Leo Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Leo Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility: Overview

The Leo man Capricorn woman compatibility attraction is not noticeable at first. He is always wanting to be the center of attention and needs to be adored, whereas she will not be very impressed with his showy and ostentatious behavior. She has an air of authority and does not like drawing attention to herself, so will avoid being drawn into his circle of attention.

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They will start out with a Leo man Capricorn woman friendship and will eventually be attracted to each by their mutual love of power. Their initiating of a relationship will not be a quick decision, but rather a slow process during which the Leo man will realize that the Capricorn can be quite exciting under her mundane exterior.

She, in turn, will see the sensitive heart he hides from the world. The Leo man Capricorn woman in love share common goals and will find that their moral compass will keep them on a straight path in reaching them.

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The Leo man and the Capricorn woman are honestly concerned with ensuring a positive public appearance. Dignity and responsibility are very important to them. They want others to admire them, and generally, they do. The Leo man and Capricorn woman aspire to enjoy and own luxurious things in life. They will work really hard for the things that they want to surround themselves with.

The Leo man and Capricorn woman aspire to enjoy and own luxurious things in life. They will work really hard for the things that they want to surround themselves with.

The unconventional Leo man dating Capricorn woman has the ability to teach her how to enjoy life to the full and that risk taking is not something she needs to be averse to. She, in turn, will show him how to reflect and plan and what he can do to make his dreams a reality.

The Leo man Capricorn woman couple is proud to attain a positive standing in the community and all that they contribute to making their family and home a success.

Leo man Capricorn woman soulmates are able to achieve so much more. Status and a certain lifestyle are only achieved by the hard work they are both prepared to put in. Material success is sure to follow in their relationship path. They need to be cautious that their material accomplishment does not come at a steep price, which could be their being in love and spending quality time together.

The tempestuous Leo man will find it very stressful to deal with the emotional Capricorn woman when she goes through one of her depressive phases. When she has a line of sight of his fiery temper, it will hurt her beyond repair. Once their bubble has burst, it might never be able to be repaired.

Leo man Capricorn woman love compatibility requires them to understand the qualities each one has that complement their own. They have an ability for rational thinking and deep concern for each other through their disagreements.

The Leo man Capricorn woman seem to have it all and are viewed as the perfect power couple. In reality, they could end up living separate lives within the same house, passing each other like ships in the dark. Their emotional distance and lack of time for each other could put their compatibility at risk.

Romance for the Leo man Capricorn woman is done with the utmost dignity. The generous Leo man will be tasteful in his gift giving. They pride themselves on loyalty, and their love will keep them balanced. They will always have arguments over money as the Capricorn woman wants to save her money and the Leo man loves to spend lavishly.


Passion for them is an unexpected but delightful experience, and increases as the respect between them grows. Their commitment to each other is the result of time spent ensuring their emotions are given at just the right time to ensure maximum effect.

Leo man Capricorn woman sex will be very interesting. It will more of a formal and inhibited affair, but this adds to the eroticism of their relationship. The Capricorn woman will aid him to relax and her inner sensuality will be discovered by the strong Leo man. His raw desire and her depth will bring about a vigorous sexual entanglement.

Leo man Capricorn woman marriage will be successful due to their shared principles. The conservative nature of the Leo man and Capricorn woman will mean that they are inclined to support the idea of marriage. Her expectations will be that he ensure she has a comfortable home and items to make her feel secure. He will be happy to provide for his family.

Leo Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The homely Capricorn woman prefers intimate get-togethers, and the extrovert Leo man loves to be the center of attention. When his intrigue gets the better of him, and he makes a move to get to know her more, he will find underneath her gentle strength, is a great conversationalist. His larger than life exterior hides a mutual ambition and his drive for success will have her hooked.

She matches his intensity for success. The Leo man addresses everything in his life at a fast pace whereas the Capricorn woman prefers a slow and steady pace. She strives to have the finer things in life, and the Leo man shares her desires. Together they can be a powerful team.

If the Leo man and Capricorn woman couple are able to relinquish some control and focus on common goals, they will be the powerhouse for ages to come. They will work hard to make sure the relationship is successful and should it end, will ensure it is done cordially. Even though neither of them would possible would want an amicable end; they will still detangle with dignity.

Leo Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The Leo man’s need for continuous admiration and devotion will result in him thinking the Capricorn woman is cold and distant during their love making. Especially because she really does not have time for this ridiculous behavior. He will be deeply offended when she does not stroke his ego as he would like her too.

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Their need to always be in control and their stubborn personalities will result in neither wanting to back down when they fight. This will result in either fighting for extended periods or periods of silence as they work through what just happened.

Leo Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When a Leo man wants to get the attention of the Capricorn woman, he should convince her that he is loyal and dependable. He needs to organize himself and arrive early for their dates. The Leo man can have an intelligent conversation with her father. He should make sure that when picking her up, his car is clean inside and out.

A Capricorn woman wants to attract a Leo man when reserved and playing hard to get. He is probably a little bit beneath her so that she can cash in on that. He will want to take advantage of her knowledge, so she can make him work to get her attention.

The Leo man Capricorn woman compatibility relationship is over when maybe it never got off the ground in the first place. They will take a lot of work to get things going and might give up before it gets to a level of seriousness. If they manage to last for some time, the Leo man unpacks their relationship into neat packages, and they will both walk away with a bit of wounded pride.

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