Cancer Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility

Cancer Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility – Overview

A Cancer woman Aquarius man compatibility is likely to be a rocky one, and may not live up to expectations. They have been known to cause each other a lot of stress, and this is a red flag when it comes to potential relationships.

The Cancer woman bears a striking resemblance to her zodiac sign’s assigned animal, the crab. She has a cool, calm and collected outer appearance, much like a crab’s shell, with a soft and emotional interior. This interior is not shown to many people, as her defensive “shell” hides it. Being open does not come naturally to her, and she is very guarded. When it comes to showing her true colors, only a select few are lucky enough to see the emotional side of her.

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Trust is a particularly tough issue for the Cancer woman, and she rarely allows herself to place her trust in anybody at all. She sees this as putting herself in a vulnerable position, so prefers to keep her circle close. The Cancer woman is often noted to keep her circle of friends throughout her entire life. Even when in a Cancer woman Aquarius man courtship and refuse to meet other new people. This is an attempt to avoid having to place her fragile trust in new people. Her aim is to limit herself to trusting a certain number of people.

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When the potential for a new relationship arises, the Cancer woman is usually very guarded. She may not open herself up too quickly for a Cancer woman Aquarius man commitment. It will take a lot of time and bonding experiences for her to feel comfortable trusting a new partner. But, it is worth it eventually. She is highly emotional deep inside and will create a strong emotional bond with her partner. In a relationship, she is possibly the most loyal person one could meet, and she will stay by her partner’s side forever if given a chance.

The Cancer woman is possibly the best of the Cancer woman Aquarius man zodiac signs when it comes to reading other people. Because of her emotional nature, she sees a persons body language or facial expression. She will immediately know how the person is feeling. Non-verbal communication is easy for her, as she is a woman of few words.

An Aquarius man is perhaps the most intellectual of the Cancer woman Aquarius man zodiac signs. He seeks knowledge and information on any topic, and intellect is vital to him. His values lie in knowledge, and he hates to feel as if he may be ignorant of a matter. Constantly searching for new information will take up most of his time, and he has a slight tendency to look down on people he deems as “stupid.”

The Aquarius man does not let emotions cloud his judgment. He prides himself on the fact that he is very straight & narrow, barely straying from his set path. He values finesse and will strive for perfection in every situation. Rationality and sensibility are key things for the Aquarius man to lead his life comfortably, and he actively avoids anything that is too extreme.

Other than viewing people as ignorant, he tries to avoid judging people. He thinks that every human is equal, and deserves the same opportunities. Judging people is something that stops people from being equal. Equally, the Aquarius man believes that everybody should be able to do whatever makes them happy.

Intellect is the most attractive thing to an Aquarius man. He will always choose brains over looks, and if a woman can stimulate him mentally, she is a keeper. He enjoys long Cancer woman Aquarius man conversations. So, the Cancer woman must provide him with her wealth of accurate knowledge. He can struggle to communicate his emotions, so he needs a patient woman who can put him at ease.

This Cancer woman Aquarius man couple does not have a good outlook. They tend to clash in many ways and cause each other ridiculous amounts of stress. In general, they do not make for a perfect match, and there are very few pros to this relationship.

Cancer Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

The main pro when it comes to the Cancer woman Aquarius man relationship is the ability to communicate. The Aquarius man loves to share his wealth of knowledge and the Cancer woman is the perfect recipient for this. She soaks up everything he has to say, and truly values his opinions and intelligence. This is a redeeming feature that could save the relationship.


Every relationship must have excellent communication skills. It will help them to improve their bond and overcome problems they could face. The Cancer woman Aquarius man love compatibility does have one shared value which is knowledge. This will give them something to bond over, as they venture out for new information and enlightenment together.

Cancer Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

These Cancer woman Aquarius man signs cause each other a lot of stress, and they may not get on very well at all. The Cancer woman hates to feel rushed into anything, and she will immediately retract if she feels that her boundaries are being threatened. On the other hand, the Aquarius man is innovative and constantly wants to make a change. He may try to force his Cancer woman to do things she does not want to do in a forcible attempt to put her outside of her comfort zone. When she becomes sullen and distant, he will become annoyed with her, and the pair will cause each other a great deal of distress.

This is the case when it comes to Cancer woman Aquarius man sex. The Aquarius man has a lot of energy to use up, and the Cancer woman is not the ideal recipient of this. He may tend to be quite distant during sex, concentrating mostly on what he can learn about his methods. On the other hand, the Cancer woman only wants sex to be emotional. The Aquarius man is also very set in his ways, and he will struggle to make any change to be gentler to his Cancer woman.

Trust is also an issue for these Cancer woman Aquarius man soulmates. Unsurprisingly, the Aquarius man will put intense stress on the Cancer woman. As a result, she will withhold from telling her partner details about her life. Telling your partner day to day things should be common practice, but the Cancer woman will be too afraid of his aggression. She won’t trust him in return, and she will be overall dubious with everything he does or says.

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Another issue the couple may run into is their eventual goals for life. The Aquarius man loves to explore in an attempt to widen his knowledge of many subjects, while the Cancer woman tends to be very stationary and hates to move around too much. The Cancer woman Aquarius man pair will not have a way to move forward together, and eventually, they will drift apart.

Cancer Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility: Conclusion

Overall, the outlook for this Cancer woman Aquarius man relationship is not very good. However, they do have pros which can be the redeeming qualities of this relationship. This is an unlikely match, but if this pair falls in love, there is no stopping each other.

In a Cancer woman Aquarius man compatibility, they do not compliment each other very well. However, this does not mean that they are utterly doomed. The Cancer woman and Aquarius man have a slight potential to work as a couple. Therefore, there is still hope.

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