Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man Compatibility – Overview

The Cancer woman Sagittarius man compatibility is difficult to succeed. The Cancer woman and Sagittarius man have many pros, but they also have enough cons to deem this match unsuccessful. It mostly comes down to the individual couple and how they handle each other’s little quirks.

The Cancer woman is perhaps the best sign of understanding other people’s emotions, especially when it comes to non-verbal communication. She can understand exactly how a person is feeling by their body language and facial expressions. Similarly, she doesn’t always feel the need for words.

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The Cancer woman is quite possibly the sign with the strongest resemblance to her zodiac animal, the crab. She possesses a cool and relaxed outer shell and an emotionally fragile interior. This shell is a defense tactic to protect her from prying eyes. Furthermore, she rarely shows her true self to anybody but her close friends. Opening up is tough for her. In fact, she prefers to stay within her shell.

Trusting people can be a hard pill for the Cancer woman to swallow. Equally, she hates the idea of this. She has some deep-seated trust issues. As a result, this becomes her very well known trait. One notable feature in Cancer women that show this is their lack of new friends. The Cancer woman will often choose to stick to the same friendship circle throughout her entire life. She never ventures out and meet new people. This is purely an attempt to avoid having to trust new people. She will always choose the few she already trusts.

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When it comes to a Cancer woman Sagittarius man dating, the Cancer woman’s trust issue may cause some problems. It could take her a significant amount of time to feel comfortable with a new partner, and she will need frequent long conversations before she can open up about herself. She needs patience and stability- only then will she feel comfortable enough with her partner.

The Sagittarius man has a thirst for adventure and is always on the move. Travelling new places is his passion, as he feels that discovering everything the world has to offer will enrich him in the long run. Adventure is the single most important thing in his life.

One of his core beliefs is that everybody should be forgiven, and will rarely hold grudges. He likes to allow things in his life to happen, and then move on from it. Dwelling on the past is not one of his favorite pastimes for sure. He is usually a very optimistic person and likes to see the positives in everything. His happy nature will draw people to him, and they will be pulled in by his charming ways. Every day presents something new and exciting for the Sagittarius man, and he will almost definitely want to explore all of the possibilities that day has to offer. He has a vibrant nature, and he is one of the most uncontainable free spirits.

Cancer woman Sagittarius man relationship is not his strong point. He loves the thrill of the chase, meeting new people, and seeing what every individual can offer him. This can mean that she prefers to have short-term flings with people, over long-term relationships. Binding him to one place can be damaging, so relationships can often make him unhappy. However, he is easily fooled into loving people, especially when they share his flighty nature. A woman interested in a Sagittarius man must be prepared to be constantly on the move, and stay by his side through every twist and turn he gets himself into.

The Cancer woman could struggle to understand the Sagittarius man, and vice versa. However, if they can deal with each other’s natural instincts and the Cancer woman Sagittarius man union may work.

Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

If this pair can build a good foundation of trust, their sex life could be incredibly good. The Cancer woman values stability, and rarely ventures outside of her comfort zone. Her Sagittarius man will add some spice to their sex life, and encourage her to step and experience things she could never have imagined by herself. The Cancer woman can bring the emotion to their Cancer woman Sagittarius man sex. On the other hand, the Sagittarius man will bring passion and warmth, encouraging the pair to have a highly sensual experience. Letting go of her uptight ways will be easy around a Sagittarius man, as he tends to relax everybody in his presence, and this will drastically improve their sexual experiences together.

The Cancer woman Sagittarius man pair certainly has no restrictions when it comes to communication. They both value knowledge, so they are always open to what the other has to say. Communication and sharing things in a relationship is essential, so this could help this partnership to stay afloat. The Cancer woman will feel especially pleasantly surprised. Considering that she usually has a lot of trouble opening up to people. The Sagittarius man’s relaxed nature will make her feel at ease, and increase her ability to show her true colors.

The Cancer woman will feel especially pleasantly surprised. Considering that she usually has a lot of trouble opening up to people. The Sagittarius man’s relaxed nature will make her feel at ease, and increase her ability to show her true colors. If the Cancer woman Sagittarius man have a mutual hobby, they will always be able to talk about anything. Eventually, this will do wonders for their relationship. This pair can speak through any relationship issue, which is a rare quality to find in most couples.

Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

This couple will rarely be attracted to each other, because of their general natures. The Cancer woman is attracted to stability, while the Sagittarius man is attracted to changeability. The Cancer woman Sagittarius man in love are looking for completely different things in a relationship, which could drastically affect their potential as a couple.

The key problem in this relationship is trust. Cancer women are already varied, weary people. Therefore, when this is combined with the flirty Sagittarius, this could be incredibly difficult to get over. The Sagittarius man needs to speak to as many people as possible and likes to showcase his flirting skills, even when in a relationship. His Cancer woman will become deeply hurt by this. In the end, he will find it very hard to stop. Trust is an incredibly important thing to have in any relationship. Hence, this could ruin a lot of the positive elements of this Cancer woman Sagittarius man compatibility.

Not only does the Sagittarius man’s changeable nature affect the trust within this relationship, but it also affects their emotional connection. His nature means that he will constantly fall in and out of love, running to and fro from the relationship. The pair will be unable to build a strong emotional connection because neither are sure when the other will be there, or when they will be left alone. The Cancer woman needs stability. Therefore, she won’t allow herself to build this Cancer woman Sagittarius man connection, knowing that she could be left alone at any minute.

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The Cancer woman Sagittarius man soulmates could also develop an annoyance for each other due to their habits. The Sagittarius man is constantly on the lookout for new things to be interested in. His attention changes with the direction of the wind and the Cancer woman can find this unbearable to see. However, she will appear to be a very long, drawn-out pause to the Sagittarius man, and he can see her as stationary and boring.

Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man Compatibility: Conclusion

This couple has a lot to learn from each other. If they can hurdle their issues, their Cancer woman Sagittarius man compatibility will work. The Sagittarius man should learn to slow down and gain some stability in life, while the Cancer woman should attempt to open herself up to new opportunities rather than being careful all of the time. This couple has a lot of potentials, and they should work on learning to love the pet peeves they have for each other.

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