Gemini Woman Cancer Man Compatibility

Gemini Woman Cancer Man Compatibility: Overview

The Gemini woman Cancer man compatibility results to an unsteady match. They show some promise, but a lot of it is outweighed by their difference in values. The Gemini woman has a thirst for knowledge. She also has an underlying need to understand the environment and people that surround her. She loves understanding anything and everything, so may ask a lot of questions and appear nosy.

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This is only simple curiosity, as she loves to know everything she possibly can. The Gemini woman seeks out adventure and challenge, almost as much as her Aries counterpart. She actively looks for things that will challenge her mind and body, often one for a change of scenery. The Gemini woman hates being tied down and stuck in the same place. She would much prefer to travel and meet new people than stay at home. She is far from a homebody and is hard to stay in a long-term relationship with.

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The Gemini woman likes to be able to spread her wings, especially when it comes to relationships. Feeling as if she is trapped is the worst thing that could happen to a Gemini woman. She will soon find a way to escape and never see her partner again. When she feels trapped, she may also be prone to reckless behavior, including cheating, in an attempt to set herself free.

She is not perfect for anybody looking to settle down and lead a quiet life, but if you are somebody who can keep up with her ever-changing personality and wit, she may be the one for you.

The Cancer man is very true to his zodiac sign (the crab), with a hard outer shell and a fragile inside. He is prone to being very defensive when faced with confrontation, and he will rarely open up to anybody. If he is offended, he will not lose his temper. Instead, he will most likely sulk and become moody.

Within a Gemini woman Cancer man relationship, he may take a long time to allow himself to open himself up to his partner fully. He dislikes showing his true self as he sees it as weak, which will prevent him from being transparent as most people would be. However, when cracked, he is a very loving and emotional person. The Cancer man puts a lot of value on his relationship, and he is a devoted partner. He will love his significant other with all of his heart and treat her to lavish gifts.

Gemini woman Cancer man dating struggle with trust, which is another contributing factor to his hard outer shell. He would much rather keep the same circle of friends throughout his entire life than learn to trust somebody new. He is possessive, especially of his partner, and may sometimes appear to be jealous.

This is because once he has opened himself up to somebody, he expects them to stay in his life for a very long time. They are very much the “knight in shining armor” type, making them perfect for anyone dreaming of being a Disney princess.


The Gemini woman tends to enjoy flying the nest, while the Cancer man needs somebody who can provide a stable and steady home. He needs somebody who can be there for him for him to open up emotionally, which a Gemini woman cannot offer him. However, the Gemini woman Cancer man lovebirds do have things to teach each other so that a positive aspect may come from this relationship eventually.

Gemini Woman Cancer Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

The Gemini woman has no limits when it comes to who she can chat with. She will strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone, which will make her Cancer man feel relieved that he doesn’t have to say much to say a lot.

The Gemini woman is very perceptive so that she will understand her Cancer man’s few words as a whole paragraph. In return, he will put her at ease, and she will feel comfortable enough to open herself up to him emotionally. She is not an emotional person at all, so this is very significant.

The Gemini woman Cancer man couple will be able to provide each other with the right amounts of emotional support. The emotional support will benefit their relationship greatly. This emotional bond that they may build is a great gateway for building more trust too, despite the Gemini woman’s independent nature. She will not have had a close emotional bond with many people before. The Cancer man’s depth and understanding of her will put her at ease.

If the Cancer man is willing to branch out and try new things, the Gemini woman Cancer man could find a lot of activities they enjoy doing together. He may struggle at first, but with small steps, he will learn to put himself outside of his comfort zone. This will mean that the Gemini woman Cancer man soulmates can strengthen their bond by spending time together. They will learn a lot about each other in the process.

Gemini Woman Cancer Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

The Gemini woman Cancer man in love may struggle sexually. This is because of her flighty nature and his love of their home. A Cancer man would love to stay at home having Gemini woman Cancer man sex all day. On the other hand, the Gemini woman wants to be having crazy sexual experiences in every place imaginable.

The Cancer man will also struggle to open up when explaining what he wants from his partner. When he does not get what he wants he will sulk. This is a tough cycle to break out of, so he needs somebody who can relax him and allow him to open up. Sadly the Gemini woman is not the one to do this, as she would rather move onto somebody easier than giving the Cancer man the patience and care he needs.

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The Gemini woman Cancer man in an affair have different sexual tastes. They may struggle to find a good balance. The Cancer man will be uncomfortable with the Gemini woman’s exotic tastes. Whereas she will become easily tired of his sensual preferences.

Another problem that this Gemini woman Cancer man relationship may have to face is the Gemini woman’s need for independence. She is not often able to stay in one place. The Gemini woman also doesn’t have the patience to be with one person for a long time. She likes challenges and enjoys being able to do as she wishes. For the needy Cancer man, this is his worst nightmare. He needs patience and stability, somebody who will stay at home with him and talk for hours.

While the Gemini woman is chatty, she prefers to speak about trivial things such as television, instead of her partner’s deep-seated emotional issues. The Gemini woman is likely to go out and cheat on her partner in an attempt to regain her independence.

Gemini Woman Cancer Man Compatibility: Conclusion

Although the Gemini woman and Cancer man relationship has the potential for a strong emotional bond, a hurdle may occur when it comes to the Gemini woman’s attention span. She can talk for hours, but can only listen for a certain amount of time. This is likely to make the Cancer man feel pushed out and lonely. In turn, this will further worsen their trust issues, as the Cancer man feels like he cannot talk to his Gemini woman.

The Gemini woman may struggle when it comes to settling down, which is the underlying cause of any Gemini woman Cancer man compatibility relationship problems that they go through This is not necessarily a bad thing, as other signs will see this as a positive trait in a partner. However, for the Cancer man, this is not exactly ideal. He needs somebody who can provide him with a relaxed and open environment that is guaranteed to last. A Gemini woman cannot give him that.

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