Leo Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

Leo Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Overview

The Leo man Gemini woman compatibility relationship is very lively, sociable and fun loving. They can enjoy a high spirited partnership. They will be good friends before the relationship becomes serious.

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The attraction between the Leo man and Gemini woman is quite obviously due to her socially easy, interesting and flirtatious nature. This attributes immediately catches his attention. His naturally authoritative personality and poise is seen and will grab her attention right away.

Both the Leo man and Gemini woman enjoy social gatherings. They love to have fun, and their friends will often seek them out. He has the reputation of wanting to be in the limelight. She will be drawn to it and enjoy entertaining him with her seemingly sunny disposition. Further, in their Leo man and Gemini woman relationship, the Leo man will realize that she is merely insincere in her speech. He will come to understand that she is only saying what she thinks he wants to hear.

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They have the propensity of having an awesome Leo man Gemini woman friendship. If they can meet in the middle, with him giving her the freedom to roam and she trying to slow down from her hectic pace, they can have an intensely passionate relationship.The fast paced Gemini woman might find the Leo man’s need for control, a bit tedious.

He is very much a gentleman which the Gemini woman might view as a bit old-fashioned. She is susceptible to flattery and will view his need to open doors and pay for their dates as pleasurable. Initially, the Leo man dating Gemini woman will be delighted to have such an outgoing, gorgeous partner at his side. But jealousy and resentment will soon follow when she outshines him in front of their friends.

The fun loving banter between the Leo man Gemini woman in love makes the thought of a serious and staid relationship completely out of them. There is the possibility that they may enjoy dating far more than the actual act of committing to each other. The commitment would come from Leo man Gemini woman marriage. They will be having so much fun clowning around with each other that outsiders might think they need to grow up and take their relationship seriously.

The Leo man Gemini woman love compatibility will suffer he becomes irritated with the unprecedented changes in her moods. He is not in favor of inconsistency, and she needs a flexible partner that will put up with her changeability.

Flirtation and jealousy can be one of the biggest issues for them. If they want to sustain their connection, they will need to communicate their feelings and intentions clearly to each other. Should the Gemini woman get bored and leave him, he will be devastated and heart broken by her departure.

With the Leo man’s fervent personality and his passion, he easily satisfies the Gemini woman’s imagination and sense of adventure. The Leo man Gemini woman sexually are a perfect match. Their love making will never become dull or boring. The romance between them is beautifully played out even though she experiences love from a spiritual level. For the Leo man, it’s all in the heat of the moment.

Sex will never be dull for the ardent Leo and interesting Gemini woman. It can go to extremes where it is either steaming hot, or just plain boring and routine. The intense chemistry between the Leo man Gemini woman will result in them being able to work out most of their problems. This would be by laughing at the silly stuff around them. The youthful energy between them can result in fun and enjoyable love making sessions. They will be energetic in their desire to please each other.


The Leo man Gemini woman marriage compatibility can be problematic when he wants to have children, and she is not concerned. Theirs will not be an easy marriage as they are both practical about their lives together. They will be able to sit down and address their problems openly. Hence finding a compromising solution that benefits both of them.

Leo Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The strong Leo man understands the whimsical Gemini woman’s need for spontaneity and excitement in their relationship. With love for her and all her needs, his patience leads him to want to develop their relationship. She will follow suit in support of him.

The successful Leo man is ambitious and generous with his money. The flighty Gemini woman is not concerned with the idea of a career. She will enjoy the indulgence that he is happy to provide for her. They can have a very comfortable and lavish life together.

The Leo man Gemini woman in love are a dynamic couple. They love to be the life and soul of the party. The couple always has fun when they are out together. Theirs will never be a dull relationship. People will look on and be envious of the obvious entertaining connection between them.

Leo Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The controlling Leo man will struggle with the strong Gemini woman needing to be in control of every situation. His temper will flair will he tries to take control, and she blocks him with her resilient personality.

The highly intelligent Gemini woman can match the tempestuous Leo man word for word in their disagreements. He enjoys the challenge but needs to win. She might make that impossible for him when it comes down to it. This will result in extended periods of shouting from the Leo man. The Gemini woman on the other hand silently sits and waits for him to finish.

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Spontaneity does not come naturally to the Leo man. The Gemini woman is hard work for any long term Leo man Gemini woman relationship. She is indecisive and flirtatious. It will be hard for him to find a happy medium of pleasing her. Because she often changes her mind as to what she wants.

Leo Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When the Leo man wants to get the attention of a Gemini woman, he should be nice to her family. Especially her brothers and sisters. He will need to be alert to keep up with her. The Leo man should add variety into their date nights. He ought to rather avoid mentioning any future plans just yet. He needs to elude to his reliability. She enjoys surprises, so he can do unexpected acts which will catch and keep her attention. He should find her trivial acts, humorous.

When a Gemini woman wants to attract a Leo man, she should avoid playing the victim. Her confidence will go down very well when they first meet. Her flirty personality will catch his attention. She should avoid being the center of attention. The Gemini woman should rather let him take that stage and be amazed at his ability to entice the crowd. The Gemini woman should let him be the gentleman that he loves to be.

A Leo man Gemini woman compatibility affair is over when they discover that they are just not suited very well. The Leo man is not flexible in his approach to her need for self-discovery. She wants to have fun and never settle down to a mundane existence. He will systematically work out all the details of their break up, which will frustrate her even more.

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