6 Tips To Dating Within Your Friends’ Circle

6 Tips To Dating Within Your Friends’ Circle

The dating game has always been involved with its ups and downs. Today, many people are afraid to date simply because they are afraid of getting hurt. This happens most of the time to the extent that some people decide to settle down with those they call friends. Undeniably, if you have a longtime friend and things have been great between the two of you, the chances are that they could be the right match for you.

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Your friend is a person that understands you. They know everything about you including your dirty little secrets. This means that when entering a relationship together, you would be doing it for the right reasons. In as much as this might sound exciting, there are disadvantages to it. Therefore, your friends and relatives might discourage you from the idea.

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One of the main reasons why they would discourage you is the fact that you would make things awkward in the friends’ circle you have. Think about the moment when things would not work out. There is a high probability that you would not be friends again. Certainly, one of you would be hurt terribly, and they might not accept you back. Consequently, before taking on this path, think twice.

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Bearing in mind that there is the good side of dating your friend, it could make sense just to settle down with them. The new adventure that you would be going into together would make the two of you happy. Remember, this is an individual that you have spent the rest of your life hanging together. This means that you know what makes them smile and what could raise their spirits high. The new adventure that you would be getting into is crossing the intimacy line. Thus, there is a good feeling that comes with the new experience.

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Similarly, you guys know the best and the worst sides of each other. Your bestie knows all there is to know about you. There is nothing that would surprise them about you. The good thing about this is that it skips the uncomfortable feeling that new lovers tend to feel when dating each other for the first time. Hence, you would easily open up to your friend without being judged.

Have you thought about the idea that you would not necessarily have to meet their parents? This is your friend that you have been together for five years or more. Maybe they have been around since your childhood years. Therefore, both your parents know each other very well. Moreover, they know the person that you are about to call your beau. This makes your relationship smooth right from the beginning.

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Considering the fact that relationships are always unpredictable, there are several tips that would guide you in dating your bestie.

1. Understand That Your Friend Is Closer To You Than Anybody Else

Truly, there is a huge dilemma in moving from the friends zone to courting each other. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that your friend is the closest person to you that can easily be your partner. Therefore, if you have been searching all this time for your one true love or that you have been stuck in the online dating sites, you might want to consider the possibilities of dating your bestie.

2. Develop Feelings Gradually

The notion that you plan to date your friend does not necessarily mean that they are aware of your intentions. This means that you need to first develop feelings towards your friend. This would give them time to digest whatever is going on between the two of you. Lashing out romantic words to your friend would only scare them away. Bear in mind that they only consider you as their friend. The last thing they need is to see your friendship breaking apart. Therefore, start by developing feelings that would change their perceptions towards you.

3. Moving Forward

So, you have developed these feelings that raise questions in your bestie’s mind. The next thing to do would be to move forward with the physical part of your relationship. Get physical. Hold hands if you must. If you are used to hugging your friend for one second, try and hold them tight for a minute or so. This is a step that builds a strong bond. You might not realize this but rest assured that your friend would also start developing romantic feelings towards you.

4. Forget About Your Crushes

All this time you have been friends together, chances are that you might have been talking about everything, including your crushes. Well, time to say goodbye to this conversation. If you are planning to turn your friend into your beau, avoid talking about other men or women. This will only discourage them from crossing the intimacy line with you. From this point onwards, you need to focus on the two of you. Therefore, if you must talk about love, talk about how you guys could make a great couple.

5. Talk About Your Preferences

The mere fact that you have been friends for five years does not mean that you should circumvent the step where you ask each other of your preferences. Romantically, your friend needs you to be at your best when dating them. Hence, it is imperative to get things right from the beginning. Do not hesitate to ask them about the foods they like or the type of movies they would want to watch. These small things contribute a lot to a successful relationship.

6. You Are Out Of The Friends-zone

Lastly, an important tip to always keep in mind is that you are out of the friends-zone. You guys are not friends any more. Get it clear in your mind that you are now dating each other. Consequently, act like lovers. Do not act as though you are still friends. This will only cause a further rift as you would only be confusing each other. Make your intentions clearer as time goes by. Your bestie should dance to the romantic tune that you would be playing to them. All in all, dating your friend who is serious about you could be the best thing in your love life.

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