Cancer Woman Libra Man Compatibility

Cancer Woman Libra Man Compatibility – Overview

The Cancer woman Libra man compatibility may not succeed in most cases. However, if this relationship is based on friendship, they have a lot more room to flourish.

A Cancer woman has a cool, hard exterior, which hides a fragile emotional interior. Much like her zodiac animal, the crab, she possesses a defensive shell. She uses it to hide her emotions from others when possible. Seemingly, she is not a fan of allowing her true feelings to show to strangers. Instead, she opts to hide behind this wall until she feels completely comfortable around them.

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Additionally, she also has a slight problem with trust. Cancer women can be known for avoiding making new friends. Instead, they stick with the same friendship circle throughout their entire lives. This is an attempt to keep them from having to trust somebody new. Trust is a hard pill for the Cancer woman to swallow, so she may take quite a long time to get over this fear. Once her trust has been betrayed by somebody, they are as good as dead to her.

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Another extension of this trust issue developed when she tried to embark on a new Cancer woman Libra man relationship. A partner should be prepared for the Cancer woman to take a significant amount of time to adjust to this deep level of trust that is required in a relationship.

Long Cancer woman Libra man conversations and lots of alone time are necessary for the Cancer woman to feel ready to open up. In the long run, she can place her full trust in somebody. She is the master of non-verbal communication and often opts for more physical ways of getting her point across. Body language and facial expressions are all she needs to communicate, and she may rarely use speech.

Libra Men are the best at empathizing and understanding people, especially compared to other zodiac signs. He is a brilliant listener during Cancer woman Libra man dates. Similarly,  is always willing to be a shoulder to cry on.

Cancer woman Libra man friendship is valuable to the Libra man. Furthermore, he has a lot of them. Due to his charisma, he may have hoards of friends all wanting a piece of him. However, this may get to his head.

He is not a vain person, but being constantly needed is important to the Libra man. He may sacrifice other things to achieve this popularity. The charisma and charm possessed by him will also help this friendship circle to grow. In fact, he will be known as the best friend everybody could have. He is a great listener, and he knows exactly how to empathize with people. Good advice and a shoulder to cry on are always on the table when it comes to the Libra man, and everybody knows it.

Libra men also have very expensive tastes, and will always opt for luxury. Whether it’s designer clothes, expensive objects, or fancy dinners, the Libra man has no boundaries when it comes to living his life in style. He is a highly intelligent man and often chooses to channel this creativity into artistic media.

In a Cancer woman Libra man relationship, the Libra man will spoil his partner, and buy her all of the expensive things she wishes for to make her happy. He seeks a classy woman who can offer him mental stimulation and can keep him on his toes. Due to his wide friendship circle, he has a lot to choose from, so any woman lucky enough to be picked by a Libra man should do her best to keep him interested. He is always on the lookout for the perfect woman, so be sure to keep on top of him.

This Cancer woman Libra man love compatibility has every chance to succeed, so long as they start out as a platonic friendship. Romance is not enough for this couple, and they need to understand each other as separate people before attempting to intertwine.

Cancer Woman Libra Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

If this Cancer woman Libra man pair starts their relationship as friends, they have every chance of success. Having already built those foundations of trust and emotion, they will get along very well and will be able to understand each other. Even though they may run into a few issues, those are mostly based on a relationship that was initially romantic rather than platonic.


Having feelings towards each other that are not just romantic will also help this relationship. Many couples usually resort to using “but I love him/her” as an excuse to stay together. However, these Cancer woman Libra man soulmates will genuinely value the knowledge of what their partner is a real person. Not just as a romantic involvement.

When this couple is finally able to get together, they will struggle to let each other go. They have a strong understanding of each other which is hard to replicate. The Cancer woman Libra man lovebirds will have a desire to stay in each other’s company. They both enjoy relationships and are in it for the long run.

Cancer Woman Libra Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

This pair may not always work well when it comes to Cancer woman Libra man sex. The Cancer woman needs a strong emotional bond with somebody before she can open herself up in such an intimate way. This can involve a lot of talking, which is not exactly ideal for a Libra man. He much prefers touch, as physical contact makes him feel very close to a person. They will struggle to strike up this balance, as talking makes the Libra man uncomfortable, and touch makes the Cancer woman squirm.

This pair will need to have a close Cancer woman Libra man friendship before attempting a relationship. Otherwise, they will not be able to build this trust. Their sex life will suffer, because neither will feel comfortable enough with the other to initiate it, and this could end up in a dry patch for both of them.

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Another problem that is frequently found in this Cancer woman Libra man match is their trust for each other. Most notably, the Cancer woman’s faith in her Libra man. He tends to enjoy meeting a lot of new people and being social, especially women. This is not to say he will cheat, but he enjoys receiving attention. The Cancer woman will become suspicious, and struggle to trust his fidelity. She already has an initial trust problem, so if the Libra man were to put one toe out of line, it would ruin the trust for the whole relationship.

The Libra man has a distinct need to be in a relationship with a high-energy person. This allows him to feed off of this energy and it fuels him in life. Unfortunately, the Cancer woman just doesn’t cut their Cancer woman Libra man marriage. She tends to be very low-energy, which will drag the Libra man down drastically. As a result, he may have issues in the future with depression.

Cancer Woman Libra Man Compatibility: Conclusion

In conclusion, this Cancer woman Libra man compatibility has the potential to work. This is as long as there is a good foundation of knowledge for them both. The Cancer woman and Libra man can understand each other, and this will build an excellent base for their relationship. If they are not able to create this prior dynamic, the pair will struggle greatly. They do not bring out the best in each other, but also not necessarily the worst.

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