8 Tips To Stop Repeating Past Mistakes in Love

8 Tips To Stop Repeating Past Mistakes in Love

I have come to believe in this adage -“Fool me once, shame on you but Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me. I wonder if I deceive you thrice if I am an idiot of a sort. Anyway, life sucks just as much as love does. It is not easy to forgive someone. Yes, you can give up on so many things but when it comes to love, giving a second chance is applicable. However, if the person seems to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, exhaustion will degrade you. Just know that you aren’t alone in this.

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We are not perfect, but we also need to avoid further heartaches by doing what is right. You might part ways today and find yourself in another relationship. So, how will you let go of the past mistakes? You have to keep the fire burning. Trying to avoid past errors is the way to go.

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*I know some people hate long commitments and being faithful. If this is the case, you better learn to follow your lane. If you are ready to stay with an unreliable person, so be it. If not, try to find a loyal and understanding soulmate.*

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Why Men and Women Repeat Past Mistakes

The living souls tend thinking about things like, is it safe to repeat past mistakes? I think we should think like, does our relationship need this?

It’s frustrating when someone does the same thing over and over again. You can’t expect to have different results when all you do is to repeat past issues. I am always gobsmacked by what love has made us be. You might find yourself going back to your ex-partner after ending the relationship with undefined flames. Love is insane! And I can’t explain how someone can go back to live with haunted hurts.

It isn’t bad to know that you’ll one day have someone to cater to you in times of need. He or she will pick for you the pieces and start over. Either way, you never know if fate will repeat itself. It isn’t all about being rational or logical. We tend to believe that the person probably has changed for the better. So having a second thought isn’t part of our life. Huh! Yes, good days versus bad days, good days have it.

*It is not all worth it when someone thinks that a relationship will work out someday. “Time will come where I’ll look back and laugh about the past ordeals.” You’ll wait until the end of time. Honestly! It’s easier said than done.*

1. Employing Second Thoughts

Okay, you parted ways lately, and you have yet figured out why you are all by yourself. In other words, you aren’t in a position to state primary reasons why you parted ways. If this is the case, you are on your way to make the same mistakes. Ask yourself; is it you who chose the wrong spouse or are you hiding your real traits? Try being specific at all cost. Trust yourself and identify several pitfalls that made you to stumble. You never know, you may find important reasons which will, in turn, make you to have a blissful union.

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2. Listen to Your Mentors

It can be that you hate to talk about your issues with your family or close friend. If this is the case, seeing the highway will be your graded course. At times it’s advised to listen to others people’s opinions. They might tend to see or view things in a different way. If need be, keep asking tons of questions, and you’ll find answers. Rethink on their end thoughts and don’t get offended.

On the other hand, it’s crucial to learn from your past mistakes. If it’s your fiancé’s faults, you need to gauge on yourself too. You never know, your mistakes and mood swings might have led to your sudden breakup. Right from the start, try to grasp that everyone has his or her flaws. So, try to scrutinize the role you played either in your marriage or past relationship. First, point out the mistakes and understand what made you act in that manner.

3. Change Is Inevitable

To have a happy relationship, you MUST be open to change. If you are not willing to move a step further, your past blunders will haunt you. To get rid of that stumbling block – Sit down, relax, re-evaluate, seek compromise and develop.

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4. Work On Your Past Mistakes

Your issues are too daunting to handle. When you believe the said statement, you’ll keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over. So, what if you had parted ways because of money? Seek immediate help first. If you’ve been affected and surrounded with debts, deal with the monster there and then. To do this, seek immediate help from financial consultants and so forth. Also, try to think how to employ other alternatives.

5. Try to Look Back Into Your Love Life

As far as your childhood life is concerned, it also plays a significant role in your today life. If you like to please others, then you’d probably fall in love with an out of will person. How about your parent’s relationship? Try to see if your parent’s relationship background has impacted you in the right or wrong way.

6. Don’t Believe in Fairy Tales

It’s good to sift through your expectations when it comes to your relationship. If it’s about an intimate life, the reality is that you can control your feelings. But don’t think that your partner can because you are capable of doing something. So, don’t ever believe in having a perfect lover.

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7. Have Common Values

Before getting into a lifetime commitment, make sure that you have a balanced trait. What am I saying? If he’s a moody person and you are a subtle and understanding woman, you are ready to go. Don’t get married because of beauty and all, have similar values.

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8. Is it Possible to Change?

I am not sure if it’s possible for someone to change drastically. Instead of looking at each other till dawn, let fate take its course. Learn to reflect on your relationship just the way you would love to mull over your life. It is painful to think about certain things, but this is the only way to gain sight.

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