8 Things to Keep In Mind When Moving In With Your Partner

8 Things to Keep In Mind When Moving In With Your Partner

Moving in with your partner can seemingly seem like a simple life-altering commitment. However, you need to bear in mind that you are about to make a lifetime engagement to someone. I can’t deny the thirst you have for your partner, and your last wish would be “to Have and to Hold” forever. However, moving in is something that needs lots of thoughts and focus.

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I remember when I first moved into our new apartment with my partner. I tried to make more room for him in the closet. Not to mention, I used to hide my feminine products. You just name them?! I was so naive. As time and weeks pass by, you will be more comfortable with each other. You will also be okay with the habits that you didn’t know before.

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Grasp My Top 8 Essential Tips You Should Know When Moving In With Your Partner

1. Sharing

Most people tend to crave for their space and don’t want to see their home loaded. As you move in back together, you will realize that more space will be taken by your significant other. I mean, both of you should be ready to share each other space. Just keep everything neat, and all will be well.

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2. Are You Both Ready?

A long-term commitment is what everybody wants when moving in with their partner. Don’t forget there are also lots of friends who will ah and ooh on the way. Keep in mind that your relationship is far more different with your friends. So, have a set of mind that this is what you want. Talk openly about your future and avoid future regrets when you have already made up your mind.

3. Communication

Effective communication is regarded as the best remedy for a long-lasting relationship. Regarding this, you should learn to communicate freely about any issue. Many relationship experts argue that couples avoid talking about sex and money. However, discussing your problems on a planned routine and coming to one agreement is the best thing to do before moving in.

4. Respecting Ones’ Opinions And Feelings

You might still live under the same roof but face different life challenges. The problem that you might be facing doesn’t matter, but how you solve, it matters. Learn to respect each other’s differences in regards to the opinions raised. Besides, learn to control your temper.

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5. Talking About Finances

The real reality is that; living with someone makes you spend more than when you are alone. Just to mention; both of you need clothing and basic needs. Ensure that you have understood your partner’s financial goals and status thus, avoiding any potential break-up. Talk about handling the bills, groceries, furnishings and other house supplies. You should also agree whether to split the finances. For instance, if one pays the bills, then the other partner can handle the rent.

Keep in mind that your partner can either have a car, mortgage or school loan. For this reason, it is advisable to discuss and agree on who will be responsible for paying what and also stick to it. Remember to talk about whether to open a joint account or separate one.

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You have probably not yet disclosed to your partner about your hometown property or inheritance. As you plan to move in together, inform each other whether you will share the assets in the house together or not. However, there is nothing wrong if you decide to keep them separate forever.

6. Any Emergency Plan?

What will happen if both of you lose your jobs? I bet the solution is first to start setting up a financial saving plan. You can do this by establishing how much money you will contribute towards every month. Remember to stick to the plan.

7. Are You Planning For A Long-Term Commitment?

Marriage involves two people who have virtually agreed to stay together. However, something might occur on the way and regret why you choose to be with him or her. That is why you should both sit and discuss where your relationship is heading. Talk about future engagements. Moving in together should not be misunderstood as a replacement for getting married. In fact, your partner might not be thinking about marriage.

8. Have A Backup Plan

The decision of moving in together isn’t as simple as it seems. Also, it is not as difficult as it sounds. With all family members and friends discussions, remember that it is your life. If you are comfortable in moving in with your significant other, feel free and give it a shot. For this reason, don’t think about other excellent relationships. You can rethink your living situation and relationship.

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You can also decide to experiment for entire six weeks and see how far the relationship will take you. If things tend to get sour on the way, or you feel like you or your partner need space, you can opt to give each other some time to think over.

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Important Tips to Remember

Note that the decision of moving in with your partner can make or break your relationship. At some point, you may realize that you weren’t meant to live together. In some cases, you will realize that you were meant for each other. In other words, it is important to be optimistic about your expectations and never forget to communicate with your partner.

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Also, remember that the idea of saving money and combining extra force to live a fruitful life can be enticing. However, you don’t have to fight over pocket-sized issues like who was supposed to do the house chores. Sometimes lack of me-time can also be exaggerated. For this reasons, most admired relationships turn sour.

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If you want to live a stress-free life and live harmoniously, you need to solve every arising issue. Allow yourselves to live without harboring negative feelings to each other. Forget about old fights especially when a new problem arises. The silent treatment is regarded as the worst communication in every relationship. Learn to stay affectionate and to love each other, even when a major issue occurs.

It is way better to put “we” instead of “me” hence adding a mutual understanding for both of you. Don’t forget to schedule your routine accordingly. I mean, if your partner takes an hour to apply makeup on her face, and you only take fifteen minutes of your time, you will have significant drawbacks. Figure out, if your partner should first start to prepare early before going out.

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