Pisces Man Leo Woman Compatibility

Pisces Man Leo Woman Compatibility: Overview

The Pisces man and Leo woman are both principled and sense that they have found a partner that is dependable. The Pisces man Aquarius woman compatibility is romantic and durable. She is assertive and will not hold back from making a move to engage with him. His slightly demure nature will find him standing off to the side scanning the room. The Leo woman enjoys being the centre of attention, and that is exactly where he will find her.

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The gentle Pisces man is easily wounded, and the protective nature of the Leo woman comes to the fore very effortlessly. Her caring nature will want to take care of him. She senses that her prerequisite for love and attention will be satisfied by the loving disposition of the Pisces man.

His compassion and resourcefulness and the artistic and liberal spirit of the Leo woman will create a delightful entanglement. Her vision and his devoutness will bind them into a truly matchless connection.

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The Pisces man Leo woman in love mutual love of imagining will work well to bind them to one another. They have the propensity to generate a lifelong romance that will weather any issues that might arise. Their relationship has the ability to go the distance.

The Pisces man Leo woman couple will discover an abundance of sentimentality and a wonderful idealistic outlook between them. The Pisces man will gladly accept all that the Leo woman brings to the relationship. She prefers being in control, and he will happily sit back and enjoy the ride. This will work for a while until the Leo woman becomes uninterested and the Pisces man starts to feel unfulfilled.

The Pisces man can be quite sensitive. The Leo woman is optimistic and fervent. When her fiery temper is unleashed, he will feel despondent and hurt. She might find it difficult to support him once he becomes upset by her anger.

Fortunately the Pisces man Leo woman have the ability to talk through their disagreements. This could potentially result in them being able to resolve things before it breaks them. Another issue that they might face is her need for social acceptance. She will want to flaunt her man to their friends, and he would prefer to be alone with her.

The Pisces man Leo woman friendship will be bonded by their ability and need to converse with each other. They share a whimsical and innocent aura that brings them closer to one another. When they initially begin to get to know each other, they will be totally enthralled and enchanted by the other.

Neither of them likes to play games, so the Pisces man Leo woman relationship will be taken seriously and worked hard at. With the commitment that they will share, they will be able to create a lasting relationship based on a solid platform of friendship.

The Pisces man Leo woman love compatibility will not be superficial. They will discover a deeper understanding of each other. Compromise comes easy to both of them, as they equally want this relationship to flourish.

His intuition and her faithful personalities is what will bind them to one another. At times she can seem a bit brash, but he is able to see passed her behaviour. When they disagree there will be a good understanding as to why and how to go about repairing things.

Passion for the Pisces man Leo woman soulmates is better than with any other couple. The Pisces man and Leo woman will rub off on each other to create a truly passionate engagement. She is eager to get things going, and he won’t restrain her in any way once they find their way into the bedroom.

Here lustful desire will be real and not a show to get his attention. Once the Pisces man realizes that he will embrace all that she has to offer. His sensual nature will want to take things a bit slowly, and they will need to agree on how things will progress.


The Pisces man Leo woman sex can be hot and sweaty for both of them. Their connection is sensual and private. His ability to understand all her needs will drive her insane with desire for him. She will discover a playmate that is able to predetermine what she needs and give it to her in spades. The passion this couple share will result in them feeling completely satisfied and safe within their rapport.

The Pisces man Leo woman marriage could potentially be the worst decision for them to agree on. When they are able to communicate and come up with a game plan, they are able to survive the hurdle of real life responsibilities. From a romance and sexual level they are perfect for each other. Neither of them are very good at keeping things together, which is where their union could begin to falter.

Should they decide to have children, it could be disastrous, unless their family steps in to try and help with things. Once again though, if they can come to the realization that things need to change, and compromise, this relationship could really go the distance.

Pisces Man Leo Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

With the confidence of the Leo woman in making the first move and her protective nature, the Pisces man will be hooked from the first encounter. He will be enamored by her charming nature that she bestows upon him. His attentive nature will be greatly appreciated and embraced. The Leo woman will love him like no other, and he will be totally enthralled by her affection.

The Pisces man does not like to be responsible for all the day to day things in a relationship. The Leo woman on the other hand prefers to be in control and manage the outcome of scenarios. This leads to comfortableness for him to bring his grandiose ideas to her for planning them to fruition.

Pisces Man Leo Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

When the Pisces man Leo woman find that they do not agree on fundamental issues, it could cause fiery arguments between them. He can be quite passive at times, and should he not get his own way will not want to endure her anger on a long term basis.

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The Pisces man prefers to be at home in a romantic setting, the Leo woman is full of passion and wants to be out there having some fun. She would prefer to be strutting her stuff, showing off her man. They seemingly are at different levels of the scale, which could lead to constant battles to getting their own way.

Pisces Man Leo Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When a Pisces man wants to attract a Leo woman, he should follow all the rules of engagement. He will come across as slightly aloof she will be enthralled and want to know him. When they meet up, she will want to do things differently, and he will need to go along at first. He needs to dig deep to find some fiery passion for keeping her entertained.

When a Leo woman wants to get the attention of a Pisces man, she should pay attention to how she is dressed. He loves a well-kept woman. When he collects her to go out, she should be ready on time and not keep him waiting.

The Pisces man Leo woman compatibility comes to an end when their disagreements are no longer easy to communicate or compromise over. They will mutually become tired of the constant battle of wills. This will not be an easy Pisces man Leo woman break-up, and neither of them will move on very quickly. Should they have had children, they will be bound to each other for the rest of their lives.

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