Cancer Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

Cancer Man Gemini Woman Compatibility – Overview

The Cancer man will be drawn to the lively Gemini woman’s vivacious personality. He will find that she is a great listener and is always friendly to everyone she meets. The Gemini woman will immediately be attracted to his warm, nurturing and protective personality. It will be easy to see that there is initially an immense reciprocal attraction in the Cancer man Gemini woman compatibility. The issue comes with the Cancer man being strong willed and the Gemini woman is the other end of the scale in being inconsistent. If the Cancer man dating Aries woman relationship can accept the need for change, they will be able to lean on each other in support for whatever they have to deal with.

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Responsibility is not something that the Gemini woman wants to deal with. The Cancer man is steadfast and proud to be known as having a stable personality. The Gemini woman is very happy to let him go off and provide financially for them, but there will be times that the Cancer man will become annoyed with her extravagant expenditure and unreasonable thinking.

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The Gemini woman is popular and the Cancer man makes a good husband. She will find him to be reassuring and kind and she, in turn, will show him her extroverted and flirtatious nature. It would seem that they have a very romantic entanglement. The Cancer man is very cautious in his approach to relationships. He doesn’t play games. The restless Gemini woman will feel secure in his steady stream of attention.

Friends are very important to the Gemini woman, so their lives will always be a bustle of activity. Family is important to Cancer man Cancer woman soulmates. Accordingly, will form part of their social circles. The Gemini woman likes to keep things exciting and the Cancer man will bring the stability into their hectic and stimulating liaison.

In the Cancer man Gemini woman love compatibility connection, they are happy to share small talk with each other. They love social media and will love to keep themselves busy chatting to each other and their friends in whatever way they can, during the course of each and everyday. The problem arises when the flirtatious nature of the Gemini woman bothers the possessive Cancer man. He will not be tolerant of her behaviour and she will be offended and hurt by his temper.

Financially, the Cancer man is always making plans for the future. He wants to ensure that he is constantly able to support the Cancer man Gemini woman relationship. The Gemini woman, on the other hand, relies on her wit and charm, thinking that somehow she will get through, no matter what! She will start to feel stifled and on the edge when the Cancer man and she argue over her expenditure and their finances.

Cancer man Gemini woman compatibility is flaky at best. Their family life compatibility is extremely uncertain. Although they have very little in common, their relationship will be filled with romantic gestures. Their personalities are so different that neither of them will be secure in knowing what they will be dealing with each other on a daily basis. The Gemini woman is there to keep things interesting and loyal Cancer man is happy to go along with her. He is so smitten with her that he is able to look passed her flighty personality. His charm will ensure that she quickly forgets what he did to upset her.

Cancer man Gemini woman sex will be adventurous but it might not be enough to make their relationship work. Their passion is superficial as neither are the slightest bit jealous or possessive. Their emotions will not ever be seen as anything but candid. The Gemini woman loves to flirt and the Cancer man is more than happy to respond with the right amount of encouragement. If the Cancer man Aries woman friendship connection is able to last for some time, the familiarity will result in them knowing what works for the other.

Equally, Cancer man Gemini woman marriage will be without weighty psychological issues. Career strategies and emotional drama will not feature in this union. The focus is on their home life and ensuring it is happy all round. They will love their children and will plan interesting and exciting family holidays. The Cancer man will take the lead in running the home.


Cancer Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The Cancer man is seen as valiant and decorous by the Gemini woman. Consequently, she is drawn to his idealistic and sensitive side. He knows how to treat her like a lady, and she will respond accordingly.

The Gemini woman in the Cancer man Gemini woman relationship loves adventure. The Cancer man knows how to construct the right scenarios to keep her satisfied. He goes along with whatever the Gemini woman wants to do. The Cancer man knows very well how to make the Gemini woman feel like a goddess and she will feel loved by his attention.

When the Cancer man compliments the Gemini woman, they are said with genuine endearment and integrity for her. She knows exactly how he genuinely feels which also works best for the Cancer man Gemini woman in bed.

Cancer Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The Cancer man can be moody, especially when he is feeling insecure. The constant changes of direction from the Gemini woman will make him wonder if she can stay the course in their Cancer man and Gemini woman relationship. Should the Gemini woman have something more interesting in her mind, she won’t pay attention to what the Cancer man has to say.

The Gemini woman loves to be adventurous and wants to be off exploring new opportunities. The Cancer man prefers to journey together and is not as open-minded as her. When he tries to hold her back, it will result in her questioning his devotion. Worst case scenario it will end with the Cancer man withdrawing into himself to lament the loss of his Gemini woman.

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The secure and responsible Cancer man wants to settle down, have the house and children and white picket fence. Family will always be first in his life. The reckless and adventurous Gemini woman is irresponsible especially with anything she doesn’t feel the need to do. Her family life will suffer most, and she will find him to be dull and tedious.

Cancer Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

For the Cancer man Gemini woman in love to thrive, he needs to add variation into the mix. He should be attentive when she talks and should ask her questions to show that he is paying attention. Conversations between them should not too weighty or he will lose her. When taking her out on dates, he should ensure that he plans something different and exciting each time.

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When the Gemini woman wants to get the attention of the Cancer man, she should laugh at his humor. She might have heard his jokes before, but she should still give him her rapt attention. She will be able to see who he really is if she is attentive to his quirky humor and grasps his social skills. Gemini woman should show him her fun side, and he will be smitten by her.

Cancer man Gemini woman compatibility is over when the Gemini woman is no longer interested in dealing with the Cancer man’s insecurities. It will be a messy end, and the Cancer man will anticipate the Gemini woman coming back to him, but she won’t give him a second glance.

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