Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility

Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility – Overview

The Aquarius man Virgo woman compatibility can be intriguing and magical for both of them. At the core of their relationship is an enormous amount of respect for each other and a similar consciousness to what is happening around them. They will find it relatively easy to make things work between them.

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Their relationship will easily move from dating to marriage to the upkeep of their wonderful and comfortable home. The Virgo woman is very ingenious and inventive. She will admire the foresight and reasoning of her Aquarius man. He, in turn, will often be identified as a progressive and idealistic individual. Her willingness to be of service will be what draws him to her. In their Aquarius man Virgo woman relationship, they will genuinely like each other.

The Virgo woman can be discreet and reserved, whilst he has a reputation of being flamboyant and vigorous. When he notices her poise and gracefulness, he will definitely make the first move to engage with her. Once he starts to engage her in a few Aquarius man Virgo woman dates, he will be impressed with her mental prowess.

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When it comes to the intricacies of their relationship, he does not play games or set out to mislead her. Should he be interested in her, he will not be coy about it. He will take the time to find out about her, wanting to make sure that all her desires are met. Mutually, they are good communicators. This will create a sturdy Aquarius man Virgo woman union between them.

Aquarius man Virgo woman friendship will be easy for them. They are likely to be each other’s only true friend, and not afraid to say that. Mutually, they have a high set of standards. They are equally interested in having quality relationships.

The Aquarius man Virgo woman soulmates will be drawn together by their shared intelligence. Her propensity to plan every detail to the finer details will frustrate him. She will become irritated with his insistence on a hectic social life. She would rather it was just the two of them. Mutually, they put themselves out for others and together they can achieve some very delightful things to aid humanity.

Mutually, this couple is kind and caring and will try not to hard hurt each other. They can also be quite sarcastic especially when they have an argument. Fortunately, neither of the Aquarius man Virgo woman will take it personally. She is accustomed to having the last say. They are able to tolerate each other’s different styles with good humor.

The problems start to emerge when his need for freedom leads to a casual disregard for the rules and worries constantly. Albeit, she isn’t particularly jealous, but he will generally get into trouble anyway. She will be horrified when he laughs off her concerns. Her obsessiveness for details will drive him to distraction.

Compatibility between this couple grows with experience. It is held together by a physical connection rather than any intellectual association. Their Aquarius man Virgo woman compatibility is based on genuine friendship. A source of frustration for them will be her precise and meticulous outlook. He prefers to be a big picture kind of guy.

Romance is not something that the Aquarius man demonstrates often. When he meets up with the Virgo woman, that can all change for him. She is so uniquely patient and undemanding that she has a way of bringing out the romantic side of him. He will realize how valuable she is in his life, and will go to the ends of the earth to make her happy.

The passion between the Aquarius man and Virgo woman will be orchestrated entirely by her. From his point of view, this Aquarius man Virgo woman love compatibility lacks passion and drama. She is likely to squeeze every ounce of passion out of him. He certainly is not nearly as detached as he appears to be. The fact that she is able to ease his loneliness, results in him opening up in a way that he never has before.

Sex will come at exactly the right time for this couple. The Aquarius man Virgo woman sex will be their form of communication. They will ensure that their communication never becomes emotionally exhausting or physically demanding.

Sexual compatibility between them will excel. She is sensual and romantic.  This appeals to his mental enjoyment of their Aquarius man Virgo woman sexual life. Sadly he often has his head in the clouds while she remains firmly on the ground. He will want to try fantasies and play mind games, which she will find foolish. It will take some time for her to realize that he is simply experiencing their sexual connection in a different manner.

Aquarius man Virgo woman marriage will have a very good combination. They have a unique communicative rapport, and with ease will pull together. Their values are similar and so will their lifestyle choices. Their marriage can be all consuming and they tend to shut out anyone else for favor of each other.


Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The intellectual Aquarius man can converse on a variety of topics. The Virgo female is intuitive and is easily able to read her partner. So when their Aquarius man Virgo woman conversations commence, she will see the challenge he offers her.

She prefers to stay home and relax with her man. When they are able to find a balance between their different personalities, their Aquarius man Virgo woman relationship can go the distance.

Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The Aquarius man can be quite flighty in nature. He would rather be out in the world collecting more knowledge than staying at home. Initially, their Aquarius man Virgo woman mutual affection will keep them together. Eventually, he will want to add more excitement. She is simply looking for a partner who is fully devoted to her. It may seem that him being sad is not as interested in her as she is in him.

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He is not a great planner when it comes to making decisions. The Virgo woman is meticulous in her thinking patterns. The Aquarius man is so curious about everything he may meander off to discover something different and exciting. She will start to feel like their relationship is heading to an Aquarius man Virgo woman break up.

Aquarius Man Virgo Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When the Aquarius man wants to attract a Virgo woman, he just needs to be himself. Their Aquarius man Virgo woman zodiac signs will draw them to each other. With their lack of concern about what other people think, they will have the propensity to have a really exciting and unconventional interchange. Her cool and calm outlook will take a lot of work to get her to focus only on him, but she is so worth it.

When the Virgo woman tries to get the attention of the Aquarius man, she will need to be persistent in her interest. His reserved personality and lack of social life will be a definite opening for her to step into. He will be intrigued by her interest. Once they start an Aquarius man Virgo woman conversation, he will be drawn to her open and honest interaction. She should let him have the space that he needs and he will keep coming back for more.

The Aquarius man Virgo woman compatibility is over when they decide they have had enough of each other. The connection they initially had at the beginning will start to become annoying and frustrating. It will be time to go their separate ways and mutually they will simply walk away.

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