Leo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Leo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Overview

The Leo man Aquarius woman compatibility leads to immediate intrigue by each other. His imagination is peaked by her mysteriousness and creative ideas. What more could the Leo man want than a partner that not only pays attention when he speaks but is engaging and friendly. The Aquarius woman notices his need for adoration and equates it to living in the moment, and is drawn to him.

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They say opposites attract, and the Leo man Aquarius woman in love make for an explosive combination. They have met their match, which in fact means that they are in for a bumpy ride. The Leo man is warm and loyal, while the Aquarius woman is heartless.

Her nonchalant approach to convention will throw the Leo man completely off his game. He will be fascinated by her and will need to adapt to her way of thinking if there is any hope of this relationship surviving the first date.

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The relationship will start via Leo man Aquarius woman friendship. His love for adoration and the down to earth Aquarius woman are so very opposite in their needs for survival. She will become irritated with his constant need of having his ego stroked. The Aquarius woman won’t make time for it at all.

Leo man Aquarius woman do have a ton of energy between them. If she can avoid bruising his ego and he can try not to want to always be in control, they might just be able to get their relationship off the ground.

She will become irritated with his constant need of having his ego stroked, and won’t make time for it at all. The Leo man Aquarius woman soulmates do have a ton of energy between them. If she can avoid bruising his ego and he can try not to want to always be in control, they might just be able to get their relationship off the ground.

Their courtship will not be an easy one for the practical and studious Leo man. The Aquarius woman loves to mix things up a bit to see what happens, which will totally throw all his old fashioned planning out the window. To make matters worse, she does not want to be penned in. In fact, she wants all freedom to do as she pleases. His seemingly lack of control will be a source of frustration.

The Leo man Aquarius woman love compatibility is underpinned by their mutual humanitarian values but struggles with his possessiveness and jealousy. Freedom and control are one of the key elements that put this compatibility at risk. Neither of them will change their elementary characteristics for each other.

As opposites generally do, the Leo man Aquarius woman lovebirds are able to learn a lot from each other. If they choose to, is another story altogether. They will both be very difficult to live with but if they are able to find a shared passion or emotional connection they could overcome some of their differences. Mentally they are on the same wave length, but at times physically and emotionally they are worlds apart.

The Leo man’s romance will fall on deaf ears for the practical Aquarius woman. He will try to get her to show her romantic side, but she doesn’t have one, and he might not know that just yet. The Leo man will mistake her rebuff as a challenge, and his passion will be enflamed.

 The Leo man Aquarius woman sexually are slightly offbeat. He brings all the heat to their encounter, and she is probably off thinking about a hunger strike in a neighboring country. They can be very affectionate with each other, and their love making will be very playful.

Well, it would have to be as they don’t really agree on anything. The Leo man wants a warm and spiritual connection during their love making, and the Aquarius woman will be on a mental tangent looking for the visionary experience.

A Leo man Aquarius woman marriage is not a good idea. They will not be able to agree on enough issues to even set a wedding date.

Leo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The social Leo man Aquarius woman compatibility is evident from when they first meet each other. She will be working the room, and he will be in the center, lapping up all the attention. They are both extroverts and when they start a conversation, they might not stop for quite some time.

The Aquarius woman’s exuberance is what will first attract the Leo man. The Leo man Aquarius woman are both logical thinkers and the leadership qualities of the Leo man will result in him feeling his way is the right way. His confidence and her head of ideas will make for a good starting point.


She is attracted to his charm, and her unique perspective makes for very witty conversation. If they are able to agree on whose opinion is the correct one to follow, they will have a good relationship.

The visionary side of the Leo man dating Aquarius woman and her resourcefulness, bring together a couple that is able to discuss various topics.

He is creative and she is inventive. Together they can discuss how to solve all the world’s problems and agree on viable solutions. His generosity will be endless once he has committed to the Leo man Aquarius woman relationship.

Leo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

Initially, the Aquarius woman will start teasing the Leo man with mind games and spirited affection. His response to her will be immediate, and he will soon want to take it up a notch.

The intensity of his passion can be overwhelming as for her it is more of an intellectual experience than a carnal one. He will want to get things going, and she might want to take it slow.

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His constant need for attention will be a source of irritation to the Aquarius woman. She will find him arrogant and will respond in kind. Their arguments will last longer than it should. It will be up to her to back down to keep the peace. She won’t want to do that all the time, and it will break them apart.

They will need a lot of work to make the Leo man Aquarius woman relationship successful. When the Leo man tries to limit the freedom of the Aquarius woman she will back away and potentially move right out the door.

Leo Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When a Leo man wants to attract an Aquarius woman, he should tone down his need for adoration. He needs to let her have some freedom to be herself. The Leo man should not always insist that his way is the best way. Once he has her interest, it will be a challenge as to how he keeps her.

She is the flower child, and he can be demanding, so if he wants to have her in his life, he will need to find a balance between their very different personalities.

When an Aquarius woman wants to get the attention of a Leo man, she should not give in to his whimsical need for attention. This will be different to what he normally encounters and she will have his rapt attention. Her confidence in saying whatever is on her mind will be liberating for him. As he would never consider being so bold.

When the Leo man and Taurus woman relationship is over, it’s the Leo man’s need for self-gratification that he has become boring to the Aquarius woman. Her mental games are completely lost on him. Miscommunication about future plans and everything else will be the end for them. Neither of them will compromise as to what comes next. So they will both walk away and wish that the Leo man Aquarius woman compatibility never happened.

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