her Presence

No matter what you do in your daily life, don’t forget to thank your partner for his/her presence. Above anything else, criticism isn’t allowed. Instead of piling up tons of blames and arguments, note down the good side of your spouse. If need be, write three best things that he or she does for you every day. It will help both of you to realize your full potential.

Writing a letter of gratitude won’t hurt a dime. It doesn’t matter if you won’t give it to him, what matter is that you’ll always honor your man. A simple note acts a daily reminder that welcomes you to another world of love and affection. In fact, you won’t bother about other people’s lives, as long you are both happy.

5. Have a Mentor

Yes, you might be a loving, caring and well-to-do family but as times passes love tends to wither. To avoid this and other repercussions it’s good to be on the safe side. In that tone, you have to find someone who will guide you in times of disagreements.

You can opt to spend time with your mentor hence strengthening your marriage to the core. You might have started to look for other greener sites, but your guide will shift your thinking in another direction.

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6. Intimacy

A union filled with affection and passion will lead you to a path of victory and not temptations. It is true that both men and women want to be loved to the brim but without intimacy, there’s no connection. An active sex life is as vital as your future. Have you ever heard of a couple who said that they want to divorce because of making out too often? Then, you’ve got the answer.

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7. Keep Close to Faithful Friends

If you want your union to flourish, don’t spend time with negative minded people. Yes, friends are better in time of troubles, but faithful ones and not vice versa. Don’t judge them but you’ll eventually follow their paths or end choices. If your ally’s trust that the grass isn’t greener on the other side, you are good to go.

But when tons of them choose to have an affair outside marriage, that’s a no-go zone. Also, don’t spend tons of time alone with the opposite sex, feelings will overtake you. It’s not that you don’t trust yourself, but mistakes are meant to happen. Be wise instead of crying over spilled milk.

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8. Value Each Other

A marriage that is built on trust will last for eternity. In that regard, you are both meant to spend maximum time together as well as acting as an open book. A better way to keep close is to share your social media password with your spouse. If you’ve got nothing to hide, feel free to share anything with your spouse. The habit will flow into your thoughts hence giving both of you an intact connection.

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As stated above, a relationship is like a green and beautiful grass that is always shiny thus the honeymoon phase. But as time passes by, the grass will start to wear out little by little. It doesn’t matter, but it needs to be maintained and trimmed to the latter. For this reason, the grass will forever be visible, all thanks to your nurture.

When in a relationship always hope for the best and don’t criticize. Your man won’t mind if you take him for an evening out or an adventure. Whether it’s a man or woman who flowers the first seeds, you’ll enjoy the harvest as ONE. It can be quite daunting to start but if both of you stay at a pause, who will play the next tempo? Food for thought.

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